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  1. I don't think that's a coincidence, either.
  2. Well, we know they exist in physical form. A polybag (best be a mass-market one, none of this "free with a billion dollar purchase from LEGO" tripe) is a likely candidate, but I'm still of the opinion that one or more of them is going to be in the CMF series, as an accessory to an actual figure. Most likely one that will be contextually appropriate after we see the film. Misc. items in an battle/accessory pack is a possibility.
  3. What appears to be a leak of 70840 is out, and it is the Statue of Liberty (Welcome to Apocalypseburg). SS Harley is in it, as is Surfer Dude, Bad Cop and "Where are my Pants?" Guy.
  4. Yes, 20. Won't lie, buying it for the star, Emmett's alternate face and those dark orange pieces. The sand green stuff is just a bonus.
  5. Past due, in my opinion. I suspect it will be a post-Christmas bit of news, maybe the first week of January. I hope it's a good series.
  6. Nice seeing the new scarf piece in another color. Over/under on that Emmett hat/hair combo actually becoming a real LEGO piece? Oh, and that ugly Christmas sweater Batman better be in the CMF series.
  7. Could be. Not seeing any freckles, but then image quality is trash.
  8. The Fantastic Beasts stuff has scratched that itch a little. but I'm always down for period prints and hair pieces. I didn't manage to find them.
  9. I wonder if LEGO has updated the site? I had to kind of suss out the boat build from the pic on the bag. I need to grab another so I can do minifigure version of MetalBeard.
  10. Yeah, the Rocketeer coat was a one-off. I think the later characters were inspired by that look, which itself was inspired by actual 1920s and '30s coats.To bring this around back to LEGO, I want a leather bib coat print on a minifigure, and I don't much care which theme it's from. I've got planes in need of smartly-dressed pilots!
  11. It's kind of a combination of a western bib shirt and an early motorcyclist jacket, like obsidianheart mentioned. It's a pretty smart look.
  12. Superman meets the Rocketeer? Jodhpurs and double-breasted coats make everything cooler.
  13. I'm always for sets arriving sooner rather than later.
  14. Saw them in-store today. The MetalBeard poly as well.
  15. The spring print on that Jack-in-the-box is a great detail.