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  1. This time I'm presenting my latest LDD work. A Zekiville Volunteer fire station. The building itself contains 20.000 bricks. It meets the latest standards in safety and functionality. The main part of the building houses garages, wardrobes and sanitary facilities for firefighters. The Gray wind accomidates all the administative facilities and the underground levels cover recreational and storage facilities. The training tower is designed to allow vertical rescue training, and structual fire simulations. The top 2 floors on gray wind and a top floor on orange wing (main building) provides 12 apartments for firefighter and their families in order to provide as fast responce as possible. The building also house other volunter emergency services such as: - K9 Sar unit - Dive rescue unit - Cave rescue unit and mountain rescue unit. The garages for their equipmet are locates at the back of the building. The look on the building from the front. Back view. Part of rescue apparatus. Ladder and Tech rescue truck with extended ladder/arm. K9 SAR team. Have a nice day.
  2. zeki

    [MOC] Auto Garage

    I love this moc especially the door. Can you post some pictures of the door design (the technic part of it)? Thanks
  3. zeki

    LDD MOC - Apartment building

    Hi guys. Thanks for all the replies but I cannot find the LDD file for this building. I've checked my old computer and back-up disk but the file is not there.
  4. zeki


    This is one amazing airport! I love the brick build wing on an aircraft and the terminal itself is amazing!
  5. zeki

    MOC - City of Studney Fire Station

    Nice use on the doors i must say! Can't wait for another update.
  6. zeki


    Wow! I love the details, tiling trees, door the roof on the gray building! And the vampires are just the cherry on a cake!
  7. zeki

    MOC - City of Studney Fire Station

    I love the brick build door! Can you post some more pictures on how do they open etc? The fire trucks also look awesome!
  8. zeki

    Scotsburgh Fire Department Update

    Nice firetruck you have there! It has a very british feel to it, and the front lights above the windscreen look cool. It would be perfect if the aerial platform would be lower on the vehicle when not in use,
  9. zeki

    MOC Fire engine/ladder

    Yes lightningtiger the model will also be brick built. scottwb2010: I have chosen this leinght in order to accomodate 2 ladder basis on top of the firetruck. If the model would be shorter it would be imposible. Also if you desire all the equipment in the truck that is in the description the 3 lockers per side would not be enought. Thanks for the comments.
  10. zeki

    MOC Fire engine/ladder

    Latest firetruck done in LDD in the past month. Truck is inpired by Multistar type vehicles and American quint pumpers. Truck has a crew of 6, pump with 1600 l/min pump, it holds 1500 l of water and 300 l of foam, all necessery equipment for firefighting and technical rescue. Front view. It has 4 equipment compartments and a ladder acces directly after the cabin. Back view. Pump compartment. Bird's eye view Ladder extended. 2 inspirational vehicles. Multistar Quint Engine Aerial Have a nice day
  11. zeki

    Fire engine MOC

    The truck would in real life have 3 seats and it is a "standard" truck in my cuntry. Such truck is often followed by a van that carries additional man power. Some pictures of an inspiration trucks
  12. zeki

    Fire engine MOC

    A new MOC from my side is (another) fire truck. The truck ismade on a 7 wide basis and uses a lot of SNOT detailing, thus making some small gaps between the bricks. The gaps are not visible in real life but very much exposed on photos.
  13. zeki

    Apartment Block "Blue Whale"

    No worries. I will only use it for seeing some technicnes and perhapse a construction of a model
  14. zeki

    Apartment Block "Blue Whale"

    This is amazing building! Care to share an lxf file for it?