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    [MOC] Howard The Duck

    Steve Gerber would be proud.
  2. penmanovic

    [MOD] ZOINKS! Shaggy's Hotrod Mystery Machine

    Fabulous work, as ever B Rick.
  3. penmanovic

    10253 Big Ben

    I wouldn't bother apologising Puffle Pal26, for you have absolutely no need to. You saw the press release, it is not a crime to do so, and I presume that your conditions of employment do not preclude you from commenting on its content or communicating it to others.
  4. penmanovic

    10253 Big Ben

    Looks fantastic!!
  5. penmanovic

    WIP-MOC: My apartment

    What a spectacular effort. I am awestruck. I really like the fact that you've put the MOC on display in your new coffee table; that's a great touch. Well done!
  6. penmanovic

    Starting to look at Micropolis builds

    Love the stadium!
  7. penmanovic

    Joint MOC- The Whirly Bat!

    You did really well to capture the shape of this classic Bat-vehicle! Well done! I'd love to see one with some blue mixed in!
  8. penmanovic

    VIDEO: Interview with DUPLO Designer Nadine Lee

    Great little interview and a fascinating insight into the strangely mysterious world of Duplo!
  9. penmanovic

    Half Life 1 Lego Moc

    I'm a big fan of the game and of your wonderful recreations. Well done!!
  10. It looks amazing - so much better than the SW version. Please tell me you will be tackling the Millennium Falcon next!?!?!?!?
  11. penmanovic

    [MOC] Lego Architecture Blue Mosque

    These are absolutely superb. Well done!
  12. Thanks r5-j2, yet another thoughtful and honest review by Jangbricks. I think the major problem with this set is a result of the determination to include the full-length fire fighters' poles (which I think are 32 studs long). This necessitated extra height on the Wayne manor module, which looks, frankly, a bit ridiculous now. So the inclusion of this pretty measly play feature sacrifices display potential and makes the whole thing look rather awkward. My personal inclination would be to take a hand saw to the poles, shorten them to 24 studs (or even 16 studs), and then adjust the build accordingly. That being said, with some simple mods, it is indeed possible to get this thing up and running and looking fantastic with relative ease, as in this video by the aptly-named Brick Adjuster: Obviously, at this price point the stock set should have come out of the box already perfect, but these very simple mods (especially the magnificent floor), but also the cave wall, really bring the whole thing to life.
  13. So this set hasn't been mad available for VIPs early after all. That's a shame. Especially because the set has been spotted out in the wild: And now the Mr Freeze polybag has also surfaced at NYC Toy Fair.
  14. penmanovic

    10251 Brick Bank

    I still can't get over the fact that the original set doesn't have a single cash machine. This would be a must for me if I were expanding the bank.
  15. penmanovic

    [MOC] Bahnhof Zoo: Not for the children

    Wow this is absolutely sensational. There are several things I love, but the container really strikes me. I also love the black/grey pallets with the flames, that is really clever. If there is something that I would also like to see in this set, it would be the remains of a train carriage (cargo or passenger), a maintenance vehicle or one of those hand-operated carts - something to go on the tracks. But anyway, as it stands, it's absolutely superb. Well done!!