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  1. Hello. I've made a roman legionnaire decal as part of my vector design software practicing. And I'm going to make more decals based on ancient theme in my spare time. Roman Legionnaire Flesh Yellow (Red torso, Reddish Brown belt, Tan or Yellow legs)
  2. NickAb

    LDD Saving Issue

    I'm experiencing same problem. I have tried to reinstall LDD, but no help. Old files still can be opened, modified and saved without crashes (or very rare crashes). But no new file can be saved, even if it is only 2x4 brick, constant crashing on save.
  3. Hello all, I've decided to gather a list of open source project by and for LEGO community. I hope that this will help to highlight open source projects and bring new contributors to further improve those projects. The most current list of projects with descriptions and links can be found at github. I'll also be maintaining the list here in the topic (but these update will be delayed as I need to convert markdown to the format that is understandable by the forum). I've decided to not venture into the world of open source projects for NXT at the moment, as there are overwhelming number of them. Contributions to the list are always welcomed. See Index below (post #3)
  4. LEGO community open source projects List of open source projects for and by the awesome LEGO community Parts libraries CADs CAD tools LDD tools LDraw tools LDraw and LDD tools [*]Miscellaneous Tools [*]Mosaics [*]Decal designs Parts libraries LDraw is an open standard for LEGO CAD programs that allow the user to create virtual LEGO models and scenes. CADs BlueBrick is software for designing LEGO exhibitions layouts (e.g. trains layouts). Supports LDraw and Track Designer file formats. Windows Bricksmith is an LDraw CAD program for creating virtual LEGO models. OS X Konstruktor is an LDraw CAD program for creating virtual LEGO models. Windows, Linux, and OS X LeoCAD is an LDraw CAD program for creating virtual LEGO models. Windows, Linux, and OS X CAD tools LDD tools LDD to Ai Swatches contains Adobe Illustrator swatch file with LEGO colors and a python script that converts Materials.xml form LEGODigital Designer into Adobe Illustrator swatchs file (.ase). LDraw tools LD Pattern Creator is a vector based texture editor for decorated LDraw parts. Windows LDMakeList is software to create the list of available LDraw parts. Windows LDR Importer is software to import LDraw and LDraw compatible parts and models into Blender as they should be (including proper mesh and materials). Windows, Linux, and OS X LDView is a real-time 3D viewer for displaying LDraw models. Windows, Linux, and OS X LPub is software for designing step by step building instructions for LEGO models created using the LDraw file format. Windows, OS X LSculpt is a program which converts a triangle mesh into an LDraw file. It helps to convert 3d model into LEGO bricks model. Windows LSynth is a tool which allows you to add complicated flexible hoses, bands, chains, and treads to the LDraw files you make with LDraw CADs. Windows, OS X LDraw and LDD tools BrickUtils is a tool which allows you to build your brick catalog and check if you can build a model created with LDD or LDraw, it can also export list of bricks you need to buy in format of BrickLink xml file. Windows, Linux, and OS X LEGOCAD Loader is a python script that creates parts lists from LEGOLDD/LXF, LDR, MPD files. Windows, Linux, and OS X Miscellaneous Tools brickowl2rebrickable is a tool which converters orders into a Rebrickable CSV file. Windows, Linux, and OS X Mosaics BrickMosaic is a tool which transform photo to LEGO bricks mosaic.Windows, Linux, and OS X Decal designs Minifig SVG Decals is a collection of SVG files for use as decals on LEGO Minifigs.
  5. NickAb

    Repository of svg decals

    Hello and welcome! Unfortunately Repository of SVG decals was not updated for quite some time, however there are a lot of different templates and pieces to re-use. Contributions are always welcome. You can start by creating a topic to share some of your decals. CorelDraw is a very good peace of software, and it seems to be quite popular in print shops in my country. There is also a free alternative - InkScape.
  6. NickAb

    Decal Wish List

    My old Legionnaire design might be useful In description to the image you will find a link to SVG repository. SVG is a vector file format that is easy to edit.
  7. NickAb

    Repository of svg decals

    I've just add Adobe Illustrator swatches (resources/LDDColors.ase) file to Repository. These swatches are based on RGB values used in Lego Digital Designer app.
  8. Hello. I've wrote a python script for conversion of Materials.xml (from LDD db.lif) into Adobe Illustrator swatches file (.ase). The most interesting part for the Index is resulting swatches file. Here is a download link for swatches file for Adobe Illustrator All colors have RGB values directly form Lego Digital Designer files. I also add the swatches file to SVG Minifig Decal Repository.
  9. Yes, I use transparent PNG files where it is possible, but how to be in case such as shown above or similar. The legs itself is yellow, "dress" is supposed to be dark red, if colour is mismatched it easily seen, as there is a dark red hip part right next to texture. It looks like for some reason TLG considered this problem in some of decorations. Some of dark red decorations are actually brighter than dark red colour itself, but others not. Same goes for some other colours. I guess I'll need to experiment more with colours to match them. But I was wondering if there is a way to change brightness of all textures used in scene with some pov-ray statement?
  10. NickAb

