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  1. this in smy personal top ten of lego train crash video enjoy
  2. The LEGO Simpsons Christmas Special - Santa's workshop dream Here is a funny short Lego Movie about Simpsons, the Santa Claus' workshop and his sleigh . Look at how the simpson kids dream of santa claus on the night of Christmas Eve and how they would like to climb on Santa's sleigh. Find out what's happening on Christmas morning at Simpsons Lego House. Enjoy our new xmas special brickfilm with more than 8000 photos taken to our lego city. Listen to the original soundtrack with Christmas songs and nursery rhymes.
  3. Wrongly accused by the police, Michael Scofield is sentenced to thirty years. In prison, he conceives a machine that turns people into loyal soldiers. Once free, he builds the machine, creates an army and takes his revenge by conquering the Police Station.
  4. What happens to the Norman Disco in LEGO city? will LEGO spiderman and iceman succeed in defeating the sand man?? And who is behind this new terrifying attack on LEGOpolis? and if you wnat.....let's go behind the scene...... :)
  5. Will Lego Spiderman and Iceman succeed in saving Legopolis? Or will Garada K7 destroy Legopolis? And who is behind this terrifying attack on the LEGO city? Let's go live to Legopolis !!
  6. thank you, I'm happy for the compliments and for the excellent comments on our videos. me and my friend we are building a new brickfilm entitled LEGOpolis, this is the trailer:
  7. Hi wacth my brickfilm and enjoy :) why can't see player?? (thx admin ;) )