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  1. sk_bricks

    Car dealership

    I love this so much. Awesome build.
  2. sk_bricks

    [MOC] Ferrari F40

    Oh that is amazing.
  3. sk_bricks

    My new 4 wide car

    Awesome little car! I have 4 front pieces from the little Sonic dimensions car, been struggling how to use them on a 4 wide car but this has given me inspiration.
  4. sk_bricks

    [MOC |] Octan F1 Car Speed Champions Size

    Thank you! I do have LDD/.io files, shoot me a PM and ill upload it somewhere. No stickers yet, I got side track with another project. You would be correct, 92 is reference to the first year of Octan sets!
  5. sk_bricks

    [MOC] 4-wide mini roadster

    A little 4 wide roadster I put together and instructions to test out instruction maker.
  6. sk_bricks

    [MOD] Modularized 60204 City Hospital

    Thanks! I do still have some ways to to make fully inline with the modular standard, including adding sidewalks etc, I dont have those extra pieces on hand at the moment. Watch this space!
  7. Unsatisfied with the facade nature of 60204, I am in the process of making it a modular. I had originally stared out with 2 sets to create a hospital 3 stories tall but I was missing a number of pieces to close off the top floor, so I bit the bullet and got a 3rd set. I was concerned that it was perhaps a little too tall but with so many high risk occupations in Lego City it is best to have an pretty decent hospital. I need to finish the landscaping, properly fit out the building. I will be incorporating a second base plate to the left as a short term car park and ambulance parking for my fleet of 3 ambulances.
  8. What ever happen with the Speed Champions lego on the Formula E roboracer? Would have been cool for something like that.
  9. sk_bricks

    BrickHeadz 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Just got back from Ant-Man and the Wasp. I am disappointed they haven’t done a two pack Brick Headz with both characters.
  10. sk_bricks

    a Place of Tranquility and Self Reflection ( MOC )

    Awesome build, the techniques for the roof are cool!
  11. My favourite set when I was a kid was 6335: Indy Transport but I always thought it was weird that the Octan Branded 6546: Slick Racer never had its own transporter. So as a larger nostalgic Octan project I am working on I thought I would MOC/MOD something period specific.
  12. Awesome! a question about the roller door, do the speed champion cars fit through it?