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  1. Idea for Multi-Level Track Layout

    Imho the idea is good, add the EB's constructive critics and we can get something that can work.
  2. MOC: Traction Substation

  3. MOC: Tm 3/3

    A cute little loco.
  4. Octan Tank Cars from Truck Parts

    Vote for black.
  5. Octan Tank Cars from Truck Parts

    The biggest the better?
  6. Maersk Madness Voting

    My vote goes to Vlai23, that's real madness.
  7. A modified (1 stud longer is more stronger) version of CaL Luetjens BUFFER STOP.
  8. MOC: MOW Vehicle Transport Car

    Very smart MOC.
  9. Harbour Crane

    Mine 8053B has been also modified into a fixed one and will be modified again once I have all the pieces I need for my cargo yard. Imho it's a fantastic 8053B is a fantastic B-model but with some tweaks can be also better.
  10. MOC: European Train Station

    Great (and big ). I liked the way you made the roof.
  11. MOC: Sydney Opera House

    I foresee something great.
  12. MOC: One big MOC!

    I love it.
  13. Two RC/PF motors...

    So i simply connect this way? FM= front motro FL= front light RM= rear motor RL= rear light