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  1. HeLena

    [MOC]: Exam

  2. HeLena

    [MOC]: Exam

    Hello everybody! This's my latest MOC, hope you'll like it. Let's go! It's the 27th of December. The minifigure represented in the MOC is a student of a medical college. He's going to have an exam on the 28th of December, so he's working hard now to do his best at it: But his appearance is... AWFUL! He's so sleepy and tired! He's about to fall asleep... And he did it!: The end. And the bonus! :): Thank you very much for visiting this topic! Have a nice day!
  3. HeLena

    MOC: Moto Freestyle

    Thank you all very much for good comments!
  4. HeLena

    MOC: Moto Freestyle

    He-he, this information is highly confidential :)
  5. HeLena

    MOC: Moto Freestyle

    Hello everybody! This MOC's dedicated to a moto freestyle show. I was inspired by a show Adrenaline FMX Rush in Moscow, so I decided to do this MOC. Let's go! Thanks for wasting you time on watching my MOC! See you!
  6. HeLena

    MOC: Very small LEGO clothes shop

    ryanfitton, thanks for submitting such a good idea for my town! Nice shop, I like it very much.
  7. HeLena

    MOC: Hunting

    Cute and well-detailed vig, Diidy!
  8. HeLena

    MOC - John Deere Dealership

    Lt, what is "John Deere Dealership", what is sold there?
  9. HeLena

    [MOC] Starbucks Kiosk

  10. HeLena

    [MOC] Starbucks Kiosk

    Thanks for good comments. Canon EOS 500D kit.
  11. HeLena

    [MOC] Starbucks Kiosk

    Thank you for replying!
  12. HeLena

    [MOC] Starbucks Kiosk

    [MOC] Starbucks Kiosk You know, I've recently bought a new reflex photocamera and I didn't have enough time to study it, so some of my photos are not good, I'm sorry for that! I'm also sorry for my terminology, I've never heard or talked about it. Ok, let's begin! The kiosk: A saleswoman of coffee: The Starbucks logo: A special car for delivering coffee: And now let's take a look of the kiosk from inside: A sack with coffee beans: Paper cups typical for coffee cafes: Pies: A fire extinguisher: Oh, it's a customer! The Starbucks kiosk suits my town perfectly! Good bye!
  13. HeLena

    MOC - Workshop Supply & Engineering building

    Lt, where do you take these wonderful ideas and parts for embodying them from?! I don't have any words to explain my thoughts about your MOCs! They're so interesting! Especially I like your small tools! By the way, how can I see the whole city of yours? I suppose it's very and very interesting!
  14. HeLena

    [Vig] Artist's Room

    You know, ideas often burst on me suddenly, for example when I'm walking along the street, or reading a book. I'm very happy that I can inspire someone Leg Godt Gud, thanks
  15. HeLena

    [Vig] Artist's Room

    Thanks for good comments! SilvaShado, I personally like making only vigs, I don't know why. Maybe because I don't have many parts...