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  1. M:tG boosters have been a known racket, practically since the beginning.
  2. They ought to just number them like Fisher-Price does (did?) for their Imaginext blind bags, Hasbro does for the Transformers Botbots singles, and Mega does for any number of their "blind" products. I kind of like the test of tactile acuity, but there I just want to grab the one figure I'm looking for and just go.
  3. One of the Neighborhood Market locations has them for that. If I wanted to drive a quite spell, there's a Walmart selling them for $1, if Brickseek is to be believed (less and less, these days).
  4. Thanks, I found him once I got to a store that had a good supply. I disagree that you can't tell he and the athlete apart by the spears alone, but it's always better to get a confirmation through the use of other parts. Speaking of parts, I was surprised to find the Viking came with a spare beard piece.
  5. K_Tiger

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    The rendered shark *looks* sand blue, but I'm not certain of it. Yeah, the conjunctivitis around the eye printing is a let-down, especially after they went and gave us a tan crocodillian. The whole wave looks phoned-in.
  6. K_Tiger

    [Custom CMF] Jungle Adventures

    Likewise, though the bush pilot makes me realize how badly we need a scarf piece in white and a crusher cap piece. Good work, Aurore!
  7. K_Tiger

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    It looks like the Chihuahua mold is back in one of the Hidden Side sets. Pic quality is bad, but it looks like it's in reddish brown.
  8. The Viking has thus-far eluded me. Target had most of their stock up by the staffed cashiers, and I turned up no Vikings in the partial case I found at another Walmart. They've got an inner bag, right? I was surprised to find the athlete is bagged.
  9. K_Tiger

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    That's a bit of unexpected parts reuse.
  10. K_Tiger

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    A couple of interesting hair pieces, and I might hunt down a Princess Iron Fan, but otherwise nothing I'm too interested in.
  11. K_Tiger

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    I'm curious as to what state B&P is going to be in once the sets release. Might luck up and find it for <$15USD on Bricklink, much like the zombie sharks when they came out.
  12. Grabbed the last half-dozen that Walmart had, and was fortunate to get no doubles.
  13. My local store doesn't have any CMFs out currently. In the next town over, the one with S.20 and Disney S.2 also had a fair bit of S.19 and DC S.2. I haven't been to that town's second Walmart, but I imagine it's similarly stocked. A lot of Disney S.2 showed up around Christmas for whatever reason.
  14. Saw a picked-over case at one of the area Walmarts yesterday. I've got my eye on other stuff, but the temptation was real. Good ol' Walmart price of $3.44. They also dumped a TON of Disney S.2 in those cardboard displays of various toys they've got out on display currently.