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    O My! this is so weird! and So Great! Love Love the Honey Hive theme! Greetings!
  2. carebear

    My layout under construction

    Love this Layout! Great Work! Greetings!
  3. carebear

    [MOC] RC Scania Milka Truck

    WOW! this works and Looks Briljant! Love how you integrated the Milka Chocolatebar at the back of the video! Greetings!
  4. carebear

    [MOC] Old Olive Mansion

    I love the way you redesign it, ( the conect-hole in the package is just Briljant! ) Great Work! Greetings!
  5. carebear

    [MOC] Coral Hotel

    the Design is Great! Love how these colors work together! Great Work! Greetings!
  6. carebear

    [REVIEW] 21313 Ship in a Bottle

    Great Review, Your pictures are spot on, Love this set! by seeing these picturesd i love it even more! Greetings!
  7. carebear

    [MOC] Modular New Orleans Jazz Club

    WOW! the colors are perfect, You can feel the Jazz Vipe from this building! Great Work! Greetings!
  8. carebear

    [MOC] Cargo Wasp Inc.

    this looks Amazing, the colors are perfect balanced! Greetings!
  9. Love this! Great Work! Greetings!
  10. carebear

    MOC: Boulevard des Lumières

    O My!!! this looks and works amazing, love the way you made the stairway Thanks for this! Greetings!
  11. carebear

    [MOC] Tragic Band

    As always your creations looks Amazing! the azure color in these vehicles make me think of the Galaxy Squad theme! Greetings!
  12. carebear

    My Lego Amusement Park

    This looks and works great! - love the elephant and the canon! Greetings!
  13. carebear

    Farther Frost: kinetic sculpture

    WOW! This looks and works Great! Love the Snowman! Greetings!
  14. carebear

    [REVIEW] 41404 - Emma's Play Cube

    I Love these! ( it's a little playset you can take anywhere ) - they make me look back to the good old days when you had mightymaxx and polypocket playsets to take with you Thanks for this! Greetings!
  15. carebear

    Ballabreek 2020

    Hi! 10 Years! WOW! everytime i come to see Ballabreek i get i smile on my face! Love it! Greetings!
  16. carebear

    [MOC] Desert Hideout

    WOW! Amazing work! I always love your way of bulding with Lego! thanks for this! Greetings!
  17. carebear

    Soltown - video tours

    Love your Town! everything looks great together! Greetings!
  18. carebear

    MOCs: ROTJ Vignettes

    Just Amazing Work! Love Them! Greetings!
  19. This is Just Amazing! Love the way you made the buckets of water! Great Great Work! Greetings!
  20. carebear

    Your Order, Sir?

    Looks Amazing! ( the hair pices are briljant ) Great Great Work! Greetings!
  21. carebear

    [MOC] [WIP] Zombillenium - Amusement Park

    WOW! Love the Carousel with Skulls! This would look amazing in any town! Great Great Work! Greetings!
  22. carebear

    [MOC] Big Blocks Fine Autos

    This Looks Amazing! Very clean looking! - Love the BMW Sine! Greetings!
  23. carebear

    [MOC] Department store

    O My! This looks Amazing! Can't stop watching! Greetings!
  24. carebear

    [MOC] Guardian

    WOW! Beautiful ! You can Feel the Drama! Greetings!
  25. carebear


    WOW!!! She Looks Amazing!!! So Jealous!!! Thanks for this!!! Greetings!