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  1. Been waiting for this new CC set for years, but now that it's finally here I can't help but see it as a big let down. The whole set just seems bland with nothing exciting really going on. I feel that because TLG has been pestered for so long to release a new cloud city set, they just tried to throw everything they could, yet still managed to show pretty much nothing. I guess the mini slave is ok, (but since I have the UCS Slave, I don't see the mini version as such a big draw as others might), and then we have another carbon freeze scene, when the previous one was released not so long ago. I won't even talk about the $$$...
  2. <snip> what are we looking at?
  3. Sorry about the repeat info, I guess I must have missed it cause of the y-wing release excitement. Well I would assume that any possible cloud city set (as it has been described so far) would be a lot taller than 20.3 cm. Maybe we could approximate how many pieces could fit in 59.8 cm. x 49.9 cm. x 26.5 cm (excluding space for smaller boxes and manual)
  4. Just read on a fb group that the 75222 box dimensions should be 59.8 cm. x 49.9 cm. x 26.5 cm - (LxWxH). Is there a way we can confirm this?
  5. I didn't get the vader pod either...just bb8 and the poster
  6. Oh how I wish that was true. But all in all, the black VIP promotions have been lackluster so far . I am not sure how many people managed to buy the falcon before the year's end but I sense it was well over 10,000.
  7. If LEGO can't be bothered to offer decent sales, I doubt they would just hand out 18k white gold minifigures to every black VIP cardholder .
  8. It was in my latest Black VIP offer email. It included the code to get the y-wing blue print poster and an automatic entry to win the R2D2. I looked at the email again and I believe it's only for Black VIP cardholders after all.
  9. Everyone has a chance to win the white gold r2d2, black VIP cardholders get an automatic entry.
  10. You and me baby ain't nothin' but rebels

  11. that pic surfaced a while back.
  12. Perhaps Lego designers thought that this was some sort of cool (especially with BB8 ridding it) new FO scout walker type of thing when they where first sent preliminaries from the movie...another case of Kylo Ren's command shuttle
  13. I guess i am THAT gullible sorry guys...I just really like speeders so I jumped the gun on that one.
  14. Has anyone seen this? Supposed to be a Walmart Exclusive to match the one from Target
  15. madroskylo77

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    You mean the thread right? The forum is still here :P