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  1. Ouch, there's another twinge of sadness at TrU's demise. Very cute variant. Target or Walmart ought to pick these little boxed figures up.
  2. I'm gonna need a Sewer Baby® in every set. Every set. Not so hot on what I can see of MetalBeard, but it looks like there are going to be some great minifigures.
  3. K_Tiger

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Pretty weak they didn't use Umbridge's original hair piece. Boggart Snape is a pretty nice inclusion, though.
  4. Yeah, Indian attire would make for a great minifigure.
  5. Something less.....red. The S.8 Actor has some pretty fine detail work in the printing, so the hypothetical bodice could be equally detailed, and a new hair piece would be nice. I'm not saying CMF Queen is a bad start, I suppose all it would really take was the addition of the ruff piece. I agree. There's still a lot of places to go with the CMF line, but, just like everywhere else, licensed themes are horning in on the action.
  6. Hell, I'm not picky. Practically every corner of the planet has had some visually interesting cosume at some point in history. I guess I'd like something out of Eastern Europe, and if LEGO wants to hit us with a rehash of the Pretzel Girl in blue and white, with the hair piece in a new color I'm down. A female minifigure from the Baroque era to go with Shakespeare, as well as the Actor and Conquistador from S.8 would be swell. That could really be a fun series depending on execution. A nightmare for us bag-feelers, though.
  7. Shut up and take my money. It could be the LEGO minifigures version of Disney's "it's a small world".
  8. Or it would actually justify the price of an advent calender, for once. I am up for anything, really. A traditional depiction of Sinterklaas would be nice, and we are long overdue for a snowman minifigure. I'd echo the call for a Krampus, too. This, too.
  9. I'd probably buy at least some (or all) of a Christmas themed wave, but would prefer LEGO to just do a figure-heavy advent calender.
  10. I definitely have the feeling that LEGO has designs on multiple Harry Potter CMF waves.
  11. Harry Potter has enough characters and variations that you could do a couple of CMF lines. If LEGO is so set on doing licensed CMFs then perhaps they need to add a fourth CMF slot to the year, so those that aren't into licensed themes don't have to go a year between sets.
  12. These new expressions are great. Finished off my set today, these were worth the wait. However, I am pretty bummed that we're looking at year before another regular set.
  13. Yeah, I was gonna do the Dragon Suit once I got my paws on him. That stump monster (or does he count as treefolk?) is great. Gonna have to BL some parts for that, methinks.
  14. It was kind of temperamental, but I did manage it.
  15. Brickseek said one of the local Wally Worlds had 'em, and so they did. They had a case up on a shelf, and not loose figures in a bin. I can confirm the location data on the Classic Police Officer is correct. Time only allowed me to grab a handful of figures, so I'll probably end up going back. You knew this was coming: