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    Hi everybody, I'm John, 31 years old (2015), I live in Lille, north of France.

    I had my first Lego at 5 years old, I tried some themes and get stuck on Castle Theme when I was 9, Majisto was the first with his little shop (obviously named Merlin when I was 9) and a minifigs box with 3 Dragon Knights and one Wolfpack Renegade guy. The wolf guy and Majisto was good guys.
    Then at 11, I had in about 2 years the entire collection of the Lion Royal Knights, so my medieval story began :-)

    About 4 years ago, I finaly had the Dragon Knight Castle I so wanted when I was 11 so finally there was the good Lion guys on the hand, and the bad Dragon guys on the other hand.
    So, I completed my originals sets with other different themes sets or minifigs you can create in Lego Store (queen, prince, princess, maids, witch, castle intendant...), and minifigs from the series (mermaids, centaur, ogre, witch, female bohemian, forest female, leprechaun, genie, scarecrow, fairy etc.. etc.. now I have a good collection CMF).

    Later I realize Merlin couldn't live at Lion castle, with his family&friends, too many people in the Royal castle, it's not so I customed him a real lair combining 4729 Dumbledore's Office and 4867 Hogwarts. With that, all the magic family has a real place.

    Ditto with the bad guys, so many characters and stories now, there wasn't so place in the two big Dragon Knights sets, so I turned 6097 Night Lord's Castle into the Dark Castle with sorcerers, vampires, demons, witches, subordinates etc...

    Now I'm 31 and still add some characters and sets in this medieval story, changed since 3 years ago as a "Medieval Fantasy Story" with spatiotemporal flaws [allows me the include Castle + pirates (collection when I was 9 + new) + City (cmf, costumed guys, TBBT, Space..) + LOTR/The Hobbit + Harry Potter + Pirates of the Caribbean + Elves + Star Wars + Super Heroes + BTTF + Scooby Doo + Santa Claus + Indiana Jones + Ninjago + Simpsons + Ghostbusters + Egypt + Female Scientists + Disney Princess + Friends + The Lone Ranger + The LEGO Movie + Scorpion Creator or just Creator + dinosaurs + ... ]

    So I kept the storyline I had when I was kid [I was also playing with the other themes I had (pirates, town, aqua-thing...), Merlin has had some issues with magic and brought some people of other worlds and other time.]
    Now, the spatiotemporal flaws have different origins, and the story is much more sophisticated. Finally all is about family, friendship, maybe love but included in family, friendship, relationships, noble-mindedness...

    Soon, I'm gonna take in shop the Doctor Who set to add him in the Medieval Fantasy Story, more for the set, less for the characters except that wonderful angel :) That's all folks :)


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  1. notpennysboat

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    Great, how cute it is ! A nice surprise with this set. This cuttie one will meet my barnyard
  2. I don't know if it is the right place to post that and I know this could never come in the series 2, but yesterday I bought an old Disney tv show (Dinosaurs) and told myself that I would love it in LEGO.
  3. notpennysboat


    Let's try : 1. Mickey from The Sorcerer's Apprentice 2. Minnie Princess from The Three Musketeers 3. Goofy with Pluto 4. Scrooge McDuck 5. Lilo 6. Aurora 7. Elsa 8. Wendy 9. Queen of Heart (from Alice) 10. Woody 11. Andy (from Toy Story) 12. Belle 13. The Beast 14. Jasmine 15. Prince Ali 16. Jafar 17. Ariel (human form) 18. Prince Eric
  4. notpennysboat

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    I can't wait to see that new bird you're tyalking about. Now I think that we can say that small anilmals often come in CMF. We recently had 2 dogs, a great expected rabbit, the mouse, the lobster, the skunk. For now, only the lobster is used in other themes, and the skunk was used this year in a City set.
  5. notpennysboat

    Hello from France :)

    Well, I'm talking about the photos that you can upload on Eurobricks. When you click on your profil at the top right, it is the part "My attachments", it can support just 100kB, I have uploaded 2 photos long time ago, so this "My attachments" part is full, I would like to delete the 2 photos but I don't succeed. Thank you :) Your collection sounds great too, with Crusaders, Black Falcon, Forestmen... I love the hideout set from Forestmen wave, and also 2 or 3 sets in this collection that I want. My castle doesn't look like this anymore... The fairies are now about 15 so they had to leave the place and the castle is now occupied by several maids, handmaidens, cooks. Plus the King has now 4 childrens and 3 refugees sisters who's also queens with 3 consort kings, each royal couple has 4 children. So that makes a lot a people I recently found the "Post your army" part on the site and I wanted to start posting in it with my Amazons army, that's why I would like to delete the photos on Eurobricks to post that. I succeed on Flickr, the Amazons photo is on Flickr, but I don't succeed to put the link in here, each time I use the Flickr option to post, the link become red and nothing happens. edit : I just read my presentation again, today I would not say like that but that's okay. I realize that I had that great statue that I wanted so much, and can even now post a photo with my Statues army (little army, about 7 or 8 statues)
  6. notpennysboat

