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  1. Hello LewisMod, I did this mod a while ago and I do not remember of the details. But I found .lxf files I created for the left top and bottom wings, I think they could help you. How could I upload them for you? The forum accepts only image files.
  2. Tyrell

    [MOC] First Order Snowspeeder

    According to this article, this was originally planned with the FO snowspeeder in the film: #35: Rey stole a speeder for a high speed chase. With Finn. From the First Order. In order for Han and Chewie to get into the oscillator, Rey had to disconnect a bunch of wires in another building. She and Finn steal a speeder and go racing through the woods, switching places at least once so Finn can fire on their pursuit. It’s a pretty sweet little scene. (https://www.yahoo.com/tv/45-star-wars-force-awakens-220000481.html) It is not clear whether it was filmed and cut out or planned but not filmed at all.
  3. Tyrell

    [MOC] First Order Snowspeeder

    Thank you TheBrickBuilder14!
  4. Tyrell

    [MOC] First Order Snowspeeder

    It a fantastic MOC, way better than the official set! Do you have it in LDD as well?
  5. All of the orange ones are from the set but I had to add many black ones. Fortunately I bought a great amount of basic black plates some months ago so I had more than enough.
  6. This is a mod a did a while back. I liked the front of the ship so I modified it only a little bit, but I totally rebuild the back. The result is a little star warsy ship which I imagine to be very agile and fast. I like its shapes, it reminds me of a spear head. I also created space for the astromech droid (in the original one only its head can be put on the ship). Originally I only wanted to re-use the bricks of the set but in the end I had to add some bricks from other sets (but only a few). V_20151105_140659_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr V_20151105_140712_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr V_20151105_142102 by yatyrell, on Flickr V_20151105_142121_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr V_20151105_142202_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr V_20151105_142234_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr V_20151105_142255_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr
  7. Let me know if you need help. Finally I found a way to make the orange streak on the side of the ship homogeneous (with a little cheat). Before: X_DSC_0003_cr by yatyrell, on Flickr After: X_IMG_20151129_153709_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr X_IMG_20151129_153649_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr Now the orange streak seems to be drawn from the rear of the ship, through the wings and on the sides: X_IMG_20151129_154041_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr A shot of the front with the hidden landing gear: X_IMG_20151129_154248_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr
  8. Tyrell

    [MOC] Her Majesty's Theatre, London

    I cannot find the words... Perfect!
  9. Now the first landing gear is hidden in the front: X_20151105_140355 by yatyrell, on Flickr X_20151105_140548_HDR by yatyrell, on Flickr X_20151105_140444 by yatyrell, on Flickr
  10. Tyrell

    Poe's X-Wing, canopy comparison

    The mold number has to be checked. (It is inside of the canopy, on the top, below the studs.) The ones with the number 3-01 are surely correct.
  11. Tyrell

    Hello everybody,

    Thank you for the explanation, Milan. I hope TLC will make one day an exception. :) I already were happy with a set like the Mini Cooper or the VW Camper with a working steering mechanism.
  12. Thank you BrickJagger and LegoPercyJ!
  13. Thanks for the Stealth Fighter landing gear explanation, Dameronian. The fuselage looks indeed way better now, without the wing moving mechanism.
  14. anothergol, check out my topic: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=116568 Dameronian, could you please share some pictures about the Stealth Fighter landing gears MOD?
  15. mordatre, please share your landing gear MOD for the shuttle when you are finished with it. Your MODs are great!