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  1. Tenderlok

    Classic US truck

    Here in Germany, at least, the new narrow tyres are available at Lego Bricks & Pieces for a reasonable price (part no. 70490). Maybe they are on their Russian website, too? (I can't check because unfortunately I can't read Cyrillic letters... ) I hope it's not the same truck in the first two pictures, with a narrow wheel on the left and a fat one on the right...
  2. Ah, I understand. And no, it's a real photo, not a render.
  3. I found the slots look less prominent when turned inwards. Well, of course there are also pin connectors without slots (part no. 75535), but they are ridiculously expensive in light bluish grey.
  4. Tinkered a bit with my camera and Photoshop yesterday... Would you pull over if you saw this in your rear-view mirror?
  5. What an amazing project! It will be great to see it finished. And, IMHO, it definitely belongs here. As for the tray, I would leave it without PF or PU and instead use kind of a crank which could be attached through a hole in the side, or something like that. With electrical functions, you lose too much space for modeling the interior, I think. Those little sportscars are very nice, too. Do you have detail pictures, especially of the door mechanism?
  6. Hi @Guyinaplaguemask, the file doesn't seem to be downloadable. May I kindly ask you to credit the original designer, Adrian from Bluebrixx, and me when publishing in the Stud.io gallery? Thank you! Kind regards, Sven
  7. Thank you very much, @Dazzzy!
  8. I'm very curious what it will be! Thank you! In Germany, the new tyres are available at Lego Bricks & Pieces. Maybe in the UK, too? Edit - P.S.: I usually browse the forums without visiting the Portal, so I only just noticed that the Peterbilt was frontpaged two days ago. Thank you - great honour!
  9. He-he... I also built a few other things... If you like, you can see some of them here.
  10. Thank you @LEGO Train 12 Volts! I'll be back in Train Tech Forum by late autumn, I hope...
  11. Tenderlok

    [MOD] 21307 Caterham Steering Mod

    Very nice MOD - in combination with the new tyres, this makes the model look much better! But I prefer the black wheels., I must admit. Do the fenders turn with steering on the real Caterham, too? Didn't know that.
  12. No problem. Just PM me.
  13. Thank you! For me, the Formula 1 and Group C cars of the late '80s and early '90s were the most beautiful and most spectacular racers of all time. And you could distinguish them even without team livery and sponsor stickers, as every team had its own design philosophy. Today all the F1 cars look the same (and ugly, too)...
  14. Oc course I could. It should also be possible to lengthen the front by 2 studs for the "long nose" version. But I like the short 359 better...
  15. Thanks again! No, Sir, I'm sorry... Optimus Prime is a Peterbilt 379. Very similar to the 359, but distinguishable if you know where to look: The 379 has a slightly larger windscreen with horizontal wipers, turn signals integrated into the headlights and no cutouts in the hood for the air filter ducts (different arrangement of the ducts).