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  1. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* Quite a few of the Black Sun members already worked on Bonadan as guards and slavers in the mines. After hearing that the Empire has come to the planet and tried to take hold of the important mining facilities, it was time to send a small hit group and make some damage ...
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    Faction: Black Sun

    Faction: Black Sun Faction Leader: MstrOfPppts Headquarters: Nar Shaddaa Planets: Coruscant, Darkknell, Ord Mantell, Nar Shaddaa More than a year has passed since the destruction of the Falleen's Fist and death of prince Xizor. Though the blow was devastating the organisation did not fall apart just yet. Thanks to prince Xizor's niece Savan the Black Sun underwent some drastic changes. All nine Vigos were replaced by trusted individuals hand picked by Savan herself. The battle of Jakku is now over and resources of the Empire are almost depleted. The new Republic is also trying to lick the wounds and it is now time to start connecting smaller criminal organisations under one big faction and gain former glory. Black Sun will rise once more! Savan with her personal body guards - members of Red Gauntlet. If you are not much for the politics and the false order each side of the conflict was promising or just prefer to walk on the razor's edge for the profit the Black Sun is what you are looking for. Smugglers, spies, bounty hunters and all alike are welcome to join our mission to become the strongest faction in the galaxy. Help us destroy the Hutt Cartel, command a subsidiary clan or climb the ranks all the way to become one of the nine Vigos who are overseeing our operations in each of the nine sectors. The current nine Vigos of the Black Sun from left to right: Deep Core - Empress Teta: Nesa Daar Core - Coruscant: Andrew Leacor Colonies - Fondor: Vuddo Sheemee Inner Rim - Manaan: Mirsara Sinlem Expansion Region - Corsin: Antjos Waltho Mid Rim - Ord Mantell: Gra Viek Outer Rim - Darkknell: Neldepir Hutt Space - Nar Shaddaa: Honul Fusado Unknown Regions - Cioral: Zivesias Although Savan's main quarters are still located on Coruscant, Black Sun has gained quite some enemies after prince Xizor's defeat. There was a need of another location crowded enough to get all the resources and supplies needed and to be able to lay low and run the operations under the radars of our enemies. Nar Shaddaa seemed to fit perfectly. There seem to be a lot of holocron findings reported lately and it would be a shame not to gain some of the valuable information for ourselves. Not to mention the price these things reach on the black market! Once we gain more control over the systems around Coruscant, access to a lot more planets will be granted and our search will become much easier. "The ignorant even call it the most powerful force in the known universe." - Darth Sidious about the Black Sun Join the Black Sun and let's make all the rest think the same!
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    Faction: Black Sun

    Hi, feel free to PM me if you'd like to join the game.
  4. 1: 10 9: 6 3: 4 8: 3 19: 2 22: 1
  5. Yeah, my mistake, the other option is for the baby bed where I don't think I'll fit. So bed linen and towels for me too. More space for beer then :D
  6. @Holodoc since I know it's an option, I'll just take the bed linen and will bring my own towel (don't need much space for plastic this time) (:
  7. Definitely interested!
  8. Pillows and duvets are in the houses Linen + 2 towels = additional 13€ per person and linen only is 6€. I guess I'll bring my own towels then ... There seems to be no breakfast option, but the kitchen area is spacey enough to bring your own food (no breakfast in Legoland Village either) The houses have saunas, and the Aquadome entry is included. As for the meeting room there seems to be no option at least I don't see any bigger houses on the maps (the one in the Legoland Village is meant for the campers ...) I also don't know if Lalandia has anything like a meeting room, maybe it's worth asking? But I guess it all closes at 22 anyway. Maybe June would be good enough to hang out on the terrace outside the house? What is the weather forecast like? :)
  9. I can be a chalet responsible and am also rooting for the Lalandia cabins. The one for 8 people is around 186€ per person and looks a lot more comfortable with a decent room distribution for mixed groups:
  10. Treating all LUGs the same seems to be the biggest bullshit (I'm so glad I can write this :D) excuse for saving some pennies for the money grabbers. And as a matter of fact the support is not the same for everyone and it will never be! Sorry Rolli, I know you're a good guy, but you're being a bit biased here ... I guess at least we'll have some good discussions going on this year, I guess therefor we don't need a lot of extra program :D
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    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Hey @Darnok, I do admit I was quite inactive lately. I had a huge build to finish for the Bricking Bavaria exhibition and also RL was not that friendly to my hobby. But I do still have plans with the Black Sun and to do some more builds in SW universe and you're most welcome to join the BS if it suits your building and / or story telling desires. As for the other members, I can't help if there's players signing up just for the sake of being part of a faction and then not contributing to this game in any way. Sadly there's far too few people here, even less are active, to run this game faster and make it more interesting (in my opinion). There is no point in this being played by the faction leaders by themselves. But it's you players who can help in changing that!
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    Landspeeder Contest Voting Thread

    Cat A) 1 vote for #3 and #11 Cat B) 1 vote for #3 and #4 Cat C) 1 vote for #4 and #5
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    Ninjago Legacy Contest - Voting

    1 - 1 point 4 - 1 point 13 - 1 point
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    Ninjago Polybag Contest - Voting

    3 - 1 point 8 - 1 point 10 - 1 point
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    [CONTEST] BSBA - Voting thread

    A: 3-8-11 B: 1-2-8
  16. Ljubljana, Slovenia "White Ljubljana" (by MstrOfPppts) And here's my entry: And the description of the buildings ...
  17. The folder is not yet public ... who uses brickshelf in the 21st. century?!
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    Event countdown 2019

    @Skalldyr but you don't need the four minifigures, right? I can sense some mutual interests here ;)
  19. MstrOfPppts

    Event countdown 2019

    Looking back at 2018, what a disappointing year :) Well I must admit that I'm no fan of Display models like the Hulkbuster is meant to be. The Cloud City is a meh set with great minifigures and the Ninjago City was far superior to the City Docks. We had some interesting sets from Jurassic World and the Black Panther, but none of those really stand out that much. I would agree that the Great Hall was among the best sets of 2018 but I also have to mention another set. Although I am no fan of Technic, don't own the set and never will, but am a big fan of the shape of this car and surprised how TLG captured it so precisely! Of course I'm talking about the Chiron set! See you all tomorrow!!! I predict that @Holodoc will choose the Ford Mustang as the set of the year 0 days from the event :D P.S.: Who won?
  20. Mix it all into one bag, noone will go check and do the sorting at home ...
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    Event countdown 2019

    5 days to the event 5 years ago we had 2014! Choose the best set, what a hard decision I thought, until I realised that 2014 was the year of the LEGO movie. At that ocasion LEGO produced for my taste the best set ever. Which means it also is the best set of that year - logicaly. The set is ... drumroll ... eh, you've probably seen the image before reading this crap anyway. So yeah, it's set number 70810 - Metalbeard's Sea Cow. It's a little silly, funky and crazy and only because it includes the awesome doubledecker couch, but the ship is a masterpiece and an eye candy to look at. Just what LEGO is all about. Greetings from an event in Zagreb, I'm on my mobile and skipping lunch for this post. Can a mod please edit it and remove the quote and the spoiler. Stupid mobiles ... runners up maybe in the evening and sorry for beeing late :)
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    Event countdown 2019

    Ahh yes ... right after the year of Pirates of the Caribbean ended, there comes a whole line of Lord of the Rings and Hobbit sets ... and we got some dinosaurs and a police station with a bear! And I thought I spent a lot the previous year :D Here are some more great sets: