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  1. Ok, this started as a MOD of older version of LEGO X/Wing - but somehow got a bit out of hand. This is a first MOC of this proportions for me and I am learning a lot. My aim is a better looking X-wing that will not be too fragile and will retain some elements of LEGO X-Wings, like plastic canopy. I drew a lot of inspiration from Inthert (if I will ever turn to a collector, I will only collect his designs...), Mouser... Flick Album I have made the initial design in Mecabricks and now want to start ordering bricks, I will use some from the 75218 (probably not many, mainly for wings engine housings, canopy...). I would welcome any ideas helping with improvement of following: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/eDa5zzzX2zg Mecabricks link - the way forward angle of the body is connected on the bottom side + how to combine it with rectractable forward landing gear - astromech seating (I like the angle, but the sides of droid are not covered + there is an unfortunate parts conflict - best mechanism to raise / lower the wings - I am currently using the old knob - wheels + bands (I still have to figure out best placement), but I know that others have used hinges - do they work well?
  2. faire

    [MOC] Naboo N-1 Starfighter + Breakdown

    The upgrade is very visible, the result close to perfection. The archs in the back and the sloping really seal the deal!
  3. faire

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Have you noticed the different ankle mechanism on Gorila's legs? It really looks almost like it's supposed to climb somwhere - which at the same time seems funny for something AT-ATesque. Also the back cannon seems weird as it's view is blocked by the head. The crabwalker is a very special thing, I am curious about how it is supposed to work. The profile seems to be high, yet low above the ground, seemingly negating any hypothetical advantage a "walker" could have against wheeled / hover vehicles. The rest is sufficiently star-warsy, but these two seem to be a bit strange. It's one of the problems I had with Ep VII too - some of the designs were fine (quad-jumper), some seemed to be very strange (troop transport exposing its weak side and largest profile while approaching and unloading or the other troop transport having its pilot above the profile in a tower asking to be shot at). I have even more mixed feelings with this wave. While I understand that things might look quite differently on the screen the walkers doesn't look that well while other models capture the mix of space-fantasy and WW2 outdated-yet-beautiful designs quite well. Kylo's tie seems to be quite large, especially compared to say Tie-Advanced, it looks to be an interesting model. Wookiee looks like a thing from nightmares :), but humanoid CBS are just difficult to design (Obi Wan being an exception). Armored figures look well, I am curious about what role will the red-clad figure have in movies. All in all I will probably buy more sets from R1, I still do not have my Y-wing and Scarif sets.
  4. Hi, you asked about what do I use as bases for LEGO figs in Imperial Assault games - so far the least obtrusive thing I found is 2 x 2 corner plate.

    The figs are slightly out of proportion but you can use them without any problems bigger than guns sticking to adjacent squares. We usually use figs for heroes and elite or unique enemies, and IA figs for the rest. I am no painter (and have no time to learn the trade) so this works for me quite well.

  5. faire

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    As I am steadily replacing my Imperial Assault figures with LEGO ones I can only say that those Tusken Raiders will be very useful :) And Jawas are cute enough themselves.
  6. faire

    REVIEW: 75171 Battle on Scarif

    I fully intended to buy the set, the price put me off. But yes, I probably wouldn't be able to resist a 50% reduction.
  7. faire

    [Thrawn] - The Last Asogian

    Great writing!
  8. As much as I love some of the details (droid seating, smart made wider bottom) there are too many gaps and shape inconsistencies for my liking. I understand that you aimed to have the shapes as correct as possible but I would personally prefer more "smooth" finish, even if that meant minor discrepancies.
  9. Yep, I would recommend to read a review or two of the Tydirium, it's outstanding, easily modifiable and has good minifigs selection. U-wing looks solid as much as AT-ST (the latter is also very open to modifications). Krennic looks good, Kylo not that much (and then there is the wings error). The only pitch of the RCF for me is Ahsoka.
  10. Ties at nights - sure, I understand that SW are not meant to be HC sci-fi (speed of light, sound in vacuum, inconsistent technologies, sucking out a star (this one really drives me crazy)), it's just that source materials still claim that the main purpose of those panels is not artistic impressiveness or at least heat-sinking (cool with non-scientistic me) but solar power generation. I suppose it's OK in space (unless the local star is obfuscated or perhaps too small) as I would guess the main purpose of tie's is cheap production cost and no shields mean lower energy demands, but not in atmospheric fighters where the solar energy source is blocked during half of the day time. Sure, batteries work, but then the solar panels are not really needed for ties (the MO usually is taking off from a carrier, engaging directly and returning to the said carrier, without prolonged missions). Maybe the dark side of the force empowers them through the light of darkness, what do I know :) BTW I love the tie-striker design, I am quite sorry I will not be able to afford it form this wave (U-Wing and AT-ST taking priority). And I have NO idea how will I be able to afford Ewok Village before it becomes unaffordable :(.
  11. Thinking about that... won't Strikers have problems with working through the night-time? :)
  12. faire

    LEGO Star Wars Pricing Discussion Thread

    Well, Rebel Frigate and A-Wing vs Tie-Advanced are more expansive then comparable sets, I do not see any reason for that, be it weight, cents per bricks, minifigs quantity... TLG seems to be trying to find how much are we willing to pay for a set with desirable minifig (Darth Vader / Ahsoka).
  13. faire

    The best of the worst Lego Ideas

    As much as I hate conspiracy theories after seeing the comments on few of these I have a faint suspicion that TLG is paying the commenters. There is just no other explanation out there.
  14. Tydirium at least, for meagre 70 USD (the RRP is nearly 130 USD here).