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  1. Optikal Illushun

    City '09?

    I am split 50/50 on these sets. i really like the city corner with the bus. the camper is , i was expecting more of a winnabego style with the van front over the 6 wide front. i will pass on that. the small tow truck is ok, but nothing i really like. the red car is swell i just wish they came in multiple colors, how many red cars (or red tractors) can one city have. the low boy with the helicopter is nice but im undecided on that. that brings me to the garage, FINALLY, a real garage. it has everything one could ask for. a real working lift, overhead crane, tire rack, work benches, etc...the price is a bit steep though.
  2. Optikal Illushun

    REVIEW: 7746 Single-drum roller

    i think its a tad to wide on the drum. 4 wide is plenty. for $30 its kind of expensive but looks decent. probably pick one for to round out the set.
  3. Optikal Illushun

    REVIEW: 7637 Farm

    That impliment behind the tractor could be either a 3-point hitch or a PTO or both. i do agree i would have like to seen a 4+ throw plow or even a pull behind brush hog or soemthing. those tanks are probably for oxygen and aceltyene, commonly used gases for cutting, burning, heating or welding metal around a farm or garage.
  4. Optikal Illushun

    City '09?

    thanx guys, i hope it isnt a TRU exclusive
  5. Optikal Illushun

    City '09?

    i have a silly question but are the farm sets out in the US yet? they have most of the construction sets at wal-mart and target but no farm sets here. also, are any of the farm sets TRU exclusives?
  6. Optikal Illushun

    City '09?

    Coming from a background and career in being a mechanic i really dig the new garage. it has an overhead hoise, lift, several bays oh my i am getting excited. the wrecker (tow truck) has potential as well as the bus stop. the car is kinda blahsay for me, i think a smarted idea for TLC would be to offer is in several colors...how many red cars can one town have.
  7. Optikal Illushun

    WIP ยด69 Camaro - need some help

    make the hood flat, and use the long slops for the cowl hood. the rest of the front looks fine, the deck and rear look fine. the roofline needs to be a little more square.
  8. i been browsing brickshelf for the past few nights after getting the new loader and rock truck sets. it got me thinking about making some more construction equipment. anyone have any MOCs of construction equipment they made? i have some saved from BS but im sure some here have more. i need some inspiration. i would like to make a road paver, bobcat/skid-steer, roller (used for rolling asphalt) and the like. BTW, i didnt even know the site moved!
  9. Optikal Illushun

    Floating Lego Boats

    heh, i used to take my floating hull ship into the water all the time with me. i had a pool i used to take into as well, i had a motor from another toy boat i used and i would have hours of fun...jeez i was a loner when i was a child 8-| i also tried the brick built ships in the tub and much to dismay being the young lad i was they floated for a few seconds, either flipped over from being to heavy, took on water and sort of stayed in limbo. needless to say i wasnt to happy and sure wasnt going to let them see the ocean (pool) hehe. anyway, its kind of a toss up. i like the brick built ones because they are nice to build but the floating hulls are also nice because they are one solid piece for making larger ships. one downside is the floating hull ships are at one set size while the brick built u can make just about anything. here are some of my favorite floating hull boats: http://img.lugnet.com/display.cgi?set/new/...1-970094715.jpg this is the boat i own and love it, has a nice deep hull. http://img.lugnet.com/display.cgi?set/new/...1-970095021.jpg these are some of my favorite brick built boats (excluding the Divers theme): http://img.lugnet.com/display.cgi?set/new/...1-995677336.jpg also wn this one http://img.lugnet.com/display.cgi?set/new/...-1003515509.jpg and this o http://img.lugnet.com/display.cgi?set/new/...1-995676518.jpg and that one seems the smaller speed boats and regular boats (like a fishing boat) are better suited for the brick built. the larger ones (with the old school deep hull) seems fit for larger ships.
  10. Optikal Illushun

    Bulldozer V.2

    looks even better *y*
  11. Optikal Illushun

    7733 Truck & Forklift Review

    i like this set, i may have to pick a few up...make a fleet of rigs. id make the trailor one single unit...that seems more realistic this set up reminds me of a small trailor a pick up could haul around. real trailors are up to 40 feet long (on my stud/foot scale that would be like 32 studs (1 stud = 1.2 feet)). anyway, not bad but the pallets should be 4x4 wide to make more fit. again just my opinion...since i worked in a store doing freight i seen it first hand X-D and the large roof piece to the cab...bleh. the grill needs to be reworked as well but not bad. thanx!
  12. Optikal Illushun

    A smaller 7998 heavy hauler.

    i did not know those dump bodies were 6 wide. 8-
  13. Optikal Illushun


    Glad to see someone making construction equipment. its not bad but i would change the cab. have the minifig sit down and make it more like a car in terms or size. otherwise the scale is pretty good for a dozer that is used on construction sites. if u want to find some good inspiraton goole image search CAT bulldozers.
  14. Optikal Illushun

    New City Set Pics for 2008

    wow, that coast guard truck is horrible, all i care to say. i didnt notice a pic of the street sweeper everyone is speaking of...where did it go?
  15. Optikal Illushun

    Review 10184 Town Plan

    I see the service station has a full arry of tools, oxy/fuel torch and other goodies. not a bad set, still very pricey :-/