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    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Same order for me, was going to get the Darth Maul buildable figure but received it along with a few others (Chewbacca, Elite TIE Pilot, Praetorian Guard) for my birthday on Monday.
  2. When I added the Y-Wing to the basket at 23:59 it showed the Vader Pod then when it ticked over to 00:00 it changed to BB-8.
  3. That was just the rumor, turned out the Y-Wing poster is available only for Black VIP card owners and even then they have to spend £30 minimum to get it. I never received the email with the code so went on chat and asked that a copy be included with my Y-Wing order which they were happy to do because I was a Black VIP card holder and apologised for the email not coming through, I know some people that do not have a Black VIP card and tried via chat to get the poster and were told no. It was only a matter of time before it was included in a double VIP point deal, the issue was stock being available while the deal was on and I am sure later in the year when a Triple Point offer is on it will be included. Was a far better deal back in December here in the UK though as you could get £55 cashback from Quidco, £30 in VIP points and the Black VIP card.
  4. It is a shame that this year they have changed the discount promo from 10% off to Double VIP points as before you basically got a 15% discount. Strange as I was on the Lego CS chat last night and they said that the Black VIP offers would be sent out shortly so something must be going on plus there are in hand photos of the Y-Wing Blueprint out there so it definitely is real.
  5. Well there is something its just not that special namely the Lego Y-Wing Blueprint which is free for Black VIP card owners or you need to spend £30 for everyone else.
  6. Even if the BB-8 were available for a week it’s still likely to sell out within a day like the R2-D2 did last year so always best to get the order in ASAP
  7. Did you not see the wink at the end? he was joking.
  8. Surprised you haven’t got your card yet, I bought my Falcon mid December and received the VIP card in February but it had the wrong name in it so I asked for a replacement and that arrived on Tuesday.
  9. Andyperkins

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Ordered the Falcon on Monday and was delivered yesterday.
  10. It became available again briefly last night so anyone that missed out its worth keeping an eye on there.
  11. I got the email at 10:40 but didn't actually see it until 11:30 so was certain I was too late so you can't imagine how happy I was to see the 'Instock' icon and even better Quidco are currently offering 10% cashback for Lego so that is another £60 saved :)
  12. Don't the online side and high street store side have different allocations? which is why despite the Saturn V being unavailable online plenty of stores have stock. They will deliver on a Saturday, had them attempt delivery to my workplace last weekend but obviously no one was there so they re-delivered on the Monday.
  13. Andyperkins

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    That is surprising, I assumed they sat aside a certain number for the early VIP and the rest would be available from the 1st but looks like they sold all they had so could be a while before more are available and IMO doubtful it will be available during the October double point promo.
  14. Meant to be 20,000 of the cards so doubt they are all gone already. I never managed to get on to the site order one, silly me I trusted the 7:30am time they posted but seeing as they went live at 7am by the time I tried to log in the site was already pretty broken, took over an hour until I was even able to log in but still couldn't browse any of the themes or search for the Falcon and by then it was already on backorder.
  15. Andyperkins

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    No it seems to only be the UK site that has a time listed.