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    That is a very nice little town/city indeed!! Especially the parking garage. "off topic" every one forgets there is a medium blue bike aswell ( I've bought it for over a year ago from a German Bricklink Seller and it was quiet expensive) Still there is another bike a sand green one which I'm eager to get, but still nog trace Cheers Jeroen
  2. jeroend

    City '09?

    Hello Everybody, Was just checking out all those nice sets of this year, but I think there is something strange..... 7640 is missing in the City line up. It goes from 7630 to 7639 and then from 7641 to 7643..... are we missing a release???
  3. jeroend

    The 2009 Pirate LEGO

    Hi there everybody, Thanks for all those great pictures...... But can somebody make a close up from the Governour of the fort (fron and back of the torso)??? Already many thanks!! Cheers, Jeroen
  4. jeroend

    City '09?

    Is it just me, or on the buildinginstructions of the farm page 73. It's the poster of the police station and truck. Behind the little building which comes with truck, there is a yellow I believe 6 wide "van". Could that be another new set or not?? A bigger Mail van which comes with a postoffice?? or am I dreaming to much.... Does anyone got an answer?? Cheers, Jeroen
  5. jeroend

    Castle sets 2008/2009

    Saw this on Admin Stuifzand placed it on the site: I can only say one thing...... WOW On the Dutch site Lowlug they asked not to spread it tot the different other lug's, because tonight at 21.00hour there comes a big announcement. Cheers Jeroen
  6. jeroend

    Modular Building 10185 Green Grocer

    All very nice pictures, from Rick.... But where is the heating on the second floor, in the room where the clock is.... :'-(