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  1. I think Lego-Freak nailed it. It's a (VERY toned-down) Carnival dancer.
  2. K_Tiger

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    Truly a superb group of designs.
  3. K_Tiger

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    Those cookies are especially nice.
  4. K_Tiger

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    Metaluna mutant!
  5. $5 CMFs in boxes, so I can't avoid tired-butt City minifigure archetypes? Assuming they aren't doing a new mold with every figure, and they haven't hired Robert8 to head the CMF design team, I'm gonna have to give this line a hard pass.
  6. K_Tiger

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    Yup. Still, a great design.
  7. K_Tiger

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    That Lil' Frankenstein's Monster is CUTE.
  8. No one can say for certain, but it stands to reason that they probably do intend to do a full sentai eventually. I was 11 or so when MMPR started, but wasn't particularly enamored with it. Still ended up with LEGO red ranger, though.
  9. K_Tiger

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    Enlighten did one a few years back. With Monkie Kid, Sun Wukong in the CMF line and other Chinese-targeted sets I'd be a little surprised if LEGO didn't do one eventually. [/img]
  10. K_Tiger

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    QFT, especially given the price increase. These are all great so far, Robert8. Makes me sad we're not likely to get another Halloween themed CMF series.
  11. Robert8 has proven that there is plenty of ideas left to explore. I've certainly reached mine. $5 is pretty absurd.
  12. M:tG boosters have been a known racket, practically since the beginning.
  13. They ought to just number them like Fisher-Price does (did?) for their Imaginext blind bags, Hasbro does for the Transformers Botbots singles, and Mega does for any number of their "blind" products. I kind of like the test of tactile acuity, but there I just want to grab the one figure I'm looking for and just go.
  14. One of the Neighborhood Market locations has them for that. If I wanted to drive a quite spell, there's a Walmart selling them for $1, if Brickseek is to be believed (less and less, these days).
  15. Thanks, I found him once I got to a store that had a good supply. I disagree that you can't tell he and the athlete apart by the spears alone, but it's always better to get a confirmation through the use of other parts. Speaking of parts, I was surprised to find the Viking came with a spare beard piece.