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  1. MACIEK8791

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Maybe this set and rollercoaster set, are showing the new patch for Lego. No more boring movie themes or nexo-nights - instead let's give people what they want. No more stripping the sets from everything to lower the set costs. Who knows maybe one day the baseplates will return to sets like this Hospital, I am really sure that a baseplate increases playability of sets A LOT. I really hope that lego will start to think less about cost saving and care more about playability of the sets.
  2. Hello, my name is Wojtek, I am 6 years old, and I would like to show You my MOC - the POLICE Monster Truck. I made it from the set which was given to my younger brother Jack which is 4 years old. Below You can see the picture of my MOC :
  3. MACIEK8791

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The thing is, that we are not the target for TLG my friend. The target is to create demand for the kids, so they push their parents to buy Lego. If You think about it, TLG has no choice but to launch new police series over and over again. I think that even they are also tired of this but what can they do? I checked this topic on my son (6 years old). He has one generation old police sets - HQ, police truck, etc. Then when the new (current) generation appeared, he was immediately crazy about it. He STOPPED to play with old police line, he only wants to collect all the sets from current, new line. He still has old police truck which is even better, but now he wants only the new one! Once he will see the new mountain Police together with those games and videos on the net that will go together with those sets, he will want it immediately and ask me for it because it will be something new and quess what I will have to buy it. TLG knows this pattern very well and therefore it forces those designers to create all kind of Police sets all over again and again.
  4. MACIEK8791

    [MOC] Terminator T-800 endoskeleton (1:1 scale)

    Sometimes I think - OK, I've seen all. There is nothing to impress me anymore. And then I see something like this on Eurobricks and my jaw is falling on the floor. Congratulations You did such a great job, that from 1st look it does not look LEGO. I wonder what You will do next, because to beat something like this, could be really hard :-)
  5. MACIEK8791

    10255 Assembly Square

    The LEPIN already made a copy of assemble square, price is around 150usd. I am surprised how they can copy Lego so fast. On the end maybe this another aggressive action from Chinese will drive Lego into charging us little bit lower, who knows. Of course I am not a fan of Lepin, but if You will look on amount of orders placed for big modulars like café corner, green grocer, detective office, pet shop - it's just incredible how many those sets are being sold. According to me it will have for sure some impact on Lego sales of this set.
  6. MACIEK8791

    Received our first LEGO Train (60051)

    You might think about lights upgrade. The set which You purchased is "lights ready". You need just one part (lights with a cable, and everything in the train is prepared to install it). And it's very true about those crashes, I am even now rebuilding it, and in fact 60051 it's quite easy to rebuild. Take care that once You get 1st train, there will be soon some demand for 2nd train. We have two sons and I was sure that 2 trains are fine, but NO, there are still fights who will play with which train, and they are asking for 3rd train now. Which is good because I also want to buy it :) Good luck :)
  7. MACIEK8791

    REVIEW: 7288 Mobile Police Unit

    Thanks for the review. The great thing about this review is, that You wrote in a very interesting way - so it's some fun to read it. I think it's the most important thing :) But I can't agree with You regarding Your thoughts about this set. How can You admire this red, small, funny car? It looks like a toy or something :) Allright, I know it's a toy but come on ! Second thing is that with the old set we got a small police station, and that's a good add to every town. You can for example put it somewhere on the road or before the entrance to the aiport or do many other things with it. With the new set - You are loosing a building, and getting an ugly ultra small red car - no sir, thanks but I'll rather stay with the old one. It's being overpriced in Poland now, we can buy it for something like 25 euro, I think it's a fair price for this set. regards Maciej
  8. MACIEK8791

    MOC: SWAT Truck

    This is really a great truck. Take a look on those fellows - they would fit perfectly into the wan. The official lego city police truck looks like a kindergarden comparing to Your truck and those guys regards Maciej
  9. MACIEK8791

