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    Hi everybody, I'm John, 31 years old (2015), I live in Lille, north of France.

    I had my first Lego at 5 years old, I tried some themes and get stuck on Castle Theme when I was 9, Majisto was the first with his little shop (obviously named Merlin when I was 9) and a minifigs box with 3 Dragon Knights and one Wolfpack Renegade guy. The wolf guy and Majisto was good guys.
    Then at 11, I had in about 2 years the entire collection of the Lion Royal Knights, so my medieval story began :-)

    About 4 years ago, I finaly had the Dragon Knight Castle I so wanted when I was 11 so finally there was the good Lion guys on the hand, and the bad Dragon guys on the other hand.
    So, I completed my originals sets with other different themes sets or minifigs you can create in Lego Store (queen, prince, princess, maids, witch, castle intendant...), and minifigs from the series (mermaids, centaur, ogre, witch, female bohemian, forest female, leprechaun, genie, scarecrow, fairy etc.. etc.. now I have a good collection CMF).

    Later I realize Merlin couldn't live at Lion castle, with his family&friends, too many people in the Royal castle, it's not so I customed him a real lair combining 4729 Dumbledore's Office and 4867 Hogwarts. With that, all the magic family has a real place.

    Ditto with the bad guys, so many characters and stories now, there wasn't so place in the two big Dragon Knights sets, so I turned 6097 Night Lord's Castle into the Dark Castle with sorcerers, vampires, demons, witches, subordinates etc...

    Now I'm 31 and still add some characters and sets in this medieval story, changed since 3 years ago as a "Medieval Fantasy Story" with spatiotemporal flaws [allows me the include Castle + pirates (collection when I was 9 + new) + City (cmf, costumed guys, TBBT, Space..) + LOTR/The Hobbit + Harry Potter + Pirates of the Caribbean + Elves + Star Wars + Super Heroes + BTTF + Scooby Doo + Santa Claus + Indiana Jones + Ninjago + Simpsons + Ghostbusters + Egypt + Female Scientists + Disney Princess + Friends + The Lone Ranger + The LEGO Movie + Scorpion Creator or just Creator + dinosaurs + ... ]

    So I kept the storyline I had when I was kid [I was also playing with the other themes I had (pirates, town, aqua-thing...), Merlin has had some issues with magic and brought some people of other worlds and other time.]
    Now, the spatiotemporal flaws have different origins, and the story is much more sophisticated. Finally all is about family, friendship, maybe love but included in family, friendship, relationships, noble-mindedness...

    Soon, I'm gonna take in shop the Doctor Who set to add him in the Medieval Fantasy Story, more for the set, less for the characters except that wonderful angel :) That's all folks :)


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  1. Guess the next animal mould round 3

    Why dead crow ? I've always thought that the crow was actually alive as a companion for the scarecrow.
  2. The Greatest CMF 2 (Revenge of the Ninjago) THANKS AND GOODBYE!

    Wow, this one was hardly tough because all of these belong to my Medieval Fantasy Story. The King is the main king between 5 other, the Lady Liberty is one of the living statues in the Lion Castle, the Battle Goddess is the chief of the Amazones in the Freelancer Knights Crew, the Spartan Warrior & Hun Warrior are in the Freelancer Knights Crew, Aztec Warrior & Tribal woman are in the same group escaping the pirates, the Evil Knight in the Dark Castle, the Yeti is with the Ice Queen, N-Pop Girl is a fairy, the Pretzel Girl is a waitress in the village inn and Grandma Visitor in the village.
  3. Yes I remember this story, it began with rumor discussion about carrot costume in I-don't-remember which series, then a guy in the discussion made the custom carrot guy and post the photo in here to show us the look of the minifigurine if the rumor was true. But it wasn't. It was about one or two years ago
  4. Guess the next animal mould round 3

    It can't be a nativity shepherd because of the religious connotation, but a sheep could come with a Bo Peep costume, there's plenty on Google Image.
  5. Guess the next animal mould round 3

    I was thinking about it and I'm really expecting the pigeon That would be great but the pingu and the pingu costume weren't together, if we get a sheep costume, the sheep could be an accessory for another costume maybe a shepherd like Bo Peep
  6. Guess the next animal mould round 3

    The 5 last series of minifigures had animals. The last one (Ninjago series) had only the fishes we know, including one with a new color, black. But the 4 series before the last one was rich in new animal moulds : Series 15 : skunk / Series 16 : new dog + pingu / Series 17 : new dog + rabbit / Series Batman : lobster The Batman Series had also snake & fish we know. So I think we could legitimately expect at least 2 new moulds for the upcoming Series Batman #2 and Series 18. In the Series 16, the pingu correlates with the Pingu Costume. Any ideas for a new mould in the Batman Series 2 ? Any ideas for a new animal mould correlating with a costume ?
  7. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I'd like a new mold for the phoenix or a recolored version, maybe an occasion for reusing the Ron's rat and a new basilic
  8. My Hopes for LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure series 2

    All I expect is a new animal or costume suit :)
  9. Disney's Future with Lego

    Obviously I prefer minifigures, just to make the point it would be the first time they use minifigures with Disney in Junior Theme and also the very first time they use minifigures in a standard Disney set (I mean the Castle is not a classic/standard set).
  10. Disney's Future with Lego

    In the Junior theme, LEGO uses minidolls with Disney, do we have to expect minidolls for The Incredible 2 or minifigures ?
  11. Guess the next animal mould round 3

    I'd like a recolored version of the phoenix or the rat :)
  12. Guess the next animal mould round 3

    I've seen it in BAM but there's no Store at all corners of the streets, I'm talking about a real good reuse, I was so excited about a new snake, it is true that it could have been reused in many sets, maybe not many but several. Talking about the BAM, I get the seagull in it, was the seagull firt appearance was in CMF ? Same question about the chiwawa. We often see CMF parts in BAM, it seems LEGO prefers keep some CMF part for BAM instead of reuses for sets.
  13. Guess the next animal mould round 3

    Ditto about the cobra (series 13/Snake Charmer/2015), not even one reuse, I posted about this weeks ago, we could have seen it in City Jungle or Ninjago or somewhere else.
  14. LEGO Seasonal 2017

    It's 1x Valentine's Day - 1x Easter - 1x Halloween - 1x Thanksgiving - 2x Xmas, so there is one left
  15. MOC: Elves, Ragana's Shadow Tower