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  1. kouz-one

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    hey guys :) that's not really something like an army, but here are some of my new dragoons cavalry ...
  2. kouz-one

    But The Bard’s Song Will Remain…

    pretty nice build ;)
  3. kouz-one

    [MOD/MOC] Middle-earth 16x16

    to me, they really are "polished" ones would so much see a bigger moc from the creator, with this detail level
  4. kouz-one

    [MOD/MOC] Middle-earth 16x16

    just wonderfull ;)
  5. kouz-one

    Dragon Size Comparison

    The perfect brickbuilt wing is a cloth, but doing your own in good quality, I don't know if it is easily feasable
  6. kouz-one

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    From where come these fur-capes? The gold chrome visor is original? got the gloden knight in the tower castle set, but don't remember that his visor was so nice
  7. kouz-one

    What's your latest acquisition?

    10237 orthanc tower
  8. I will start to buy missing pieces in about ten days maybe, waiting for the payday ...
  9. kouz-one

    Dragon Size Comparison

    He's great but doesn't seem playable or articulated?
  10. kouz-one

    Dragon Size Comparison

    If not an "UCS-style", brick-built dragons will never looks awesome, I had both the fiery legend 6751 and the new 3in1 red creatures creator set 31032 I personally think that they are the best brick buit dragons in an official set for their scales But I assume that i'll prefer the future mine here :p
  11. kouz-one

    Dragon Size Comparison

    Stop with the playmobil Here is some real dragon http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=116593
  12. I would like it in purple instead of dark red, but the corner roof piece that I mainly used on the backbone doesn't exist in BL
  13. Thanks everyone, but sorry, the maiden got some beard ... I still need to work on the neck cause it still be the original with zero rotation, and I don't know if it will handle the weight of the head.
  14. Hey everybody I finally come close to the final design of my "MOD", of another MOC I shamely copy on mocpages... but an "unfinished" work, IMHO. You can find the original one here --> http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/319082 "Bahamut Dragon" by Bryant Angel And here's my update I don't have redone the neck now but LDD start to depressing me , so I start to collect the 2500 pieces needed for him, already had about 500 gramms of 'em quickly collected from my stock. Here is some work in progress on his feets, to let him gently collect his food when needed :o ( I had assured myself that a cow could fit in its claws :D ) I just hope I made it enough posable and strong to spill his disaster in the poor Minifigs world, and I think so, but LDD give big surprise sometimes when it come to real :D A look at the scale of this King, the poor Minifigs could not even make a deal with this giant... I had just "copied" more or less another MOC than u can see on the left, and had do some "improvements" to let this poor creature be able to stand on his feets, he cleary deserved it by it's design, but was just totally empty and could not even stand his single torso with the poor connections he had... (for exemple, legs connected to hips by only one stud, take a look at the original lxf on mocpages) Plus he was a bit too slim, always my 2 cents :O