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  1. I think, that one middle motor which is controling transformation is connected to the front wheels. If you look closely, that you can see before transformations is front wheel always turned. So when is transforming from car to robot wheels are turned to the right. During transformation back to car is turned to the left. When you turn on that motor it will turn wheels aside and than motor and gears make that transformation. But only my guess, only creator will know.
  2. I´ve ask Efferman to make this part some years ago as replacement for that really rare and expensive part. Maybe that it will be handy.
  3. Maybe will help you new Sbrick Pro app, which is curently in BETA available for testing. This app is also capable to control new technic hub. You should try. I´m using it to control 4 Sbricks, but I thing that it could also handle up to 4 hubs. More info on their Sbrick webpage or Youtube.
  4. Oh, no both versions has only five steered axles with different steering radius. But in non suspended version is in the body switch for rear servo, which control rear three axles. And you can switch it, than rear three axles can turn same way as front ones. One axle is still straight, but XL engine can hanndle it and crane is moving sideways. As I remember, that suspended version has minor problems during driving in curves. And I thing, that rear axles was overloaded due to superstructure, and their springs can not hadle it. Not much, but it was clearly visible. I don´t want to say, that suspended version was so bad, for sure is someone who can disagrees with me. I say only my opinions. Hope this will help you.
  5. Hi there. I've build both versions. Suspended and non suspended. And I confirm that, non suspended is way better. Non suspended x suspended. 3XL x 2XL for driving. 2 Servo x 1 L motor for steering. Non suspended version has for each two axle one XL motor. Suspended has two XL in front of chassis and driving axle through all body - this causing lot of frictions. One L motor for steering is also weak. Non suspended version is also capable in crab steering mode. So I prefer 100% non suspended one.
  6. Hi there, I see now. Yes, in this stage it hold only on two pins. But don´t worry. several pages later, you will add outriggers subassembly, which will add more structural strength.
  7. I´ve found some Italy guy, that made five section boom mobile crane which is using some kind of locking mechanism to extending boom.
  8. Hi, to all. Is anyone capable to compare front bucket excavator - Lego 42100 vs. Sheo´s MOC RH 400?? Thanks
  9. If you translete his (Italian guy) article, you can find out, that he´s using in his largest boom (15 x 15) section some inner boom with 5 x 5 dimensions. In which is located some, for me didn´t understanded mechanism. This inner section is with some rope and ratchet. But how it works .... hmmm, who knows? Maybe something like this.
  10. Hi, there. This is only for inspiration. I´ve found this massive crane several weeks ago. It´s almost one year old and creator is no longer working on it. This guy is from Italy. His crane is massive and he solved the boom extensions with some locking mechanismus. But no video. So you can inspire how it could be done. https://itlug.org/forum/topic/7536-gru-telescopica/page/1/
  11. Hello Lucio, pls will be available some under bonnet pictures, or some WIP? And on YT video, you mentioned, that the instructions will be available. Is that true? BTW excellent model. And now I thinking what should I sell, to earn enough money, maybe my left kidney .
  12. Please make someone full review of this beast. Video, pics, atc.
  13. Hi Colin, you didn´t wrote which version you choose. If you are building version with suspension, than you need differential part number 6573, but if you are trying upgraded one, with 3 XL motors wor driving, than you need the other one - part number 62821. Hope this advice will help.
  14. Grove is my favorite MOC, I start with original 42009, after that I change it to full RC (not Jurgen´s ultimate). Next step was GMK 6400 MK II with suspension and full boom with LEGO actuators. Final version is MK III without suspension and boom with 3D printed Efferman actuator. Boom with LEGO actuators work fine, but raised angle of boom was terrible. Carrier with suspension wasn´t bad, but two XL motors located under driver cab wasn´t best idea to power all twelve wheels. In my opinion to much friction. So next gen has to come. MK III without suspension 3 XL motors, each for two axle - but it need V2 receiver and two servos for steering. Now much better driving and steering. Boom with printed actuator is longer (six panels), but heavier. And even with XL motor for actuator, it is very hard to raise (especially in the begining). But when it´s raised and extended it´s a beast. So my opinion - MK III without suspension and effe´s actuator, but you can made your own actuator from LEGO parts.
  15. Hi there. Effe are you trying to move your parts somewhere else?? If exist some another similar company?