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  1. Hi all. I´m also finished this mastefully MOC. For power supply I chose small battery box for rechargable AAA batteries. So I had to find out how to pull out BB. And I made this: Here you can see bottom of superstructure where BB are located. Four red bushpins which hold small frame in position. Here is frame. BB out of superstructure. I´m using it without cover for better space consumption. But this way required some cutting. I had to cut small part from black "Technic Pole Reverser Handle" which are used for frame with switch.
  2. That´s amazing. Great job. Any internal pics?? Please.
  3. Efferman's Custom Parts

    Hi effe, can you make 3L pushrod/link which will replace this part? https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=6571#T=C This part is really expensive if you want use it as pushrod/link for steering. On Shapeways you already have 4L and 5L,
  4. Liebherr LR 11000

    Masterfully beast. No. 1 for me.
  5. And how about some derrick operations?
  6. Hi there. For several day´s I was working on Nico71´s crawler crane which he made several years ago. Nico allowed me to show you that. I´ve made it in LDD only from his pictures. He never made instructions for it, only took several pictures of disassembled crane body. So I started step by step. And I´m proud to show you result. There is 4 motors in superstructure. XL for hook winch, M motor for rotating superstructure, another XL motor for main boom and M motor for luffing jib. Nico´s original crawler wasn´t motorized. So I´ve decided to add aditional L motors and AAA BBox with IR receiver. There was enough space for it. Last picture - entire crane disassembled to blocks. https://www.ulozto.cz/!hTHRd0qovvKh/crawler-crane-complete-lxf Hope you like it.
  7. This guy is from Czech Republic. Try this czech lego forum (czech language - sorry). http://www.kostky.org/forum/index.php?topic=49684.0 and http://www.kostky.org/forum/index.php?topic=49560.0
  8. But autor of SR 3D Builder died few years ago. No new update of it I thing.
  9. I´ve made it few year ago with backhoe V1. Look at this video:
  10. May I ask? Why it´s called now TH 400? Instead RH 400.
  11. Thanks a lot. Will be waiting for that wiring puzzle. Great job.
  12. Good idea with arrows in each image. BI will be much clearer.
  13. I´d like to ask, if someone try or at least think about another big MODing of this beast. And it is carrier with x-style outriggers. Somethig like have the biggest mobile crane of Liebherr or Demag.