    You, Your City, and Your Special Someone

    To be honest I would NOT suggest anyone to come out with LEGO to girlfriend or wife, or at least do not try very hard to do it. We have to be realistic. For other people it's really nothing more than a kid's toy (like small matchbox car or a even a teddybear - let's face it, that's what the women think). I mean we should just be carefoul with sharing this hobby and do not be suprised, if she will not understand it. According to me the only true special person who will understand and for which it's worth to do great effort sharing Your passion is Your kid - Your son or daughter. And this is also an important, god-blessed effort, because it will not only keep You close to Your kid but also You will teach him how to use a great, creative toy. And this is also the only true solution, because when she will see You playing with Your kid with lego, she will understand everything! And then she will not only start liking lego but she will also agree to buy it with You without any doubts. We are expecting a son with my wife. I started to by lego's and came back from dark age when the doctor told us, that we will have a son. Believe me it's a good idea to put Your woman into lego in this way, do not be too fast, trust me LEGO is probably not the best idea to improve the relationship between You and Your women best regards Maciej
  10. MACIEK8791

    2011 City sets

    OK so I take it back, the bank looks great and the safe MAN THE SAFE looks great!!! This armoured car is also great. I LOVE IT!!!! regards Maciej
  11. MACIEK8791

    MOC: The small castle in sand

    This is awesome job. Great pictures - one of the best we see on this forum. Could You share with us which lens and camera You have used? Did You used any macro lenses? regards Maciej
  12. MACIEK8791

    MOC: Airport

    Looks great !!! One question - what about the airstrip? You will need a lot of green road plates for this one. That's one thing which I do not like about lego latest airport design - they stopped adding green landing plates. regards Maciej
  13. MACIEK8791

    Hello from Poland!

    Hi there, my name is Maciej and I am 33 years old AFOL. My first set was a small red car with a mechanic I think it was something like 1982? 1983? Anyway I loved it so my parents kept buying me more... and more sets. I had really a big town with all those streets, police hq's, hospital, airport, gas station etc, space classic sets, space police sets with almost all black m-tron sets, dozens of pirates sets including big pirate ships or great soldier fortress... On the end I gave away my collection to some other kids from my family and I moved into something other people call... DARK AGE !!! I came back few months ago because my and my wife we are expecting a son. I do not know why, one of the first thing I did was to buy him a lego - I took a fire truck set with the boat Later I took 3 other small sets some streets and then I started buying some duplo for him. I was really happy to see that I am not the only one buying lego's for kids which are... far too young to play with it. It's good too see that I am not the only one in this madness :) Currently I am considering buying a cargo train - it's something I never had when I was a kid. Too bad the new train is making no lights or sounds - because those sound could be nice for a little kid. We could play it together with my son a little bit. But unfortunatelly because IT MAKES NO SOUND I will have some trouble explaing my wife why did I bought this set :) best regards and I hope Your wifes are more flexible for this lego situation :) Maciej
  14. MACIEK8791

    Cheap Lego 7939 cargo train

    Thanks for Your post, my son will be born on feb 2011 and I allready bought 4 small lego sets and I will also buy a train set real soon. Seems that we share an international problem of buying lego trains for too young kids or maybe it's more for us than for the kids... Anyway my wife seems to understand it (so far at least). Anyway I came back after my dark age few months ago and to be honest I totally dislike the new cargo train. I mean just compare it with older cargo train deluxe - it had lights and sound. Even for a kid which is 13 months like Your son, I am sure it would be a great fun if You could show him a train which moves and makes sound, don't You think? Or maybe there is any way to somehow make the new train to make sound??? regards from Poland Maciej
  15. MACIEK8791

    2011 City sets

    Hi everyone, I have exactly the same feeling about this police cruiser - for me, it looks just like Mad Max car, don't You think? But this Bank... I mean come on. It's a bad joke. Like someone else wrote - it's like moving into direction of those other strange companies which are making ugly copies of real lego.