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  1. same color scheme I think to start. And I found a few stability problems i'd like to improve on... Though to be honest I can't figure out how the bucket handles work. unfortunately the LDD wasn't clear on that.
  2. Thanks for the LDD, looking forward to building my own!
  3. I would really love to see and LDD file for this. I think it would be good to just do it with all the sub models disconnected. That way you don't have to fight to get all the angles and you don't have floating pieces. Just an idea. Excellent build
  4. Jamesx

    [MOD] Mystery Machine 75902

    I also would like an LDD file. This is superb.
  5. Jamesx

    Buck Rogers: Earth Directorate Starfighter

    I have one that's minfig scale. it's good, not great.