    Confirmed: 10242 Mini Cooper

    Maybe it will be something like this one: I was really stunned when I first saw Steven Marshall's mini cooper years ago. Something like that will defiantly be an awesome set to keep in prime spot on a shelf next to VW Camper.
  11. I have a question regarding decorations custom decorations. It seems that they are rendered darker than they should leading to colour mismatch between brick and decoration. Here is an example of standard decoration. It renders in almost correct dark red colour, but it is way to bright in LDD. So basically to have a good cloud match one have to brighten custom decorations. Is there a way to increase their brightness when rendered. Maybe there is some kind of statement to add to pov file? Or maybe there is a pallet of RGB values that are used in LDD to POV Ray that can be used for colour matching?
  12. NickAb

    The Lawyer Laundromat

    Awesome work. I especially like beautiful wall texture and brilliant skylight. Colour palette and photos are amazing too. Also I should mention cool details, like smiling $, use of judge's hummers as arm rests of armchair, and nicely done laundromats.
  13. NickAb

    Decal Wish List

    These links might be helpful: Guidelines for a head decal (TLC style), Faces elements in SVG format, Minifig SVG Decals Repository
  14. Here is my entry for Micro scale category. It is iron cast building heavily based on beautiful Singer building (NY). I love Singer building and other iron cast building because they are beautiful, they have nicely detailed facades, big windows, and airy open spaces inside, making it a great place for studio like appartments. It is kinda big, almost 30 studs tall, but it is less than a minifigure scale, so it should qualify for micro scale category. Red Iron Cast Set on Flickr Here is a link for LDD model file: ironcast1.lxf
  15. NickAb

    [75059] Sandcrawler

    Here is a designer video from LEGO youtube channel
  16. NickAb

    Lego Stickers

    Faefrost, you are right. For example, they used clear stickers for sea cow, as it includes stickers for windows, where you obviously can't use opaque stickers. But why TLG include clear stickers with City Fire sets, where all of the stickers are used for regular non-transparent bright red bricks? TLG is starting to replace opaque stickers with clear ones in some of new sets even when it is not necessary. It seems that eventually there will be only clear ones, who knows.
  17. NickAb

    Lego Stickers

    I've noticed that recently TLG use clear more and more often. There are used to be clear stickers in very old sets, but then TLG switched to opaque stickers, opaque stickers where mostly used in direct to consumer sets (e.g. Emerald Night). But now they started to include clear stickers even in city sets (see recent City Fire sets, LEGO Movie sets are another example). Clear stickers have some advantages over opaque ones, to name some: can be used on bricks of any colour no problems with colour matching (opaque stickers sometimes have a slight difference between base colour and brick colours, see "yellow problem" above) no white edges it seems that clear stickers have almost same glossiness as bricks (opaque stickers are a little more mate than bricks) Yet clear stickers are harder to apply, you can easily leave fingerprints if not being careful. Also sometimes a micro bubbles of air will stay under sticker which are almost unseen, but irritating at very close view. So what are you thoughts on inclusion of clear stickers even in non-AFOL aimed sets? What type of stickers do you prefer: clear or opaque?
  18. NickAb

    (MOC/MOD)-Cafe Corner Furnitures

    Looks great. Are you planning to build it in real life?
  19. NickAb

    Decal Wish List

    Hi, I made first 2 jerseys, but I'm not sure about complex maple leaf pattern. It might look bad after printing or out of place on minifigure. I can sea pattern with plain dark red colour if you wish.
  20. NickAb

    Decal Wish List

    I finally found some time to finish your request
  21. NickAb

    MOC: Raging Betty

    Hot Rod inspired by Deuce of Spades and 6538: Rebel Roadster. MOC features easily removable roof, opening doors. It can fit 2 figures, yet it has durable frame, so it is playable despite the odd width. It has removable roof for race or sunny days. And of course it has a license plate from sunny California
  22. NickAb

    MOC: Raging Betty

  23. Looks cool. Nice touch with all these little details of "eyes". The only thing I would like to suggest is changing colour of rhombs, at the moment they are grey on blue, if think it would be better to use some shade of blue for the rhombs. Looking forward to see your Gambit, his face mask, or how it is called, might be quite challenging.
  24. NickAb

    Repository of svg decals

    Thanks. I'm absolutely don't mind. And even more, I'm looking forward to see your design. More options is good, it gives more diversity in styles and details so that everyone can find what he needs.
  25. NickAb

    Repository of svg decals

    Sorry to double post, but I just wanted to share that we already have more than 100 of ready minifigure designs + 100 different templates like face expressions, logos, etc. Half of those decals are supreheroes. If you don't need a vector version of design or don't have time to learn github the regular (rast) versions of most of designs are available in flickr group here Here is latest addition: Amazing Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Ab, on Flickr