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  1. Possibly, though that's kind of silly. The Simpsons is one thing, Disney is a whole different beast. Not only is there a wider demographic for Disney (I bet few kids got either of the Simpsons CMFs), there's so many movies and shows that they can pick various characters from. There was much more hype for the Disney CMF than for Simpsons as well, I remember the news of the set going all over social media...because Disney has a strong brand.
  2. If we do, I'm betting the fourth set will be Disney CMF s2.
  3. Where did you find this info at?
  4. That's what I'm thinking. The Batman series might justify the price increase due to the licensing and extra figures in the line.
  5. I really hope they do. I actually like themed CMFs (and yes, licensed sets as well :p). We already got Halloween, and as a fan of Christmas, I'd love to see them tackle that. There's a lot of cute possibilities like a snowman, guy in reindeer costume, santa, elf, etc. I agree. There's just so much they can do with Disney, and themed sets alone just might not cut it. Some shows/movies probably would lend themselves better to have individual mini figures than a full-on set. And depending on which characters they use, I think they would sell like hotcakes. I think s1 sold remarkably well, even with people who don't normally collect CMFs.
  6. I actually don't see The Simpsons s2 around much anymore. About two weeks ago, I happened to stumble onto some CMFs from it at a Walgreens with ancient stock, and before that hadn't seen them since 2015. The leftover CMFs that I tend to see most of are s13 and s14. Even s15 seems to have sold better, the endcaps and cases where they're sold in tend to be empty at both the LEGO store and Targets I go to.
  7. My thoughts exactly. I collect a lot of different toylines (Funko, Kidrobot, etc), and I know I don't buy every single figure in a set unless I'm head over heels for 'em. In a lot of other toy collecting circles, completionists aren't usually the majority either.
  8. I hope so. Although I look forward to Batman, 17, and Ninjago...I'd really like them to just squeeze in one more CMF for Disney series 2, as well.
  9. I get that they want to promote their movies, but why not have a Disney series 2 for, say, December? I'm a bit new to the CMF game, so is it the norm that LEGO only release about three CMFs a year? Why not do four or more?
  10. It's a possibility, They might use this to promote Zootopia. Or even Moana, which comes out a little later on in 2016.
  11. Oh, I think it definitely will have staying power. Disney is just so large and varied, and has something for nearly everyone. I think this CMF line might end up being the most popular one yet.
  12. That's true, I forgot about the reboot. Though, even still, Disney seems to shy away from their TV shows/animation when they do sets like this.
  13. I dunno... Disney seems hesitant to include them in a lot of other toylines of theirs. I can only recall Disney Afternoon making it into their Vinylmation line years ago, and even then they were Limited Edition Disney Park exclusives...
  14. The fact it's a brownish blond and spiky is leading me to believe it could be him! Not sure who it could be in the Disney Animated Canon otherwise.