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  1. CopMike

    Avatars etc

  2. Mike are you still in to LEGO ?

  3. CopMike

    [MOC] BrickHeadz Shrek

    Here´s my BH of Shrek, hope you like it !
  4. CopMike

    [MOC/MOD] Winter Village Santamobile

    Well, that is the design of the Comic Con Batmobile and I wanted to stay with that look. But you´re right of course that one could smooth it out quite a bit!
  5. Our superheroes Santa & Elf can now ride between their challenges in the Santamobile ! It´s heavily based on the Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile, BL comcon037-1. I hope you like it!
  6. CopMike

    [MOD] The Child get airsick

    Hi! In season 2 ep 4 The Mandalorian doesn´t really fly his ship straight all the time. The Child who has been eating cookies has an accident ! This is my small MOD of set 75318 - the episode pic: My MOD:
  7. Just a couple of days left, it´s dramatic !
  8. Finally built this with effermans MOD 42111 Dom's Charger how it should be! Great MOD - good work! Here´s two pictures with Homemaker Dom proudly at his ride :
  9. CopMike

    [MOC] Final scene

    Really good build, love the focus/out of focus setup!
  10. CopMike

    [MOC] My train stuff

    Nice use of the bucket handle ! I like the Minifigure, Footgear Ice Skate part# 93555 also in a technic brick!
  11. CopMike

    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    Slow building but I´ve started on the couplings while I wait for more Hose, Rigid 3mm D for the pantographs.
  12. CopMike

    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    Thanks! Actually 29 studs but who’s counting ? And thanks again Davide & Phil for the input. Due to the design of the windows even using cheaper 1x8 rail plates would look a bit strange compared to the close shave approach that I went for! I also got a good suggestion about using part 4175 plate modified 1x2 with ladder or 2412 tile modified 1x2 grille.
  13. CopMike

    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    Hi Davide! Well it would be doable and not as expensive as rail plates! But the effekt I would have liked is the offset structure of the surface, like with a rail plate or jumper plate. Your fine example gives a good view of each element that could possible be seen as structure but it wouldn’t differ much from the smoother parts of the side both in the front & back. But thanks for the idea!
  14. CopMike

    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    Yes, I considered that. Sadly there is no grilled brick in orange. Other choices were like the picture below. My choice would have been the modified Plate with rail but it’s to rare. Doing with jumper plates is one option but that didin’t look good and there where stability issues. The snotted tiles were easier and could have covered some of the windows but in the end I went for smooth at this time. If the modified Plate with rail makes a comeback that’s a thing I will try.