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  1. Thank you, @LEGO Train 12 Volts, @monai and @zephyr1934 ! I think I read somewhere that "Trenzinho" was sort of a reply to "Pacific 231", as Villa-Lobos thought it should be possible to set a steam train to music in a somewhat more light-hearted way than Honegger did. The thing with my floor is pure chance… But I’m happy that you like the effect! Definitely not! A garden means lots of work, and lots of work means less time for hobbies like Lego and music… But you’re absolutely right stating In fact I deliberately choose locomotives that haven’t yet been released by model train manufacturers. This requires extensive research about the prototype, as there’s no chance to simply copy details from already existing models, and doing this research is actually my favourite part of the whole business. Finding out new and unexpected facts and details and incorporating them into a model’s design is even more fun to me than eventually building the model. P.S. Note for European readers: The original video has a frame rate of 50 fps. Therefore, it appears much smoother on a European standard 50/100 Hz TV screen than on a 60 Hz computer monitor. So if you'd like to watch the movie on your TV via a USB device, you can download the original .mp4 file here.
  2. Hi all again! Phew... that's been some hard (and enervating) work. But now the complete video is ready. Enjoy and don't forget to turn up the volume! Best regards, Sven
  3. Tenderlok

    Bigger Train Wheels

    Well, if you mean the wheels designed by Thomas from germany (nickame 5zu6 on Thingiverse) - they ARE part of the take-down... But Thomas immediately created an alternative download possibility for the stl file: https://blog.5zu6.de/das-rad-neu-erfunden-1/
  4. Tenderlok

    Bigger Train Wheels

    Well. it depends on what you mean with "fake parts"... Of course there are Shupp's XXL wheels with 43.2 mm diameter (+ flange). As Lego doesn't produce large train wheels, custom parts like these are widely regarded as acceptable in the Lego train community.
  5. A nice project with an impressive prototype! A few locomotives of this class were built by Krupp in Germany and tested by Reichsbahn officials before delivery; they are said to have been among the best steam locomotives that the "Lokomotiv-Versuchsamt" (locomotive testing department) had ever examined. Is there a chance to see this beauty in real bricks? Look here for an extensive description of the prototype (in German): http://anno.onb.ac.at/cgi-content/anno-plus?aid=lok&datum=1941&size=15&page=193 The article also contains a detailed drawing:
  6. Tenderlok

    Topic title editing requests

    @Matts Lego Creations As it is your own topic, you can do it yourself. Just click "edit" in the starting post, and you can change the title.
  7. @monai You're absolutely right. From an old passenger service timetable of the Taltal Railway, one can calculate that the trains travelled at an average speed of 20-25 km/h in the inland direction (uphill) and 25-35 km/h down to the sea. Of course these figures include accelerating and braking periods, so the absolute top speed on the FCT may have been 40 or 45 km/h. In the video, the engine runs at a speed equivalent to approx. 50 km/h in reality, pulling a five-wagon train (4 open 4-axle freight wagons from Train Line 45 and a 4-axle passenger coach from Bachmann USA), and yet the speed control slider was not at 100%. Actually, the locomotive can pull this given train another 20% faster! So this speed run was more for show, or to demonstrate the model's potential. But of course it can go slowy as well...
  8. Hi all, When I presented my Kitson-Meyer model, I promised a video of the engine. Good news first: After a minor modification to the slide valve covers on top of the cylinders (they hit the frame in curves and fell off), the locomotive runs like hell. Great pulling power, smooth controllability – exactly as I had hoped for, and much better than its somewhat capricious predecessors. Now some bad news: While almost all scenes have been shot, editing the video proves to be VERY time-consuming, at least with my computer and software. As a consequence, I decided to make a short "appetizer“ before the much longer main video will be ready in a few days (I hope). So come on board of one of the flat cars loaded with bags of nitrate, hold on tight and enjoy the wild ride through the Atacama desert! For once, I didn’t replace the original sound. The combination of rattling rods, buzzing motors and clattering wheels sounds almost prototypical… Thanks for your interest! Kind regards, Sven
  9. Tenderlok

    Custom rods on shapeways

    It is, definitely! From my experience, I can say that pin/axle holes need to be designed with 0.1-0.2 mm more in diameter (compared to Shapeways) to fit properly. For all other dimensions, Sculpteo is very accurate. To be honest, when you order a bulk of identical parts, there is in fact less variation with Sculpteo items (for example, I ordered a bunch of main rods for my Kitson-Meyer from both companies; the Sculpteo parts were all exactly the same length, while the Shapeways rods differed by almost 1 mm!).
  10. Thank you for your appreciation, @JP1976 ! Looking at your nickname, it seems that we share not only the year of birth, but also some childhood memories… though I think it was already a 1985 Christmas present for me. In '86 it was the 6392 airport, I believe. But it may also have been the other way round... Unfortunately, I gave all my Lego away when I was 19 or so, and had to start from the beginning when I returned to the hobby in 2012…
  11. Tenderlok

    Anyone know what part this is?

    You're welcome!
  12. Tenderlok

    Anyone know what part this is?

    Part 87408, "Beam 3M with Fork", or in Bricklink terminology "Pin Connector Toggle Joint Smooth Double with Axle and Pin Holes".
  13. Tenderlok

    1:22,5 G-Scale Toy Train locomotive

    A nice piece of work! Only... it seems to me that the PuP motor is even louder than the PF?!? Great stuff!!! Reminds me that I still need to build a few 8-bit Lemmings (my favourite game back when we were young...)
  14. Thanks for your appreciation of both the locomotive and the "decoration object", @baard !