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  1. LegoEomer

    [Brandon Stark: Part 2, Chapter 2] War and Peace

    Nice build and story. The tree is great and so are the grains.
  2. LegoEomer

    Lyrviora Bridge

    Amazing build there. I like the individual houses, and the detail in here is enough to allow me to imagine what this would be like if it were real.
  3. LegoEomer

    [COR-MCRA] Rats!

    Cool build! Like Brandon suggested, you should add more detail to the dock.
  4. LegoEomer

    [OL - FB] Quarry in Eltina

    Cool quarry! The rockwork is nice.
  5. LegoEomer

    [OL - Mar FB5] Seminaire de Breshaun

    Great building there!
  6. Cool statue there! I would suggest so more detail. Great to see our settlements grow though!
  7. LegoEomer

    [OL - Jun FB1] Treaty of Fort Philip

    Cool build and story!
  8. Nice bank! I like the colors.
  9. LegoEomer

    [OL-FB] An unexpected meeting

    Nice ships!
  10. I'm looking to rejoin Oleon after having been inactive for some time. Can someone tell me briefly of what's been going on since I last left? Also, I'm planning to build for the settlements. What settlements need properties?
  11. LegoEomer

    [OL - Mar FB1] Hotel de Ville, Dragonstone

    Nice work on the city hall! This is probably one of my favorite LDD builds.