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  1. Railfan9

    Steel Mill WIP

    For a while before I moved on to another welding job my job was to weld up the rollers that the metal hits to become a sheet of metal. This is an amazing model
  2. Railfan9

    Tips Needed for a new MOC

    i agree with a Zephyr1934 about trying your hand at building an 0-6-0 as a start.
  3. Railfan9

    [MOC] 6w Interurban Electric

    Looks awesome.
  4. Railfan9

    Steam locomotive JŽ 22-077

    Wow that is a beautiful locomotive.
  5. Railfan9

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Looks great!
  6. Railfan9


    Wow that looks amazing!
  7. Railfan9

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Looks great. How steep did you make the grade up to the second section?
  8. Railfan9

    2016 Lego trains

    I have a feeling the other is the Disney Castle
  9. Southern steam at its finest

  10. Railfan9

    [WIP] C&O Heavy Pacific

    Wow I really love the air pumps.
  11. Railfan9

    MOC BNSF SD-70

    They are very quiet, and crews love them.
  12. Railfan9

    MOC BNSF SD-70

    Yes they have been because of how reliable the engine block is and now its the SD70ACe-T4 (The T4 standing for Tier 4).
  13. Railfan9

    MOC BNSF SD-70

    I love the nose it really captures the SD70-2ACE