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  1. krymtON

    [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    This truck looks amazing. I'm trying to make my own, but I'm still not enought on time/experience :( LDD of at least suspension would be cool :) BTW: There's enought space to put 2x XL motors on sides I think? Well, 2xXL + SBrick = quite fast truck :)
  2. Probably no one see this before :P
  3. Wheels are definitly too small, that spoils the appearance. I very like front grille :)
  4. Probably because of the bodywork:
  5. I really like it :) It's very fast :)
  6. U mean this? I also wondering...
  7. Now I really doubt it will have any RC functions. It looks like TLG trying make copy for as much from real car as possible (like sequential gearbox with paddles, boxer engine, etc). Still wonder what clutch in the middle of cab doing...
  8. Battery pack is under hood. It's 100% RC. Also rounded grey "things" behind rear wheels look likes new motors for me. Maybe some new RC motors with bluetooth/wifi?
  9. I've come back to lego with 42043 :) And I'm really happy of it :)
  10. I want to add something - I think you could make some more photos during buildings all those MOCs :) I really appreciate your job, but there's still not enought photos of some details for such a begginer like me :( sell your soul, give us more! :D
  11. krymtON

    Hi :)

    I just want say 'Hello' to all of You :) So here it is... After many years I started to play with lego again :) I lost my entire previous collection because of my mom - she gave them away few years ago (my 5571.... ). So now I'm starting from the beginning and collecting some sets from this summer. Not ready yet to make MOCs, but will try soon :D Here's what I already get :D And just ordered 42008 :) Dunno if I should buy something else ATM. Propably 42039 (green parts) and 42038 (tracks/track suspension parts). PS. Forgive me poor english skills, I'm not use it much (mostly read, not write ).
  12. krymtON

    [HELP] 42043 B Model Parts

    Those are not all parts left (only from cabine) There's much more, see whole review: