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  1. Tenderlok

    "Real" Steam?

    Surely. But I think it could be possible to drive the wheels from underneath, with the drivetrain hidden in the base, so that there's enough space in the locomotive for the smoke generator. The Massoth smoke generators use a little fan to achieve the pulsed effect. You're absolutely right regarding the residue. However, its's easily removable with a microfibre cloth - and it actually keeps my "tyre stack" smooth and shiny... The Seuthe can as well be connected to an analogue power supply. I used a modified PF cable (outer wires cut away, ends of the inner ones stripped), and now even the amount of steam produced can (to a certain degree) be regulated by the BuWizz slider
  2. Tenderlok

    "Real" Steam?

    I'm currently also working on a model with smoke effect (a "moving" model, though), and like you, I've considered various options. In the end, I decided to use a Seuthe no. 99 smoke generator, which is small enough to be hidden inside the chimney, and can be operated by a 9 V power supply (BuWizz "fast" mode in this case). Vaporizers or e-cigarette parts proved too bulky for my model, especially as they need additional electronics. I did some tests before and couldn't find that the Seuthe smoke liquid causes any damage to the bricks - no guarantee, though... The chimney of my model consists of stacked tyres; they are kept away from the smoke generator by metal spacer rings (one is supplied with each smoke generator; had to buy two...), so the generator's surface temperature hasn't led to any problems until now. The only drawback in my opinion is that the Seuthe smokes for only about 3 minutes, then it needs refilling. On a static model like yours, when you have enough space inside the base or the locomotive (I suggest you don't need room for motors then), it might be a nice gimmick to use a pulsed smoke generator like the ones from Massoth. Compared to the Seuthe, they're very expensive, though, and need a higher current in analogue operation (0.7 A as opposed to 0.14 A for the Seuthe).
  3. Hi trainheads, Just to make sure you'll see it: There's an absolutely magnificent 1:15 locomotive model by @andrepinto in the Scale Modeling Forum. Take a few minutes to follow the link: @JopieK, I would suggest this beauty for being front-paged!
  4. Tenderlok

    [MOC] 40 CP1408

    And for the third time: WOW! I'm completely blown away, don't find adequate words to express my admiration. Incredible, simply incredible. Remark: I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty to start a thread in the Train Tech forum just to link here.
  5. Tenderlok

    MOC (to be restored) - BR Class 55 - Deltic - 4,5v

    That's totally cool! Complete it, please! Amazing that seemingly you never went through "dark ages", as most of us did. I wish I still had my set and parts collection from the 80s and early 90s, especially the 7740+7815, 7745 and (not train-related) the 8880 and 5580...
  6. Tenderlok

    60154 + 4564 = 37?

    Remarkable approach, cool result! Reminds me of my childhood days, when I built all kinds of locomotives from a very limited stock of parts. Now you have to use the remaining parts to build some carriages!
  7. Tenderlok

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    Thanks @Hod Carrier for putting my thoughts into words! Not being a native speaker of the English language, I couldn't follow all of the audio due to the high speaking rate. But from what I understood, I fully agree with your statement above, yet couldn't have expressed it nearly as well as you did.
  8. Tenderlok

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    Dear fellow AFOLs, Looking at the way things are going, I’d like to pause for a moment to add my two cents… When I started this thread yesterday, I didn’t imagine in my wildest dreams that it would make such massive waves. In fact, I consider it an absolute pity that it generates much more views and replies than any train MOC of the last weeks – @Goldenmasamune, I saw that "Hot!"-tag too, and it's a shame that it requires this kind of topic to appear. But it shows how deeply people, including me, are affected by misuse of their intellectual property. Of course, the harsh feedback was to a large extent due to @Jimbricked behaving quite foolishly in the beginning of the whole affair (forgive me my explicit words), not really accepting advice. But after he has taken down this channel (which, in my opinion, was an over-reaction – other ones already wrote how he could have handled the situation), for me, personally, the matter is solved. I think/hope Jim has learned his lesson, and surely it was a bitter one. As I said, that’s just my personal point of view. I can understand everyone who’s still annoyed by the misuse of his MOC files. However, we must find a way to get on. So I strongly support @BrickMusher's proposal to start a how-to-tutorial regarding the publishing and sharing of MOC files. It could be a chance that our time won’t have to be wasted for unpleasant discussions like this one in the future, but instead can be used for our great common hobby. This is a magnificent community, and it would be a shame to lose that amicable spirit I've experienced here for the last two-and-a-half years. As I said, just my two cents… Kind regards, Sven
  9. Tenderlok

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    @Hod Carrier, I fully agree with your statement. Apparently to address this issue, Jimbricked now has this note on his channel: So if a MOC designer signs the mentioned agreement form, this should be ok. However, for me there's still the question why anyone should pay for files which their designers had made available for free...
  10. It should be only fair that with signing that agreement, you grant the original designers a share of the revenue generated by their content.
  11. Tenderlok

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    James, thank you so much for this. Your commitment cannot be praised enough. There seem to be at least two train MOCs by @James Mathis. And several Russian train MOCs by Pavlo, which were presented here (with designer's permission) by @Nemo57. Nemo57, can you contact Pavlo with this issue? Edit: Mentioned videos have been removed.
  12. Tenderlok

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    That's of course right. And that's why I will still be happy to share the files, though only upon request (PM or post) from now on. I hope to retain a bit more control over the files' usage that way.
  13. Tenderlok

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    Just look out for the guy who announced an explanation some posts above... @BrickMusher and @Goldenmasamune, I've absolutely no problem with AFOLs taking my models as an inspiration, or even accurately copying them for their private pleasure - that's why I had published the lxf files. In fact, recently I had a long and cordial email conversation with someone who wanted to recreate one of my models, and sought for some advice. But as you said, the crucial point is when someone tries to make financial profit from other people's efforts. Even if there is a legal grey area, as Holger pointed out, it's simply bad manners. So true, every word.
  14. Tenderlok

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    You're absolutely right. Thanks to James, the videos in question have been deleted. I added a remark in this respect to my post above. Edit: Ooops, James was quicker... Sound interesting, but completely enigmatic...
  15. Tenderlok

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    Thanks James!