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  1. I will rescale it. Just give me some time.
  2. Could you implement in your app some sort of simple sequence like in sbrick? For example to make traffic indicators or warning lights, like in Lasse D trucks? Anyway, your app really saves us from the problems with sbrick app. Keep up your wonderful work!
  3. I had similar notification from shapeways. It only affected parts with LEGO name in their title and description. Others were unaffected.
  4. @Richard Dower Here is link https://www.shapeways.com/product/JATZFZNJC/lego-hook-block?optionId=58285314 Some new parts are available: Larger excavator bucket loosely based on Liebherr V-type bucket. It is 9 stud wide while previous was 7 stud wide (Efferman's are 10,5 stud wide and 8 stud wide). My replacement for lego part #6574. Even though it is made by 3D printing, it's still cheaper than most bricklink shops. My alternative for x873c01. But not yet ready, i made few mistakes so it is worse than original. I have to redesign CV joint hub and slim down some areas. When it will be ready it will cost around 7$ per piece. 3L version of 15459. After a youtube video made by František Hajdekr i am trying to improve my design of ball socket, but in this creation socket is too thin and disconnects too easily, especially under high angles.
  5. @Dafgek81 Wheelloader shovel is public and ready to go. Walls are 1,4 mm thick. Front and sides are little strengthened, like in the original. @Doug72 I don't have such parts. In future i will use effermans method to thinner walls around axle hole.
  6. Dafgek, i have something for you: But it costs around 50€! Is this really worth it? From my perspective most people wouldn't buy something which costs 10 times more than LEGO counterpart!
  7. You need around 250€ for PF parts and 150€ for 42009. And you still need around 2000 to 3000 parts depending from version of chassis and superstructure. Just my quick calculation. This set is much more enjoyable than 42030 and 42043, but also harder to built. It also took much more time to finish it than regular set. I finished in 16 hours, where i only needed 8 for 42043 (i am slow builder ;) ).
  8. Weight of the hook block is 66 g. Combined with part #70644 and two 2L axles is 77 g.
  9. New parts arrived! New Heavy Hook block is ready! Compatible with Lego Technic Metal Hook or with future add-on (double hook). Can be used with any of the wheels above (my or LEGO). Substitute for LEGO part #6571. So you don't have to buy expensive and rare parts for Ingmar Spijkhoven trucks. Sprockets version 2.0 (thinned). Little too lose, but after thin clear coating they should be OK. If you have some new ideas, i am open to suggestions.
  10. I've built too GMK. I used 3 sbricks to control it: 1. Carrier movements 2. Carrier lights 3. Superstructure Carrier version is MK II (no suspension). I used my own 3D print parts instead of part #6571. It works very fine except gear for fake engine is too high. I change "24t->8t" to "20t->12t". There was so much torque that liftarm holding axle with 20t and 24t moved from side to side. Otherwise there were crunchy noises. Superstructure was built in version 3 (firgelli actuators). Although it looks fine, it movement are not. It wobbles when rotating also go up and down when moving boom. Also boom angle is not realistic enough (around 65 deg, when it should be 80 deg). Compared to designer han Dragline Excavator, which is solid as steel, it behaves like giant jelly. I will try to rebuild superstructure to something similar to version 4, but with firgelli and added stability. I will also use 6 panel boom.
  11. I finished thinning sprockets and changed axle hole dimensions to d5 mm and width of the cross around 1,9 mm. Only saved 0,50$. Do you think I should make them in pairs? Now price is around 11$ for 12T sprocket and 6,5$ for 8T sprocket.
  12. Outer diameter around the cross is 8 mm so it gives 1,55 mm minimum wall thickness around the cross. Inner edges were chamfered. But disk thickness is 3,5 mm and only in this part there is problem with axle.
  13. Those were made with diameter of 4,9 mm and width of the cross 2 mm and they are still too tight. It looks like axle is stuck where material is thicker: I wonder if making it diameter of 5 mm and cross 2,1 mm will be better?
  14. Sprockets will be available on shapeways as soon as I will workout problems with axlehole.
  15. Yes, i have. Here are sprockets: And here is 8043: There is also film made by Technicbricks: