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  1. MOC: Crown Castle Adventure Golf

    I just have to say; you make some of the best mocs on this website. I love the 80's aesthetic that seems present in almost all of them. It gives your builds a unique, clean, and modern feel to them while also invoking the decades of the past. Also I would love to see someone recreate the Gold Room Lounge from "The Shining" It's basically a 1920's ballroom. Seems like it would be an interesting build, but I don't have the resources to build it. Seems like it would be up your alley though.
  2. [WIP] Big Truck

    Hmmm... From what I see it looks like a Mack R600. If that's the case I would love to see it when it's done.
  3. MOC- Medieval Cottage

    Reminds me the Witcher 3. "Somebody call a Witcher?"
  4. Thinking about which Star Wars layout I wanna make next.

  5. [MOC] Grass Plains Battle Redux WIP

    Such a cool obscure scene nobody seems to do. I for one am a huge fan of the prequels so you get a thumbs up from me!
  6. Future Pirates Speculation

    I'm not too sure on these ideas..... I mean don't get me wrong I would love to see a new wave but... Judging on the way the last wave was received I don't think we'll be seeing one anytime soon.
  7. Episode IV Tatooine Layout

    Thanks :)
  8. Episode IV Tatooine Layout

    This layout took me a while to put together, so I hope you like it. It includes various official sets, and many more custom mocs.
  9. Here is my review on "The Joker Battle Training" set 30423. Hope you enjoy!
  10. [MOC] Fallout 2 Chrysalis Highwayman

    Guess nobody likes Fallout... ok
  11. [MOC] Fallout 2 Chrysalis Highwayman

    For a while now I've been thinking.... "Why doesn't anybody make fallout mocs?" So 2 hours later and a box of lemonheads I came up with this. From left to right the characters are as follows: The Chosen One, Marcus the Supermutant, Dogmeat, and an Enclave Soldier. I also made this mini cactus build. I made it to resemble the death screen in fallout 1 and 2. Thanks for checking it out! Also be sure to leave any feedback in the comments.
  12. Future Star Wars Minifigs

    A TPM version of C-3PO would be so cool! If they did it right, that is.
  13. Future Star Wars Minifigs

    In my opinion I wish we could get more TPM figures in general. A new Queen Amidala would be awesome in her Royal Star Ship. Although I know I am in a minority when it comes to liking The Phantom Menace.
  14. Price: 24.99 215 pieces Year: 2016 Thanks for watching Like, Comment, and Subscribe!
  15. [MOC] Bespin Cloud Car

    Awesome, of course this has always been on my to-do list, but I never have enough orange.....