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    [MOC] Medieval Haunted House

    That is an absolutely great house! And nice pictures, btw. Really nice spooky, halloween creation!
  2. blackie

    [MOCs] New Castle and Bethy's Castle

    Wow, that is absolutely stunning. I think I will copy some of the architecture styles you made.
  3. Hi, is this an official image and is this supposed to be some kind of hint? I am still hoping for new castle sets next year (with the Lego anniversary and so), or is this just a fun image?
  4. On the German blog zusammengebaut, there is an interview with Bali Padda where he states that NK was "... first a success but then we could have done things better ...". The digital part with the shields seems to have failed. The interview is from within the last couple of days.
  5. Of course, if you get the chance to buy those sets on such a sale, and if you sell the figures, then maybe you get all the pieces for free. An honest calculation would be to still account for the time and effort you need to sell them (if you are not a student), but still this might be nice. But there are too many "ifs" for me and these sales are far from being normal (at least here in Germany). Just look at the parts you really need from one of those sets, count them and calculate how much you would have spent on bricklink.
  6. I have a lot of Elves sets (actually all from the first waves), but mostly because of my daugthers. They love the elves. But for Castle building? No way. Too much pink and purple. And please don't buy sets for pieces to build castle stuff, especially not licensed sets like Star Wars. This is the worst pieces for money ratio. Just use bricklink.
  7. Since he is German, I bet he means "it's nothing but senseless, brainless and horrible action stuff". And I totally agree to that, btw. In German, the word "pure" sounds like a German word, with a different meaning.
  8. As I said, a quick search reveals the research, but here it is:
  9. LEGO did a scientific research on this very fact. The results were pretty clear as fas as I know and that was why they introduced the minidolls. I don't have the link right now but a search on the net should reveal it.
  10. blackie

    [MOC] The Rabbit of Caerbannog

    I was immediately reminded of this Monthy Python scene (before reading the text). It's so great :) And yes, nice build! I went from "wtf" to "wait a moment, I know this ...." :D
  11. That's true. So I'm afraid we won't get rid of it so fast.
  12. Absolutely. In the German translation I would actually read it quite mixed for Nexo Knights. There they say that "LEGO City, LEGO Creator, LEGO Technic, LEGO NINJAGO™ and LEGO Star Wars™ had very strong results. Additionally, Nexo Knights had a good start". No really, if Nexo Knights hit it like a bomb, this sentence would surely sound different.
  13. blackie

    The best of the worst Lego Ideas

    Of course it was (6 at most), but look at the image. It's professionally made. So the parents (?) made an image and uploaded it, most obviously. The account should be banned. I once liked to browse Ideas and just look at the nice projects and get some inspiration. But this kind of stuff destroys the entire Ideas website.
  14. blackie

    Castle Themes: In Historical Context

    Thank you for this nice post. It seems we both share (at least) one thing: the interest in (medieval) history. I agree with almost everything you analyzed in your post. But there is one question for me: You said that "Naturally, there would be some occasional warring between these domains over land rights, religion (especially in the 1600's), and annexations." This is, of course, true, however, would you imply that the sets would also take place during that time (1600's)? Because I would strongly disagree on that. This is far too late. However, you focused on the placement in your posting, so maybe you did not mean the time with it.
  15. blackie

    Donald Trump microphone LEGO remake

    What did I just see .... It's great ... I mean the LEGO build. I don't know the content of the speech and I am not willing to listen to it, so: are you a fan of trump? Or is it making fun of him?
  16. blackie

    October 2016 LEGO Store Calendar

    Is there a time when we in Europe / Germany will get double points? Ever?
  17. blackie

    The best of the worst Lego Ideas

    If I scroll down the entries sorted by "Most recent", I feel like I could post all of them here. But this thread is only for the best, so:
  18. blackie

    Old school siege

    You can mix some colors for the inner stone part (the tan) and make it look like some randomly composed stones.
  19. blackie

    Old school siege

    Very nice build. I think, for the medieval times, there is missing some fire :) Like torches on the wall or a small fire on the back of the wall for the tough soldiers so they can warm up after the fight and during the night!
  20. blackie

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    This thread is getting better and better :)
  21. blackie

    The best of the worst Lego Ideas

    Another one (I'd say it's a clear troll): I'm starting to see a correlation between the yellow background usage and the poor quality of the sets ... Btw: this very creator spammed LEGO Ideas with 10 sets all of the same "quality".
  22. blackie

    71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    I don't think this is fan art. Or do you have any proof for this except that you could not find it in the movie? Because there are a lot of other pictures available normally. For example, my little girls have childrens books of some disney movies and there are always a lot of pictures inside. These are not necessarily from the movie. Sometimes I think they made special renderings for additional merchandising or something similar. But again, I don't have any proof for this. This is just what I think. @All: Available in Germany since about an hour or so. Do you think it will sell out fast? Because I actually wanted to wait buying it until there is some sale event like double VIP points or at least a nice polybag with it.
  23. blackie

    2016: A Disappointing Year?

    I will most likely buy the elven castle, especially for my two girls. But look at those castles and compare them ... The problem is most importantly the color. I mean, they made pink stone elements (!) in the elven castle. If they had let them grey ... *cry*