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  1. frankvanderboom

    [MOC] Motorized Cherry Picker

    wow, what a wonderfull MOC! I would love to build it and play with it!
  2. frankvanderboom

    Scale Modeling General Discussion

    I am going to lurk the hell out of this subforum :). @efferman; I think your suction excavator is a really acurate representation of the real world thing. We must not forget that Lego has major limitations that make 100% perfect scale modeling virtually impossible.
  3. frankvanderboom

    [TC10] Side Loader Garbage Truck

    awesome model, I have been experimenting with a side loader for this competition too, and your take on it is really clever. Mine never got finished btw. Good luck in the competition!
  4. frankvanderboom

    [WIP] 1963 Corvette

    Beautiful car man, I really admire your courage for building it publicly. You're really talented. I am very curious for the final results.
  5. Dude! I would be so freaking proud if this would be my first MOC. I am still figuring out this new studless LEGO, after coming out of my dark ages half a year ago, and I haven't even come close to building a working chassis of anything. Don't put yourself down and do not ever compare yourself to the creme de la creme of MOC'ers that reside on this forum or anywhere else on the internet. Reading your post I miss how it felt when I was building 25 years ago, where the only comparison was my friend across the street and the LEGO catalogus from the toy store.
  6. frankvanderboom

    [MOC] Baja Trophy Truck "Black13"

    Thanks a lot! I did not know that switch-brick yet. The second IR receiver for steering was also my thought, if really want a single motor to directly drive one wheel. I have so much to learn about this new Lego.
  7. frankvanderboom

    [MOC][WIP] Steppenwolf Bodywork

    yes please, I love to see what's inside this awesome car :)
  8. frankvanderboom

    [MOC] Baja Trophy Truck "Black13"

    I am very sorry if I ask a very stupid question, but I really like your MOC and I would like to build something similar. I have just bought a second L motor today, just for the purpose. But, obviously, when you wire them both to the same batterybox, they turn the same direction, thus making the respective left and right wheels drive in a different direction. How did you work around this?
  9. frankvanderboom

    Gears Meshing at 'other' angles

    I can launch, and that's what happens. That's a different kind of phenomenon.
  10. frankvanderboom

    [MOC] The Claw

    this kind of equipment is used all the time by handicapped people who have to reach stuff while they're in their wheelchair, or by elderly people who cannot bend and have to pick up stuff from the ground. Or by people picking trash out of the parks, they use claws like this too. I think it's awesome btw, it's a very clean design!
  11. frankvanderboom

    Coastguard Mini Helicopter

    yes, please :)
  12. frankvanderboom

    Coastguard Mini Helicopter

    I love the mechanism you have for the rotors. Would there be a possibility that you'd built instructions for this model? :)
  13. frankvanderboom

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    all this speculating. Does anybody know when TLG will release any new info on this?
  14. 5 : 10 16 : 6 17 : 4 3 : 3 9 : 2 12 : 1
  15. Wow man, I've been lurking this forum a few weeks now, and I am really excited about what you guys can build. But this is just the pinnacle of epic offroad vehicles for me. I love it. And the video is so cool, the background with the sun in the mountains makes it really something else. You inspire me man. Lovely.