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    [MOC] Town hall and square

    Wow!!! Love this, especially what you did whit the wheelchair-ramp Greetings
  2. carebear

    Scooby Doo Jack O'Lantern Hideout MOC

    Thanx, Thanx, I always wanted to juse the brick separator, this was my chance ( my english is not so good ) can you tel me what you mean: NPUs Greetings Thanx My english is not very good, so I hope I explane it correctly - for the tower I jused 4 creepy faces ( 11001 ) behind al 4 windows 4 faces in the middel I jused a 4733 whit 4 ( 6141 ) brick Greetings Thanx, Thanx, Thanx I had the same feeling when I was building this
  3. carebear

    Batcave MOC

    Love This !!!! Great Work !!! Greetings
  4. carebear

    Peril at the Opera

    I Love it !!! Great Work !!! Greetings
  5. carebear


    Wow!!!! You are just brilliant Greetings
  6. carebear

    Friends Airship MOC

    Thanx Thanx Thanx Thanx I agree it has a kind of Final Fantasy (video game ) feel to it I almost Forgot to thank you for putting the air ship on the front page, it's an honor
  7. carebear

    Friends Airship MOC

    Thanx Thanx ( Unikitty is welcome onboard ) Thanx Thanx Thanx Thanx Thanx Thanx Thanx
  8. carebear

    [MOC] Modular Casino

    Great Work!!! Love what you dit Whit the front door Greetings
  9. carebear

    MOC: WWII German Occupied Chateau

    Hi Just Amazing !!!! Great Work !!! Greetings
  10. carebear

    MOC Bookends

    Hi Great Great Work !!! Love this Greetings
  11. carebear

    [MOC] Certissa town-NY city block-3 page

    Hi Very nice layout Love it Greetings
  12. carebear

    My Lego Town Layout Neu-Brickstadt

    Wow!!!! Great Work Love It!!!! Greetings
  13. carebear


    Great work !!! Greetings
  14. carebear

    Despicable Santa

    Amazing!!! Great Work!!! Greetings
  15. carebear

    [MOC] Modular Wine and Flower Shop

    Great Build!!! I Like the Tree outside Greetings
  16. carebear

    MOC Fortress of Solitude

    Just Amazing!!!!!!!! Greetings
  17. carebear

    [MOC] The Three Little Pigs

    Love It!!! Greetings
  18. carebear

    [MOC] New York Soho street

    Great Work!!! Love it!!! Greetings
  19. carebear

    [MOC] Modular Book Shop

    Great Work!!! Love the bedroom at the attic ( I like the way you integrated the toilet ) Greetings
  20. Amazing!!! Great Build!!! Love what you did whit the Brick Separators Greetings
  21. carebear

    Michael Jackson

    You are just brilliant!!! Greetings
  22. carebear

    honey who shrunk the modulars?

    That's a Great Idea! Tanks for this! Greetings
  23. carebear

    [MOC] Another decayed modular house

    Very Nice!!! Great Work!!! Greetings
  24. carebear

    [MOC] Ferry

    Great Work!!!! Greetings
  25. carebear

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VI - Winners

    Congratulations, winners!!! ( Great Work ) - And thanks to all who have voted for the Friends Winter Cottage Greetings