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  1. TCRR Constitution

    9v (Train) motor guide

    About the pf trucks. Cale Leiphart is amazing.
  2. TCRR Constitution

    What is happening to lego trains?

    For a predecessor to the emerald night, how bout the mallard? A city steam locomotive would be cool to.
  3. Their parents don't care what they do. They are brats. They keep begging me for my ho trains. They punch me when I say no.
  4. I think that is very true. My little cousins will smash just about any train I own be it ho lego or n. Rip emerald night. I lock them in a room just for trains and keep the only key on me at all times.
  5. TCRR Constitution

    What is happening to lego trains?

    I really also hope to see another creator train. Maybe another steam loco?
  6. TCRR Constitution

    Locomotives never built in lego

    I have always thought about certain trains in lego. These are some I haven't seen. images are glitchy. Cnj g3 pacific Southern 630 prr turbine feel free to comment. I would love to see others you know of.
  7. TCRR Constitution

    Need some steam locomotive tips

    Okay. think of a g3 pacific as well.
  8. TCRR Constitution

    WIP - SNCB/NMBS AM08 Desiro

    Very nice. the gap in the front could be fixed, but otherwise, amazing!
  9. Same with my family. R.I.P. Emerald Night. When family comes over I put them in boxes and lock them in my room.
  10. I have decided to do southern 630.Image result for southern 630

  11. TCRR Constitution

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    I know... But Me models straights are expensive. I have set aside funds for a steam locomotive and better track.
  12. TCRR Constitution

    About blokbricks...

    I am just curious, how long does blokbricks take to ship to the us? Are they any good? I've been thinking about the class 99.
  13. My wacky simple train has been in storage for 6 months now. Just the axles are dusty. No damage.
  14. TCRR Constitution

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    Cool. I would probably order some. I would like to see long straights as well.
  15. I like the idea, but I don't want to modify any parts.