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  1. harakiri

    Guess the next animal mould

    I want a porcupine! If that is not possible I'll settle with a Platypus
  2. harakiri

    What is the story behind your profile picture?

    Azumanga Daioh ftw! Kamineko is awesome
  3. harakiri

    [Rant] Getting LEGO by post - your nightmare stories

    We had some strikes in Germany this year. One was a strike of the postal workers that caused a huge backlog. We also had some pilot strikes (mostly Lufthansa, so I am not sure if this is an issue here ....) That could explain at least the delay of the shipment from Germany
  4. harakiri

    BayWa warehouse and working fork lifter

    very nice! Living in Bavaria I have several of these in towns neaby (also some operated by Raiffeisen)
  5. harakiri

    Creator 2016

    Any info what kind of animals could be "Park Animals"? I so hope its a Squirrel :-) That is what I got first when I googled "Park Animals"
  6. harakiri

    MOC: Macintosh II

    hehe, still have a IIfx in working condition (part of my private Apple museum - aka shelf of useless old beige boxes ) very recognisable
  7. harakiri

    MOC: LEGO Creator - Clockwork Robot (31040)

    Awesome Robot! Thanks for posting the instructions. Hope I have the necessary parts :-)
  8. harakiri

    Review: LEGO Ideas #007 Exosuit

    hope the supply is not too limited. I really need that set! Thanks for the great review!
  9. harakiri

    MOC: Delirium

    please do Death next She is my favorite
  10. harakiri

    My collection of 'mini' Mini Coopers

    nice! almost looks like a scene out of The Italian Job :-) http://www.theitalianjob.com
  11. >To build the unexpected out of it. To boldly build what no man has built before nice one. Glad that I got this car as well
  12. harakiri

    FABULAND Building Contest: Voting Thread

    7 - Rufus and Pandora - 3 5 - Cecilie - 1 3 - Pilili Cuicui - 1
  13. harakiri

    FABULAND GAL Boat Contest: Voting Thread

    Damaximus - 2 points Cecilie - 2 points Oky - 1 point