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  1. Ikonhero

    [MOC] Neo Blacktron 1 spaceship

    Cool man! Be sure to post a picture when it's done. Are you going to change anything? I'm not too fond of the rear engines....
  2. Ikonhero

    [MOC] (WIP) Smugglers 3 spaceship "Fang"

    Update: added 2 images of the first section of the real model . So what do you think? Personally I'm not 100% sure about the dark grey parts.
  3. Ikonhero

    [MOC] Neo Blacktron 1 spaceship

    Sure, here it is: http://www.filedropper.com/black006 Hope the link works (I seem to have exceeded my attachment limit for this forum).
  4. Ikonhero

    [MOC] Neo Blacktron 1 spaceship

    Thanks for the replies guys, really appreciate it. I'm using LDD to POV-ray converter for the rendering btw. And yeah, I was going for the more NEO style thing using the SNOT techniques, although the cockpit itself is mostly studs on top.
  5. Ikonhero

    [MOC] Neo Blacktron 1 spaceship

    Here's my new Blacktron 1 MOC. The shape was loosely based on the 6781 Space Police 1 SP Striker. Does anyone know how to get Blacktron 1 minifig torso in LDD? Also I was looking for some older computer slopes and tiles, like from the classic, M-tron and ice planet era's.
  6. Ikonhero

    [MOC] Thealdran Repair Freighter (SHIPTember)

    Wow, I think it's totally awesome! Great job!
  7. Ikonhero

    Lego themes that we would like to happen

    I would love to see a general games and movies theme where they make sets from well known movies or games, but only one set per movie to keep them exclusive (like they did with the Portal 2 set for Dimensions). Some titles that would come to my mind: Movies: Shawshank redemption (escape scene), Oceans Eleven (vault), Inception (rotating hallway), The matrix (lots of possibilities), Cast away (Chuck on a island). Games: Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Half-Life, Stalker. I could think of more, but it will probably never happen because of legal issues, as well as the fact that many of these movies or games would not be very child-friendly, so these sets would mostly apply to AFOL's. But I still think the Portal theme deserves a proper set, like a test chamber from the first game. Also a Classic Space revival would be awesome.
  8. Ikonhero

    Micro Space (Microfighter MOCs)

    Wow. Very well done. Respect!
  9. Ikonhero

    [MOC] Water Depot

    Very nice! I love the door.
  10. Ikonhero

    [MOC] #691518 Comet Emergency

    Very nice man! I like it how you use an authentic lego building technique while creating somthing very original at the same time. It really looks like it could pass as a real LEGO set. I noticed how several parts of the main building can move. Looks very playable indeed.
  11. Hi there LEGO fans! I used to play some game a while ago called Smugglers 3. It's a really cool turn-based space simulation with some cool spaceships as well as a great atmosphere. I was thinking of building my favorite spaceship out of LEGO. It's called "Fang": This is the original image I'm working from. As you can see it's rather low-res. I am builing a model in LDD at the moment (it's far from finished at the moment, just a rough sketch of the main shape): I would love to hear your reactions, as well as tips on how I can improve this design. At the moment my main concern is the wall-design. It's going to be rather smooth overall, but apart from that the original image seems to show many very small windows or lights on the ships walls, which I tried to mimick using 1x1 transparent plates on the nose here. So what do you guys think of this first wall design: At first I went with nothing but plates in between the lights, but that looked a bit weird in conjuncture with the large slopes. So I replaced some with bricks. But maybe all looks a bit too random? Any comments / advice are welcome! Thanks!!! Anoter quick render of a detail (engine): First part of the real model is finished:
  12. Hi i'm new , I was trying LDD for the first time today (after trying MLcad). I was noticing how the hinge tool apparently takes random reference points. My question is: how do I make sure the proper pieces rotate in relation to the pieces that should not rotate? I have a model that has several hinging sections and it's getting a bit tricky. I tried attaching the left part in the picture to the floor, but that doesn't seem to help. Also is it possible to temporary hide certain pieces? I also would love to get rid of the see through "base plate" that you start with. Thanks so much!