    Hello from France :)

    Hello everyone, how can I delete the 2 attachments I have ? I would like to post a photo of mine but I don't find the way to delete the 2 previous attachments. Even with a Flickr link, I don't succeed with it so I would like to erase the 2 attachments I have on my profil :) Thank you
  7. Minnie could appear as a princess from 'The 3 musketeers' but not Mickey because 2 big choices are already expected about him. With all the Disney movies coming (Aladdin, Christophe, Toy Story 4, Mary Poppins) this series was now even predictable, Dumbo is also expected in 2019, but how could they have included it in this new series ? Whether they include Baloo from 'The Book of the Jungle', he should have a hole on the head (like Donald/Daisy) so it could be reused for a next Baloo minifig from Talespin. The Beast absolutely needs a new mold, but the Jasmine's hair from Disney Princess line is okay. Will we see Abu with her ? Is Rajah with the tiger mold possible ? It only needs a new head, the body is removable, but probably too heavy for a package. Abu or Rajah ? Iago is also expected with Jafar. Whether Ariel is coming in pink dress, is a new Scuttle mold possible ? So many questions, I like that 😊
  8. notpennysboat

    Disney Princesses 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I've just seen what her teal dress look like, I don't like it even if I don't want another pink dress. Do you think we could expect new animals molds for 41160 (Scuttle) and 41161 (Abu) ?
  9. notpennysboat

    Disney Princesses 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Right I think so, I hope either a castle with Ariel as a princess (pink dress), Eric, Max, Sebastian...or either a pre-princess castle scene, with Ariel as a visitor (blue dress), with Eric, a fork, carriage and maybe a new mold for Scuttle ?
  10. notpennysboat


    I can't wait for that regular series ! My personnal wishlist would be more medieval fantasy but this is a guessing game, so here's mine: 1/ Basket Ball player 2/ Ice King 3/ Holidays Girl (at the beach) 4/ Harpie 5/ Troubadour 6/ Pharmacist 7/ Sea Witch with seahorse 8/ Koala Suit Girl 9/ Evil Fairy 10/ TV Idol 11/ Security Guard with doberman 12/ Stone or Terracotta Statue 13/ Egyptian God 14/ Postman 15/ Alien Invader (Mars Attack) 16/ Medieval Farmer with sheep or goat
  11. notpennysboat

    The Flintstones - LEGO Ideas

    Hello, do you think that we'll get the Bart's slingshot as seen on the fan model ? I mean, there are some pieces released under licences, that we never see after the first release. I thought that slingshot was a piece that we could have seen in several themes (City, Creator, even Friends, etc.) then nothing after the CMF Simpson Series 2. The same for some hair (Alice, Mr. Incredible, Aladdin...) If we finally get it in a set, is it the kind of pieces that we get one more ?
  12. I would also like to see more Castle / Fantasy characters like evil king, evil fairy, evil genie, ice king, but I would say a statue, stone or terracotta statue, an historical character would be great too.
  13. notpennysboat

    Future Simpsons Lego- Rumours, discussion and wishlisting

    It is quite surprising to me to see The Simpson coming this years in a new theme (BrickHeadz) after having nothing in 2016 and 2017. Do you know how long lasts a licence possessing ? With that surprise, do you think that we can expect anything else, and for how much longer ? Thank you in advance :)
  14. notpennysboat

    Guess the next animal mould round 3

    It's been a while, about 25 years ago, that I'm waiting for theme like "Zoo" or "Farm", but now after reading this up, it could just be a sub-theme for City, it seems very logical, like a part of the town. With all the Zoo subtheme things, it could have a bus and bus-stop, foodtrucks for hot-dogs or ice-creams...a plenty of "City" theme things. About the vehicles, in addition to the bus, Zoo bus stop, it could have a vet truck, a animal transport truck (for terrestrial or marine animals), even an Zoo copter for emergency, a cleaning-vehicle...? Well, there is always something to do for having a nice subtheme. :)
  15. notpennysboat

    Future Licensed Sets ?

    Thank you, this is exactly the topic I was talking about when I say "general Licensed topic". Thank you for this topic, I obviously have been searching with the wrong "word key". I would be surprised by a BrickHeadz set because it would be the second green witch in BrickHeadz after the one for the next Halloween. Few years ago, I talked about a serie of Minifigurines for 2019, but I've been convinced in here that LEGO could rather do a few sets like they did for Scooby-Doo. It is possible to delete that topic that I created for nothing ? Or replace it in another maybe ?