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  1. nicoga3000

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Anyone who collects mostly/exclusively Technic have any pics of their sorting and storage? I have a room in our house that I dedicate to my toys and games, so I'm trying to get ideas on how to arrange and setup the space.
  2. nicoga3000

    Technic Pub

    @Bublehead Yeah, I took what you and aminnich said to heart. I wanted a nice starting base. I know I'll grab the 911 soon, and the Chiron eventually, but I have time on both of those sets. I'm excited to dive in!
  3. nicoga3000

    Technic Pub

    Thank you guys for the suggestions! I just broke my wallet and grabbed: 42055, 42054, 42030, and 42043 Thankfully I don't care about boxes, as I saved a good chunk on BWE from a seller on Bricklink. I'll grab the 911 in a while. That set shouldn't be expiring anytime soon, right?
  4. nicoga3000

    Technic Pub

    Thanks for the ideas. Some of those look to be out of production, though. Is that the case? Best places to find them??
  5. nicoga3000

    Technic Pub

    If I'm being honest, I'm a fan of all of it (in theory). I'm not super picky. I kind of got rid of most of my sets (except my Disney Castle) over the past few years because of reasons. I also collect nanoblocks (those Japanese mini building blocks) and have for 5+ years...Those satisfy my more traditional building urges. But I'm an engineer and am drawn to things that move and "function". If that makes sense?
  6. nicoga3000

    Technic Pub

    I think I can ask this here... I want to get into Technic but don't know where to start. Any suggestions on "must buy" sets with the current rotation for whatever reason? Either about to retire, has awesome elements, etc.?
  7. nicoga3000

    Which set should I buy?

    So I'm trying to pick up sets that I've missed out on before they disappear. I've done a pretty good job damaging my wallet and cleaning up most of the older stuff, but I've got a few decisions to make regarding sets close to going OOP and new sets coming out. Slave I Simpsons House Brick Bank Parisian Restaurant Detective's Office Brick Bank Cinema Mini Cooper Shield Helicarrier Ghostbusters HQ I'm trying to purchase those in the order which they are most likely to go OOP. I need to grab the Disney Castle when it comes out, but not immediately as it should be around for a while. Same can be said for Big Ben (I grabbed Opera House and Tower Bridge instead because Big Ben should have at least a year). Any thoughts on the optimal purchase order of the above stuff?
  8. nicoga3000

    Technic sets for sale

    Bumping this up letting folks know that it's still available.
  9. nicoga3000

    Technic sets for sale

    Sorry, too low. Thanks for the offer though.
  10. nicoga3000

    Technic sets for sale

    Bump for another price drop on individual items!
  11. nicoga3000

    Technic sets for sale

    Bumping for price update. $550 shipped on all of this. :)
  12. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. Unimog - no box, almost fully assembled (stickers on some pieces, didn't apply any that went over 2+ pieces). Asking $275 42009 Crane - stickers applied, fully assembled, box available (will be flattened for shipment, possibly have to bend). Asking $170 4x4 Crawler - no stickers applied, not assembled, box available (will be flattened for shipment, possibly have to bend). Asking $140 Construction Crew - have the box (will be flattened for shipment, possibly have to bend). Asking $50 Or take them all for $525+shipping. Again, boxes will be flattened and probably bent as to fit in a shipping box. You can pick up locally if you're anywhere near 46123 zip (that's close to me). PM me for questions. Unimog Crane Crawler
  13. nicoga3000

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    OK, managed to grab a 9398, 42009, and a Unimog recently (found a good price on a new with no box). What sets would you guys suggest I grab before they go away? I'm going to pass on an Excavator because of how expensive it is. I've been looking at 42000 Racer and 42008 Service Truck. I missed out on the old Supercar, so I'm looking to build up a collection of parts to do car MOCs.
  14. Some really fun creations here! I wish I could vote for all of them, but since I can't... 9: 2 13: 2 22: 2 25: 2 29: 2 31: 2 46: 2 51: 2 54: 2 56: 2
  15. nicoga3000

    42030 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

    I'm not totally blown away by this set. I like that it includes the PF it does, but it's not as neat looking as previous flagships (I'm looking at you 8043). I think I'll wait for Christmas or something so I can give my wife an idea of what to buy me, haha.