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  1. CopMike

    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    Thanks! Actually 29 studs but who’s counting ? And thanks again Davide & Phil for the input. Due to the design of the windows even using cheaper 1x8 rail plates would look a bit strange compared to the close shave approach that I went for! I also got a good suggestion about using part 4175 plate modified 1x2 with ladder or 2412 tile modified 1x2 grille.
  2. CopMike

    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    Hi Davide! Well it would be doable and not as expensive as rail plates! But the effekt I would have liked is the offset structure of the surface, like with a rail plate or jumper plate. Your fine example gives a good view of each element that could possible be seen as structure but it wouldn’t differ much from the smoother parts of the side both in the front & back. But thanks for the idea!
  3. CopMike

    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    Yes, I considered that. Sadly there is no grilled brick in orange. Other choices were like the picture below. My choice would have been the modified Plate with rail but it’s to rare. Doing with jumper plates is one option but that didin’t look good and there where stability issues. The snotted tiles were easier and could have covered some of the windows but in the end I went for smooth at this time. If the modified Plate with rail makes a comeback that’s a thing I will try.
  4. CopMike

    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    Here you go: Middle track section three out of five. The two golden spikes represent where the tracks laid out from the west and East met ! Size comparison shot:
  5. CopMike

    MOC Öresundståget inspired version of 60051

    That´s a nice little train - well done!
  6. CopMike

    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    Thanks! The track is actually already built, just for display purpose though. I´ll take a picture tomorrow and post it!
  7. CopMike

    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    The front before stickers will be applied.
  8. Hi there! For a train competition on Swebrick, to be held and judged next weekend at our annual event which we now had to cancel due to the Corona virus, I wanted to build something. When the rules said that the scale was free I started to think about what train wheel from Lego could be the biggest. There really wasn´t any larger than for the usual sets & scale. So I then thought which other big wheel could be used - I found part 88517 Wheel 75mm D. x 17mm Motorcycle with part 88516 Tire 94.2mm D. x 22mm Motorcycle Racing Tread. That set that scale ! My choice of train was the SJ Class Rc electric locomotive - Rc electric locomotive. I choose the very first one in the series of 366 made for Sweden - number 1007. It´s now restored and can be seen in the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle. I´m not quite finished yet but here´s some pictures:
  9. I thought it would be time to make a Moc that sums up episode 1-9 in some way. It turned out to be a tv-wall with all the posters, and one side bookshelf each for the good & the dark side. And then a throne to sit in and watch the movies!
  10. CopMike

    EB Xmas Build 2019

    Cool builds everyone, and thanks for posting even if there were no behemoth raffle this year! Merry Xmas to all of you!
  11. Parts should be ok now - I will hopefully get hold of them next weekend! I´ll be back!
  12. Not forgotten but with some developments with the personal in Community Support the parts must be sourced elsewhere - I´m on it!
  13. Well done Holodoc ! And great to see the sneaky sith back in action!
  14. CopMike

    EB Xmas Build 2019

    Great start! Yeah, you need to get the yellow out of the white!
  15. CopMike

    EB Xmas Build 2019

    EB Xmas Raffle Build 2019! It's soon that time again, when somebody sneaks into your home down the chimney and leaves a lot of presents under the tree! This year sadly, you have to rely on Santa only! Due to some issues the isn´t a prize pool availiable but ............. This year we invite all of you to build anyway, out of the pure joy of building and not for the chance to win free stuff! The manatees also gets to rest and just enjoy this Xmas instead of swimming around the whole world ! This year the MOC theme is snow, ice or any form of frozen water you think is right to get the Xmas spirit up! Build any way you like and take a pic/screen shot and post it! Read the rules & post your MOC in this thread! The only rules are: This is a fun thing, so have FUN! The MOC needs to have at least two (2) original Lego pieces in it, NO clone ones. You can build either with real parts or use LDD, MLCad etc. The MOC needs to be new - no recycling here please - just fresh stuff. The MOC must be posted in this thread before 9 pm GMT, by the 26th of December, 2019. Your MOC must be one image (and only one image) and be no larger than 1000x800 pixels. One MOC per person. All members including the Staff can join! Did I mention that you need to have fun? I hope there will be lots of great MOCs anyway and that you enjoy yourself - both in building and seeing all the others creations! Xmas Spirit ON!