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  1. Jouster

    Hero Factory 2013

    Evo: Aquagon: For those of you who are lazy to look them up.
  2. Jouster

    Legends of Chima 2013 (Action Figures)

    Not sure if these are final or prototype (Laval has normal feet, not the lion ones from that old pic). But yeah, the birds are ugly (seriously, Eris is whatthefuckamIlookingat) and Worriz is BUT, Gorzan is awesome, and I'll probably pick him up along with Cragger. EDIT: Yep, they're prototypes. Cragger has those frost beast blades.
  3. Jouster

    Hero Factory 2013

    Well, the site is fixed. It's not glitchy, but it's the same. I also got the hang of it, and I can navigate it now. But still, it's confusing, and this new layout is a downgrade.
  4. Jouster

    Hero Factory 2013

    As the guy above me said, Bolt has no slug. On that site there's also a picture showing an excavation site thing. Maybe bolt is an extinct creature that got brought to life somehow? (Ninjago-style mega weapon?) Dunno, but the absence of the slug is quite odd.
  5. Jouster

    Hero Factory 2013

    Dragonbolt EDIT:
  6. Jouster

    Hero Factory 2013

    Ok, the summer wave is gorgeous. Much, much better than winter. Dragonbolt is lessthanthree, and Jet Rocka is also amazing. Aquagon is interesting, looks like a piranha or something like that. Evo and Surge are <3. So yeah, can't wait til Toy Fair, and I'm pretty sure the guy behind the tower is Black Phantom, I mean, it looks like him. (has the same shoulder armor, I can see his extra arms with those knives and the head looks a bit like his, yes, I have very good eyes, thank you very much)
  7. Jouster

    Hero Factory 2013

    Jet Rocka seems...interesting.
  8. Jouster

    Hero Factory 2013

    Thresher can't be evil, they said, you're insane, they said. WHO'S THE INSANE ONE NOW?!
  9. Jouster

    Hero Factory 2013

    Remember when they called Voltix, "Dynamo"? Yeah....Wait until pictures guys.
  10. Jouster

    Legends of Chima 2013

    Ok, so opinion time. The sets are good, I really dig that temple. But, I'm more curious about Worriz' huge tank/whatever that thing is, it seems really good. That caught my attention first. The other sets (besides the tank thing and temple) are okay, I think Gorzan's gorilla mech isn't that impressive. It's okay, I suppose.
  11. Jouster

    Hero Factory 2013

    Yeah, "The Doom Box" and "Legion of Darkness"
  12. Jouster

    Hero Factory 2013

    Professor Honeybee...Please. And I also have a theory that Nebbie, Thresh, Doc and Corey Hun-I mean, Core Hunter, are part of that "galactic conspiracy" Greg was talking about.
  13. Jouster

    Hero Factory 2013

    About the guy behind it, I'm pretty sure it's Thresher. Since, in the books, he's on a planet (I think) working on brain control tech stuff. So I'm assuming it is Thresher.
  14. Jouster

    Hero Factory 2013

    More pics (not mine, so yeah, I hope my friend doesn't kill me for this, although, he has no reason to? right? no? okay)