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  1. dziadziosamozlo

    [WIP] Toyota AE86

    No, they still works. I just made my own struts. I put this exact motor in. It's same in width as lego one, just a bit longer. So I had to make some modifications to the housing(I cut the back off, and also made some holes for better cooling). And i throw out that planetary gearbox that's in the motor, because i managed to blow it up with stronger motor, it worked well tho(for few days). I'm sure any other motor would work as well, just find one with similar diameters, I just had that one laying around so I used it. But remember that putting lego axles on that 2mm shaft from dc motor is really pain in the a**, they never want to work with you.
  2. dziadziosamozlo

    [WIP] Toyota AE86

    M-kay, so I spent whole sunday on this build, because I got excited after making this topic. I changed suspension in the back, old setup wasn't working correctly. So I came up with this: And to pull this off I had to make some slicing... (warning pic in the spoiler could cause heart attack) I reinforced the chassis, and lowered front suspension setup for better alignment(also swapped springs with hoses). Put motor in place, and wired it up to this crazy contraption that mechanically changes direction of the motor. Did some bodywork in the back, it's not best but works for me(for now at least) And here is a gif of how steering will work:
  3. dziadziosamozlo

    [WIP] Toyota AE86

    Corrected :) Chassis will be reinforced don't you all worry!
  4. dziadziosamozlo

    [WIP] Toyota AE86

    Thanks for good words, I'll try to make body solid, using liftarms and panels, probably some bricks as well for details (if any), flex axles only as fenders, because I don't have many. And chassis will be reinforced for sure :)
  5. dziadziosamozlo

    [WIP] Toyota AE86

    Hello everybody! First of all I'm new to this forum so Hi everybody :) For past 2, or 3 years I was playing with making best rc car from lego. I have made a lot of projects of random cars. It starts when I realize that I can plug PF small motor to my receiver from remote controlled helicopter. Yeah this project will not include traditional PF IR control or something along those lines. And also I'll probably customize some parts so if anyone is offended by stuff like this, just don't be too harass for me :) So, plan is to make lego drift car. Yup actual RWD drift car that slides like every other rc cars (okay maybe a bit sloppyer). My inspiration here is Toyota AE86. I started making chassis: It was actually hard to figure out. I needed to make pretty big steering angle, and good way to control it. Also I modified pf small motor, by replacing dc motor in it for much stronger, and faster one. This motor needs gear reduction (I find 1:9 works the best), so I made small simple "gearbox" behind that seat. In the back, we have live axle with "welded" diff :) I also swap springs with Technic hoses for stiffness. It's only for tests, if I like it I'll probably do the same in front. Everything will came out after tests, but I'm currently waiting for tires. This is the steering angle that i end up with. It's not ideal(yeah I would like even more angle), but It will work for this build. That's all of my progress so far. Everything still is a prototype, I'll probably end up changing a lot. I also hope that I have enough parts to finish this build. If you have any questions feel free to ask them. I'd love to hear some feedback from you. Take care everybody!