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  1. Niku

    [MOC] Napoleonic Era

    Closing the gates at Hougoumont, 1815 Men of the Coldstream Guards and the Scots Guards are shown forcing shut the gates of the chateau of Hougoumont against French attack. The moment of crisis show came when around 30 French soldiers forced the north gate and entered into the chateau grounds. Before others could follow, the gates were forced shut again, and the French soldiers still inside were killed. Hougoumont was a vital strategic point on the battlefield, positioned out in front of the right of the allied line. It was attacked throughout the day by thousands of French infantrymen, but held out to the end.
  2. This is very good, i tend not to put much attention to brickheadz, but yours are very nice. Perhaps adding other things beside of terrain would improve the already great sets. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Maybe a Minas Tirith in scale of like the Colosseum?
  4. This is going to be awesome.
  5. Niku

    [MOC] National Library of Ireland

    Holy smokes, this is fantastic, thanks for sharing.
  6. Niku

    Duel in Black Knights' Mage Tower

    I didnt see this one before else I would have commented, I have to say is my favorite build of the entire competition. Wonderful job.
  7. Niku

    [MOC] Hell mech & Tiger mech

    This is phenomenal, I cant decide wich one I like the most. Very eye catchy and posable. Awesome job with the curves and joints.
  8. Niku

    Hello from Calgary

    Welcome to EB, there are some storing threads that might interest you aswell a great quantity of diverse Technic. Enjoy the forums and have fun.
  9. Niku

    Hello from England

    Welcome Dave, you will surely enjoy the train forum and the tons of information and builds in there, enjoy the forums.
  10. Niku

    Hi - new member here! :)

    Welcome to EB, enjoy the forums, and you are sure entering with a nice project, best of luck and dont forget to share the progress for the build.
  11. Niku

    Greetings from Norway

    Welcome to EB, hope you build the themes you like. Enjoy the forums.
  12. Niku

    Hi Everybody!

    Ahoy! Welcome to EB enjoy the forums.
  13. Niku

    Hello from Germany

    Welcome! nice story you have. Yes ultimately you have to choose a theme or themes that would be your main, not only for display but to acquire. I would love to collect and build in many but the wallet and time are the limit. Dont worry about the sets you missed, you will eventually get them or build them. Enjoy EB.
  14. Niku

    Life in Allanar Forest

    An armonious build that has great colors and textures. Great job.