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  1. MetalRufflez

    Review: 8065 Technic Mini Container Truck

    I really like the Small/Mid-Range sets (it's the only ones I can afford around here =P). I think they really do a great job with just a few pieces, and this model proves this point. It looks great and functional. Will get it asap Great review, as always =)
  2. MetalRufflez

    Models for 2H of 2011

    It's a wish of their founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen, he didn't want war to be seen as child's play (the only exception is the licensed sets like Star Wars and Indiana Jones)
  3. MetalRufflez

    Grohl's Creations

    I Opened my Christmas gift a little late and just built it: More Here: I couldn't get myself to peel off the stickers, so it's Big Foot with a Buggy Paint (and an 88 from the 8051 set). I didn't had some pieces, so I changed some colors. Also added a Driving Wheel (that I'm not completely satisfied with), a front grill and exchanged the driving axle for a bigger one and 2 half bushes, 'cause my 8 tooth gear kept slipping when I played with it (did this after taking the pictures)... Had great fun building this, it looks like a big brother of the 8261 Rally Truck. It's the first non-TLG set I build, and I felt great when I started having ideas to "improve" it. I thought that all my creativity was gone during the Dark Ages, but it's slowly coming back =). Thank you for this great MOC Grohl =D
  4. MetalRufflez

    Grohl's Creations

    Understood, thank you, I'll keep them sorted =)
  5. MetalRufflez

    Grohl's Creations

    Kinda OffTopic question, but Grohl, how do you store your Lego? Since you do lots of those Alternates, I guess you keep them in separated boxes. If so, doesn't that takes lots of space and doesn't it difficult the MOC creation? (unless you only buy pieces to do MOCs) I bought 3 boxes with separators like this and I'm planning to keep all my sets in them, separated by piece type. I've directed this question to Grohl 'cause he do all that crazy alternates, but if anyone else wants to answer, please do, every advice is precious =) (and it's the first time I dismantle my sets, so...)
  6. MetalRufflez

    8068-b Tow Truck

    Nice video And I though of skipping this set, but the b-model looks so cool that I think I won't resist...
  7. is buying containers

  8. MetalRufflez

    Hello from a returned LEGO fan

    Welcome back to the the world of Lego and to Eurobricks =) I'm in the same situation, returned after 12 years, bought some set (well, I went crazy and bought 11=P) and will see if I can handle some MOC creating, just don't have my own house (yet) And you won't regret buying the Sonic Boom, that set is perfect =)
  9. MetalRufflez

    Hello from Another Continent

    Thank you all for the warm welcome and happy 2011 with lots of bricks, axles and beams =)
  10. MetalRufflez

    CREATOR Review: 5892 Sonic Boom

    Bought this set cause I've wanted to try some Lego System again after so many Technic and thought it was a good deal for the number of pieces, but, damn, now I don't want to dismantle the jet. Each step and I got more and more astonished by it looks and size (the biggest set I've ever build), even my parents were though it was awesome (and the usually don't give a shit about my legos). I think I'll give the Creator sets more attention after this Awesome set, and awesome review
  11. MetalRufflez

    8x8 trial truck

    Thank you for the indication, from the looks of it ( ), just need the PF, and my differential is the new one (but it looks like it doesn't matter)... I'll cool down for a little (just bought 13 sets in a month =D), and will order them from bricklink probably... In the meantime I'll disassemble all my sets, do the B-Model of them and after that try to replicate grohl666 alternates =) DLuders sent me their site (thank you btw dude), I'll sign up right away. Thanks
  12. MetalRufflez

    8x8 trial truck

    I'm brazilian also and started buying lego sets again this year, plan to start build some MOCs soon, but don't even know where to start =(... Also, need to get a hand on some PF somehow...
  13. MetalRufflez

    1H2011 Models available at TRU Online

    I love the little ones for 2011, a pity the stores around here will only have them around June =P
  14. MetalRufflez

    8x8 trial truck

    It's nice to see a MOC with this quality coming from Brazil. Also, great Idea with the custom shock absorber
  15. MetalRufflez

    What did you buy today?

    Happy Birthday! (its my birthday too) And that Fire Station looks terrific