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  1. I hope so! Can't get enough lego F1 cars!
  2. [MOC |] Octan F1 Car Speed Champions Size

    And all my bricks have arrived, now to get to work on the stickers.
  3. [MOC |] Octan F1 Car Speed Champions Size

    I have received enough bricks to build one of the cars! The team has been assembled!
  4. [MOC |] Octan F1 Car Speed Champions Size

    While I wait for my brick link orders to come I have started on a sticker sheet.
  5. Starting with the SF16-H as a base I have slightly tweaked the areo kit to be more inline with the 2017 rules. Also working on a sticker sheet for when I get the pieces. Octan open wheel pedigree.
  6. I am looking at doing a Octan Race Car MOC, as race cars are usually littered with sponsors I wanted to use brands that feature else where in the Lego universe. Octan is the big one, but what else is there? There is CARGO, does the airlines have names?
  7. MOC - Race Shop for 60025-1: Grand Prix Truck

    WIP of the new interior, with engine shop. To fit out the interior, i have used the cars from 6335-1: Indy Transport and stacked them in the store room area similar to a wall of cars like Chip Ganassi Racing has.
  8. MOC - Race Shop for 60025-1: Grand Prix Truck

    i have decided to start again, something a little more interesting and less boxy and a little bit more interesting looking, still need to finish the interior but this is Mk2.
  9. MOC - Race Shop for 60025-1: Grand Prix Truck

    I think the showroom could work as another standalone building, I am currently working the space into an engine building area and dyno, like below.
  10. MOC - Race Shop for 60025-1: Grand Prix Truck

    In addition to the truck and race shop, I am working on a pit set up which will fit into the race truck. Updates to the truck itself
  11. MOC - Race Shop for 60025-1: Grand Prix Truck

    Thank, yeah I still need to refine the interior a little. In the mean time I have started working on a new b-double transporter to carry more stuff out on the road. I need to work on a funky way to do the tailgate.
  12. First MOC in LDD (be kind), a race shop for the 60025-1: Grand Prix Truck set, features 6546 Slick Racer as a historic display piece in the foyer. Exterior Area for pit practice Work shop including primary race car and spare car currently unpainted. Trophy cabinet with 6546 Slick Racer and old helmets on display.
  13. LIBRARY: Sails

    Awesome! I am about to rebuild my SES so these will come in handy. Do you know what size they need to be? Will these work if I print as is?
  14. Star Wars LEGO Photography

    I though Chewbacca and Square foot would make pretty good friends Lego Paparazzi by Scott Kenny, on Flickr
  15. GBHQ

    Oh this is super impressive so far!