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  1. I've only been collecting for a few months, so I'm not really setting any budget limits, but I am pretty frugal when it comes to buying sets. The bigger modular sets, ghostbusters HQ, technic etc, I wait until a double points event. The smaller city sets like vehicles, city sets I wait until they are on sale. My biggest issue is trying to get the older retired modular sets. $300 for a retired set like the GE is about my upper limit. I can afford more, but that's pretty much where I draw the line considering I could be spending that money on multiple current sets.
  2. curiusgeorge

    MOC Modular Construction Site

    supported! The level of detail is amazing! I hope this set makes it through, I'd really like to add it to my modular layout
  3. curiusgeorge

    2016 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Crap. Lego really knows how to make me spend all my money. I was planning on just getting the Mustang, since I own a 2013 Mustang, but the sets look so nice, it looks like I'll grab them all, even the Camaro one.
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    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The benefit would be I'd be paying retail instead or 2 times retail or more. :) I'd buy a CC if they re-released it, but there's no way I'd pay the current market price of a CC as it stands now. Town Hall, Fire Brigade and Grand Emporium are borderline for me at current market prices, I'll probably bricklink them instead and make adjustments where needed to save cost. Gotta draw the line somewhere I guess.
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    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I just started collecting Lego about 2 months ago after seeing the Architecture line and buying a few of that series. While the Architecture series were pretty neat to display, the builds were pretty boring, and I wasn't satisfied with the piece count versus price, so I switched to the modular lineup. So far I've picked up the pet shop, palace theater, and parisian restaraunt. I'm waiting for another double points to pickup DO, Brick Bank, the Ghostbusters stationhouse, and a ferris wheel. While I would purchase CC if Lego re-released it, I would rather they re-release the Town Hall or Fire Brigade. IMHO, those 2 sets are more important to a town layout than the CC. Eventually, I will Bricklink all the sets I missed, but after building the Brick Bounty pirate set, I now have to have all the retired ships like the Black Pearl, Queen Anne's Revenge, etc. Who needs a retirement fund right?
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    Swing Ride

    Really nice build, and the layout is amazing. Any chance we can get more pics of the rides and the layout? I really like the hot dog truck too!
  7. curiusgeorge

    [MOC] Her Majesty's Theatre, London

    First post, absolutely stunning!