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  1. Hello, yes this is a model made of real lego bricks. Packaged by lego specialists Bright Bricks. Hope this helps.
  2. Hello, I have for sale one of the Durham Cathedral LEGO builds. This is the 530 Pc 2nd Edition that is now sold out from the Cathedral shop. These models were specially developed by company Bright Bricks to co-incide with the giant Durham Cathedral model build currently ongoing. I bought two but my friend decided after this they no longer wanted it. As it is a sold out model I've decided I'll take offers on it. Anything above £55 i think is a reasonable ask considering the RRP is £55. Do feel free to leave me offers in Private Messages. I'm looking to sell as soon as possible. Cheers. Javert PS: I WILL ship this item overseas if requireed
  3. In my hype for the LEGO Doctor Who Ideas set coming out, I thought I would do some experimenting. Thanks to Artifex creation on youtube I was able to pause the video at certain points which allowed me to build the Police Box element. The thing I love about this is the playability in that you can disconnect the box from the interior. What it also did was inspired me. That TARDIS could also pass for the Series 5 and 6 version so I decided I would construct an interior in the same style as the Series 7/8/9 one that could be removed from the box. As you can see I have attached the box from the other set to this console room in the same style as the LEGO Ideas set. I've also managed to create the angular stairs going off in all directions design which I didn't think I'd be able to do. A lot of this model contains elements I have stolen from the official TARDIS build (The console for instance is built in the same way to make it 6 sided) and some I've designed myself. Of course I've used colours here that probably will never see the light of day with certain parts (The floor of the main console balcony being the main one. The only wall I've constructed so far is the one with that walkway at the top of those spiralling stairs. the jagged edge at the top of that wall is meant to represent where the ceiling meets the wall. Keeping with the roundel theme I've tried to replicate these as much as possible. I've still to work on the stability of the model as you can see the stairs are hanging in mid air at the moment. The console also needs the details added to it (going to try including the Sonic Screwdriver holder) Let me know what you think. If I manage to be successful with this one, I'm thinking about trying to make the 9th and 10th Doctor TARDIS in this same format.
  4. Javert

    Disney CMF - Wishlists

    Judge Claude Frollo. I know he'll never be made in a million years but he's the only one I'd like unless they for some reason decided to do Uncle Scrooge from the Disney Christmas Carol cartoon. That would be awesome!
  5. I'm probably the only one who wants to see him, but my ultimate Lego Disney mini figure is Judge Claude Frollo. Hands down best villain there is and his character is possibly one of the darkest too.
  6. Javert

    Doctor Who Wishlists

    The thing I love about the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set is the fact that the interior is detachable from the exterior. It means that other custom interiors could be connected. Also don't want that St John ambulance logo on the front? Turn that panel around and you have the 9th/10th Doctor's TARDIS. With this in mind I could totally see them bringing out the new series TARDIS interiors to go with this set. I for one would love to see how LEGO would do the 11th doctor's series 5 and 6 console room as it's got Lego set written all over it in my opinion. I might design one myself. I can also see them doing a mini figure series with all incarnations of the doctor plus new companions. Why else would they design the whole 13 doctor body cycle for the dimensions game? If enough people ask, I'm sure we'll receive. Possibilities are endless.
  7. If they turn out to be Villains, If they don't do a Judge Claude Frollo, I will not be impressed. He'd make one fine minifigure! I'm kind of sceptical about this. They're limited to 16, and they could make hundreds of characters. It will be very interesting indeed to see who make the final 16.
  8. Javert

    MOC Architecture Tower Bridge

    I'm happy to announce I've submitted this project into LEGO ideas. I would be grateful if you could vote for this if you like it. :) https://ideas.lego.c...
  9. Javert

    MOC Architecture Tower Bridge

    That was including postage though. One order was 323 of the bricks for £22. Not too bad at all :)
  10. Javert

    MOC Architecture Tower Bridge

    Thank you very much! I appreciate the kind feedback :) I'm jealous you have the big one. Would anyone like the LDD file for this? pieces are easy to come by on bricklink and in total it cost me around £40-£50 :)
  11. Javert

    MOC Architecture Tower Bridge

    And today I received the last four bricks in the MOC! This is one of the most beautiful models I've ever created and owned. It's the perfect companion for the Big Ben set and is at a relative scale with the set. This was a whole new LEGO adventure for me. I'm hoping to make more Architecture style MOCs in future because I enjoyed this one so much. Look out for those in the future. For now enjoy the photos of the real thing! :) Presenting: Tower Bridge: Set: MOC001 Pieces: 423 Style: Architecture This is Tower Bridge. It has quite a length to it. It is 10 studs by 38 studs. This architecture style MOC has an opening bridge so I guess you could call it a play feature! This view is to show how I did the suspension cables. And this picture shows the scale compared side by side with Big Ben. Also notice on Big Ben my improved clock face plates that Minifigs.me created for me. I hope you like it! :) Been a gem this project!
  12. Javert

    MOC Architecture Tower Bridge

    I have done exactly that. I'm waiting for 4 pieces to come from Australia, but once they are here the model can be put together! :D
  13. Javert

    Review: 21013 Big Ben

    I got this set the other day, and I've modded and added some custom parts to make it look better. Thank you to Minifigs.me, I've now got printed tiles of Big Ben's actual clocks. Here is a picture: You may notice near the top I have also added a dark bluish grey 2x2 plate. In my opinion it improves the overall look at the top as I thought it was a bit squat before. :) Let me know what you think! And thank you to this review. It made my mindup about getting the set :)
  14. Javert

    What did you buy today?

    I bought Big Ben off bricklink today. I went to the LEGO Store yesterday and they had sold out! They had loads in last week! Still, I'm happy to get it for a reasonable price £24.99 + postage, which is still cheaper than £24.99 plus 6.90 for a Tyne and Wear Metro ticket!