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  1. Great review, WhiteFang! Can it be assumed that it will be released one month earlier ahead of the planned date? So Mid-July? And though this might be a dumb question, the pie is a open stud right? I'm pretty sure it is, but can it fit in between four pegs (without encapsulating a stud in it)? Thanks :D
  2. Iysk

    Gold in the mail today

    If I got this instead of my 3 1x2 knobs and 10 round plates, I wouldn't complain. That's a lot of gold!
  3. Hope there's one near the end of summer, would live to get the Hillside and Lighthouse creator sets. =]
  4. Iysk

    Smoothest way to clean your lego?

    Is there a way to clean a bunch without using a dishwasher? I'd like to get about 600 pieces cleaned from dust and some have those hard to reach spots. Other water, what liquids can be put onto the bricks? And is a scent suppose to come from it? And does placing them near a heater bad for the bricks when I speed up drying times?
  5. Do any currently stocked S@H sets have the Yellow Helmets? I've been wanting to make a Power Rangers' theme and I lack one.
  6. Iysk

    REVIEW: 853195 Brick Calendar

    Oh, I'd love to get a skateboarder and cheerleader! Thanks for the review Mariann Asanuma. Hope this gets released via shop@home
  7. Iysk

    Gold in the mail today

    I feel like I just got trolled. I got ten 1x1 round plates in Pearl Gold and three 1x2 plates with the knob in the middle. =/
  8. Iysk

    How to Train Your Dragon

    My favorite is The Deadly Nadder, these are all so great! Especially like the 'dressing' on the head with the Katara face.
  9. Iysk

    [MOC] E-16/S "Chayot" Starfighter

    Ugh, I always love your Starfighter mocs but it makes want to spend more money to make my own... I like the color scheme, with the R2D2 head (i think that's the right one) and nice use of grey with trans-smoke. I really like the red triangle for some reason, really makes it 'pop'
  10. Iysk

    Bathrooms and toilets?

    Interesting, is there another possible way to do this?
  11. Iysk

    Find the Differences

    Closer image Red tile in the four-square-block flower pots switch mailbox grill piece turns darker (next to the pink flowers of the 2nd image. billboard present billboard mouth (some gray thing) ice cream cup ice cream parasol kid but the ice cream stand is different guy washing windows is different girl in front of the store is different window-wiper turns into a microphone white flag in the center-left yellow flag in the far right side the window-washer is on On top, turns from white to transparent (a flower)
  12. Iysk

    Bathrooms and toilets?

    This is sort of on and off topic: On Topic, here's a nice bathroom I found on flickr, not mine but still a good MOC: Off topic: How does that toilet stay in place? I think I see something grey holding it up but I can't tell what it is. I'm guessing it's a Skeleton Arm + cut off tubing + 1x2 brick with Technic Hole as it's well hidden. EDIT: I resized the image and it looks like it may be that minifig tool with a hexagon in the middle, am I wrong?
  13. Iysk

    (MOC) Midi Figs by LittleLegoManiac

    Pink = Courage the Cowardly Dog White Shirt/Blue Pants: Homer Simpson Orange: Garfield Left to Garfield: His owner Jon Right to Garfield: The dog Light Blue Dress/Lime Socks: Lucy from Charlie Brown? Dog in front of the A: From Wallace and Gromit White/Red Shirt: Waldo Guy in lime/white: Main human from Ratatouille? Yellow Box: Wall-E? Nice work by your son! EDIT: Actually, I think the person between the Dog and Homer is both from Wallace and Gromit now...
  14. Iysk

    Gold in the mail today

    Got my replacement parts on the way as well!
  15. How do we know if someone has won the Falcon?