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  1. First layout - advice!

    Murdoch17 - thanks for the advice - because I am new to this forum I couldn't seem to work out how to host the photos somewhere else but still show them on here. Regarding only needing one offshoot, for the moment yes that is all I need but I do hope to get a few more trains... :) That's why I thought maybe the passing loop in that gap on the right hand side might be ok. I really want to incorporate my old school dock in the layout somewhere. Did you notice the old house from 1983 ? :)
  2. First layout - advice!

    Hi all - just have got back into Lego trains since being a kid and am setting up a layout on a table tennis table. Have the old load and haul train (converted to PF) and the new cargo train 60052. I also have a horizon express which I am yet to build. Just looking for some advice on how best add some storage for trains that are not in use. I have sketched something on the attached photo and am looking for thoughts? Basic theory is to have two loops going, one for freight and one passenger with the ability to swap from one loop to the other. I also have a dock area and crane area but am contemplating putting them in the same spot? If I go with the passing loop option instead of the rail offshoots, it would probably give me the room to have a "water" area for the dock. Hope I havent rambled on too much - just new to the forum and everyone on here is really helpful.
  3. My new 8x4 foot layout

    You have managed to put in quite a few features for the space you have. I am currently setting up a ping pong table size layout with two outer rings and city in the middle. Silly question from someone that is just getting back into lego trains: The lego switches, was there two types released??? My Lego switches are the latest ones where by the switch out part of the track curves back. The switches you have used don't seem to do that. The reason I say this is that when I put switches back to back, there is a greater waste of space between the two tracks. I hope what I am trying to explain makes sense....
  4. Thanks xboxtravis7992 - I guess if you need to reverse back out anyway you probably dont even need a loop, just a spur off where you go perhaps unload cargo and then reverse back out to get onto the main line / main loops
  5. Hi Guys, still new to the forum and just recently got back into lego and am in the middle of getting my own first layout together on a ping pong table.....Also keen to have two trains running at one. Have the latest cargo train and also got my hands on a horizon express (purchased the PFs from Lego). Just one question regarding the very top first layout, am I missing something or with that layout when you go into the reversing loop and then back out, you can never get back in there, if you can understand what I am trying to say? There needs to be a change of direction somewhere else in the layout to be able to allow the train to go back in the direction of entering the loop? Apologies in advance if I have said something stupid...
  6. Help! Cant decide on which current lego train to purchase.

    I have just recently got back into lego trains and it's 60052 for the win! the High Speed Passenger Train really seemed poor, so much so that I searched online for a Horizon Express and bought that instead to go along with my freight train.
  7. Sounds good @RailCo. Finally got round to building my 1980 set 7710 last night. Found out that I am missing a few pieces, most notably the wheels off the passenger wagons!! To be honest I was a little surprised that more pieces weren't missing. Hopefully over the weekend I will be making some of the very old school cars that I have namely the two ambulance type vehicles.
  8. Hi Rail Co - must not have notifications set to on as I just saw your posts here by luck. I will do some more posting in forums to get off the new status. In the interim the sorts of sets I have are as per the below. Note that I am in the process of rebuilding these sets so it might end up being that some are missing parts etc. 7710 old passenger train push 6629 old ambulance car 6628 shell old tow truck 6534 buggy and windsurfer 6374 holiday home 6655 old car and wheel balance jack 6657 fire helicopter 6688 ambulance 6368 passenger plane 6658 older front end loader 6613 telephone booth 6381 race track and cars 6507 mini dumper 6671 electrical truck and trailer 1632 speed boat 1630 mini copter 6541 sea port 4563 old cargo train 1610 little police car 4515 9v straight rails 6353 coast guard 4546 truck on rail tracks 1463 treasure cart 6594 Gas transit (fuel tanker) 6533 police 4wd 1461 racing car 6668 garbage container truck 6397 service station 6662 backhoe 6345 Air show 6670 tow truck Apologies for the format of above post - I have it in an excel sheet and it is not liking the formatting....
  9. Hi Rail Co, I am new to this forum and have just gotten back into Lego, in particular trains. As part of this, I managed to track down all my Lego sets from when I was a child that my parents had still stored nicely for me. A tear almost came to my eye as I saw all the sets that I had and the fun times I had. As part of this is a real old train set (push type) with tracks etc. I had many city sets ranging from 1981 through to about 1993. I also have a decent amount of 9v track from a cargo train that I have (but want to keep the train and see if I can convert to power functions). You can PM me if you want and I can send you a list of the set numbers I have.