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  1. Cool build, unfortunately it's probably not possible to get Lego to go much faster, too much friction. (might be possible it Lego made a ball bearing, which we all are already hoping for) Don't buy one, it's basically just a ball bearing with a case, plus at my school, teachers are banning them. It's not worth it to buy it. I like this suggestion, very unique look to the fidget spinner!
  2. 1. It is possible, but I don't suggest it. It's called a adder, and you will need a differential to connect them. Search for a Adder, or if you have sariel's book, you can look there. I don't suggest it because it loses a lot of torque, and is usually large, but nonetheless, it is possible. 2. I don't know exactly how many, but I think it's something around 2L motors, or 4XL/M motors. Don't quote me though. It's a small amount that you can have though.
  3. None, but if anyone wants to donate some, I would be very happy!
  4. You don't need to rebuild it all, just add a hinge-point in the hammer, and add a LA controlled by a motor to straighten it out.
  5. Buddy010702

    Big or Small

    Personally, I like functions, so my models are usually larger, but I try not to build them ridiculously huge. Plus, as Aventador2004 said, keep the tires in mind. If I'm building off blueprints, I try to pick the most accurate tires possible.
  6. I had a XL motor that wasn't working completely properly (wire wasn't connected properly inside the motor, so it wasn't reliable...) but I just got a replacement, so it wasn't a issue. I usually haven't had issues with my PF parts.
  7. Brick Separator? That's all I can think of, I've never had an issue like this...
  8. Red isn't guaranteed, the box has it LBG, the normal colour instead of red, it isn't finalized
  9. I didn't even notice that!
  10. I'm not sure how I feel about these, the colour scheme is very odd, light blue and purple? I might get 42070 just for more Claas tires though. P.s. did anyone else notice the 'dogbone' piece in red? (on the crane) There are some interesting colouring choices this year...
  11. 1. No parts were 'fighting' (found out it was just gearing, so motor stalled) 2. & 3. Rebuilding a different version, so this isn't possible, but it does seem to work better everytime I rebuild it. I think my issue was inexperience, the more and more I build the more and more it works. But it seems to be working now, thanks for all the suggestions
  12. So lately, I've been building a tank with a subtractor, but when it tries to drive over anything, it just stops... I'm using one XL for normal drive, and a L motor for steering. There is no gearing for the XL, but I wouldn't think that would cause it... It doesn't even skip gears, it just stalls the motor completely. Is it as simple as gearing it, because I would like a decently fast tank... I don't have too much space either, I just can't find a way for it to work... Here's a picture: Plus, is it possible to have a 2 speed subtractor? (preferably with only one driving ring needed to change gears?)
  13. I have sariel's book, and I'm trying to build the studfull one, without studs and with new diffs. I don't need to flip the differentials because the line of gears at the bottom are odd, I don't know how to describe it better, but it works, trust me. Just for some reason have a issue with driving over small obstacles, the motor just stalls. I can't tell if it's just the motor or gearing... I only have the new differentials available, with one XL, one L and one M motors available... Another Issue I have is space... I have plenty of width (about 15 studs between edges of tracks) not too much length, and a varying amount of height... All I can say is it's not a conventional tank. So I'm probably not able to fit the different speeds This looks like It might work, I will get to building with this new design. Thanks!
  14. Very cool! I might just have to build this at one point to try it out! Simple, yet effective!
  15. Maybe try to make it modular, so if you need to rebuild something, it's not going to affect the whole model. Just a suggestion because I did see you had that problem with the x-bow.
  16. Ok, thank you, I'll try to get autodesk inventor. Thank you! If I make anything, I'll post it here.
  17. I believe that it's a maker printer, nothing too special. What software do you suggest, I assume the one you use?
  18. So as a back story, for the next few months I will have access to a 3d printer, and was thinking of designing some wheel covers for Lego wheels. But I was wondering, from people who have designed many parts before. How do you go about designing some, from somebody who has never used software like this before Are there measurements in the software that relate to real life? How difficult is it to design it? How long does it take? Are there any tutorials for Lego specifically? How strong are they? How easily can they be painted? Even if you can only answer a few, it would be nice to know, beforehand
  19. Yeah, I like it! I have a design for a custom engine too. So that's more like a Porshe engine (of 8) underneath and a V-8 above? It's definitely cool!
  20. I really like self-made concepts, and this is no exception. I love the creativity in taking something, and remixing it! Looks really cool, can't wait to see the video P.S. Is that a X-16 engine?
  21. Maybe try two clutch gears, maybe that will give a bit more resistance?
  22. I really don't get why people do this... Your not really making a Lego plane, your just making a plane with some Lego in it, the major Lego pieces aren't even nicely put on, they're bent. I just don't understand the hype for this video... People keep showing this to me outside euro bricks too, and I just don't get it...
  23. I hope you have some buggy motors... Good luck though!
  24. That is true, I just find from my own experiences that I don't really like gearboxes. To each their own
  25. Buddy010702

    [HELP] Adders

    I will post more in the spoiler, but long story short, it works, but doesn't work too well...