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    Theme review: Ice Planet 2002

    That's what bricklink is for! I went back and bought them all, then set about collecting parts in the core colors for that set. Got a ton of trams neon orange. Definitely my favorite color scheme
  2. fr33manator

    Theme review: Ice Planet 2002

    I LOVE this set. I've even built a militarized faction of IP:2002 nicknamed the "frost Skorpions" Any chance I can get it added to the MOc list?
  3. fr33manator

    TAGS! who wants TAGS and Titles!?!

    Let's hear about these contests!
  4. fr33manator

    Space Civilians

    If you are dealing with planets with earth-like atmospheres, you can go with a sci-go western feel (think outlaw star, firefly, trigun) and use western or adventurers clothing. Some of the Dino fighters (old and new) and movie bodies are good too.
  5. fr33manator

    MOCs:Frost Skorpions Faction

    Thank you SO much. I'll try to get all the pics in the first post, and to get better pics. You are awesome!
  6. fr33manator

    MOCs:Frost Skorpions Faction

    Absolutely. If I could get a faction thread I could compile them all into one. I only bumped so posters could get an idea of what I was talking about. How should I go about putting them all Into one thread? And that is a great idea about the cladding. It'll give me a reason to use that giant bag of blue tiles I bought! Thanks for the idea! Again, mea culpa. I love the site and hope to be a better contributor once my photo skills improve. I have about 15 or so models built for this faction and about the same number built for another one, so compiled threads would allow me to showcase them altogether!
  7. fr33manator

    MOCs:Frost Skorpions Faction

    You can see the theme emerge. Imagine a universe where the space police couldn't or wouldn't, protect them. The members of the IP2002 faction had to get tough, or die. The eternal winter is not the only thing cold and cruel on Krysto
  8. fr33manator

    MOCs:Frost Skorpions Faction

    This MOC provides a better overall feel for the faction.
  9. fr33manator

    MOCs:Frost Skorpions Faction

    Thanks. I've done a lot of Ice planet color scheme and feel builds. Working on a storyline set in the "future" where the descendants of the IP2002 and the exploriens are at war with each other, so it has a much more military feel! Check em out and tell me what you thing. A search for frost Skorpions and ice spyders should pull them up
  10. fr33manator

    M-Tron Observation platform

    impressive. I always enjoy revisiting the old classic space themes and imagining what could have been. I especially like the observation deck. nice use of newer pieces!
  11. fr33manator

    MOCs:Frost Skorpions Faction

    I've actually done quite a lot of IP builds. Look under the title "frost Skorpions". It's the military wing of the IP2002 That's a trans-orange screen. Take a look at my other MOCs and tell me what you think, please! Thanks!
  12. fr33manator

    MOCs:Frost Skorpions Faction

    MOC: Hailstinger Scout Flyer Armament: 1 "Stachel" beam cannon hand weapons, Norgrav Propulsion Unit Inventor- Tarkal Norbrik
  13. fr33manator

    Theme review: Ice Planet 2002

    Great theme review. IP:2002 is easily my favorite space theme. Maybe I could get some of my Ice planet MOCs added to your list?
  14. fr33manator

    The next space theme....

    Revisit some of the great theme's from the 80s and 90s Blacktron 2, m-tron, IP:2002, exploriens, Unitron, spyrius, etc. The groundwork is there, the fanbase is there. Explore new possibilities with new pieces, maybe advance the storylines a few hundred years. It would be epic.
  15. fr33manator

    What sets should i get i just got out of my dark ages.

    When you are buying the sets, think about the color scheme you want to go with and pick up some elements you think will be useful in those colors. You might want to pay homage to an existing theme (like I did with IP:2002 and exploriens) or make something entirely new. But bricklink will be your friend when it comes to building your collection