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  1. I am going to be there from Friday to Monday with Sheepo and MTRkustoms (Spanish guys from last year) TECHNIC and Trains with new MOCs, in such a great event. What else? See you on Friday ^^
  2. Blastem

    Custom 9V tracks

    What an impressive Job of design is here, and close to a solution!!! I designed last year a R104 track version which have been tested in some events (LegoWorld 2015, ALEbricks, and LEGO fan Weekend 2016). My Tracks are a 3Dprinted simplified version of LEGO with sticky metal tape on top. It works fine, and we finally could see our real-scale trains running on a circuit! Here are some photos (Courtesy of Jolugoma): JLGM_20160611IMG_1280 by José Luis González, en Flickr JLGM_20160610IMG_1037 by José Luis González, en Flickr JLGM_20160611_MG_8544 by José Luis González, en Flickr Trains by HoMa, Aitoruco and MTRkustoms Edit: Some videos of the R104 circuit (by MTRkustoms) : I want to test the final version of my R104 tracks this year in LEGOworld Utrecht, so then upload to Thingiverse for printing. Also, they are parametric, but we only have tried R104 because It's the size we need. Happy to see this project evolving ^^
  3. Blastem

    Car Lift

    Oh My God, Finally we can lift your really heavy cars at events!!! ^^ +1 LOOOOOOL
  4. Hose rigids are too thin and "wired look" compared with sift axles :/
  5. As I told when you showed your new car in yesterday's event. I think nowadays the only alternative is to inlay some type of wire into pneumatic tubing. Of course this is not 100% LEGO, but considering the alternatives, It does not worth to expend hundreds of euros in plastic tubing. Maybe LEGO could re-edit this type of piece in some basic colours... If I were you, I must try only with pnematic tubing, and If it does not work because of softness or being jiff, look for the alternatives. ---------------------------------------- Spanish Translation: Como te comenté cuando mostraste el coche en el evento de ayer, creo que a día de hoy la alternativa más parecia a un soft axle sería embutir en los tubos neumáticos un alambre. Por supuesto no es 100% LEGO, pero vistas las alternativas, no merece la pena gastarse ciento de euro en tubos de plástico para carrozar. O eso, o que LEGO los reedito. Siendo tú, yo probaría con los tubos neumáticos, como comentas, Y si no funcionan, debido a que son demasiado blandos y/o flexibles, mirar alternativas.
  6. I Suggest my favourite LEGO TECHNIC MOC (And one of my beloved cars) Land Rover Defender 110 - by Sheepo I fits the Rules: - It is TECHNIC - It has Eurobricks Topic (Link) - It is an Iconic MOC for me (Actually I'm owner of a LR 88 & 109 Special, so, I fell in love when watch) - I don't remember if It was frontpaged in Bricklink... but It was Cuusoo's Reviewed (and discarded ¬¬ ) - And the most important, It could be sitting on Blackbird's Shelf... Instructions Render demonstrate it, right? ^^ Last but not least: - Jim, Thanks for putting together all the exceptional MOCs of Eurobricks, and thanks for considering. - Sheepo, You are an amazing Builder!!! ;)
  7. Blastem

    Sarcasm related to LEGO Technic

    Mi girlfriend has never built a set and got angry when unmounted for getting some spare pieces for MOCs :laugh: (True Story... 8110 and 8043 )
  8. Blastem

    PF Wiring Question

    Thanks a lot for the info. I have to try a "trick" in an old "bricky" MOC
  9. Blastem

    Best B-Models of Technic Sets?

    I really love: 8862 - Backhoe --> Harvester 8263 - SnowGroomer --> Snow Truck 8258 - Silver Champion --> Silver Champion Truck
  10. Oh my God. This is simply Awsome. I was looking yesterday for the impressive Instructions, and this is one of the models I plan to build this summer. Thanks for showing us the complete "living" model and thanks to madoca and AFOL1969 for make it possible too ^^
  11. Blastem

    Sarcasm related to LEGO Technic

    LOLOLOLOLOL "GBC balls are so small, sure they are affordable" ^^ "Tomorrow I start programming my NXT Brick in C++" "I have to remove dust from lid and label all my drawers with pieces"
  12. Nice!!! Really Beauty with the usage of those panels!
  13. Blastem

    Sarcasm related to LEGO Technic

    "I will only purchase that parts I need for my new moc" "I can fit this mechanics in that challenging size in first attempt" "Darling, I dont have enough Tires and Rims on that Huge Box" "Black is a really fitting color" "I don't miss the grip/clutch of old pins with friction" "That pneumatic airtank really worth that price in Bricklink" but the best is... "Nah, the Flagship set of this year is not cool, I won't buy it"
  14. Blastem

    Hi, I'm Owen.

    Welcome Owen! Always a pleasure meet new TECHNIC Fans!