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  2. Meisterschnorrer

    MOC: Victorian modular railroad station

    Really really beautyful. I like the colors...brown with dark green....nice. Good work.
  3. Meisterschnorrer

    ERS Aligator - Digital gets real

    Hi The convention is over and a few days past away... We have tested how strong this Aligator is. And unfortunately I have to sy: 50 Maersk wagons were the goal...but I missed this goal. The ERS pulled 35 Maersk wagons including cargo. But hey. about 10meters of train and round about 10kg of weight to pull is not that bad. Well by putting th 36th wagon to the train, the wheels of my ERS slipped. I think with a little more weight on the locomotive, there will be a chance to pull more wagons. We had 54 Maersk wagons there (11 by me, 43 from UST60). @3D Lego: Sorry, I did not understand everything in your post, but the shaking may have more reasons. One is the Lego geometry and another ist the cable going from the receiver to the motor. There is only a little space to get the cable from the motor, to the receiver and the cable is directly on a gear, and this makes it wiggeling....I hope you understand what I mean... Unfortunately there was no one to film my try :( Best regards René
  4. Really really nice, your train station. And the collapsing bridge is an awesome detail. Best regards René
  5. Meisterschnorrer

    ERS Aligator - Digital gets real

    Thanks... In an few weeks, there is a convention, where we want to try, if my ERS is able to pull 50 Maersk trailers with cargo... We will see, if this gonna happen. René
  6. Meisterschnorrer

    ERS Aligator - Digital gets real

    Hi Here is now the video of the stress test. Take a look: Best regards René
  7. Meisterschnorrer

    Fishing Vessel/Mussel Dredger Deirdre

    This is absolutely beautiful. What a great build. Really good job. Best regards René
  8. Meisterschnorrer

    ERS Aligator - Digital gets real

    Thank you very much.... In a few Days, I will pull my Uaai with this baby... Complete length about 2m. Stay tuned for the Video. Best regards René
  9. Meisterschnorrer

    Cargo Train station MOCified. (bip-mod)

    Looks really nice. I like the cow on the hook Great idea to build a better cargo station. Best regards René
  10. Meisterschnorrer

    71014 Soccer Minifig Series

    The balls are the same size as the older ones.
  11. Meisterschnorrer

    ERS Aligator - Digital gets real

    Thanks... it safe? In Lego I will say: yes... For real.....absolutely NO!!! :D Best regards René
  12. Meisterschnorrer

    ERS Aligator - Digital gets real

    Thank you all for your comments.
  13. Meisterschnorrer

    ERS Aligator - Digital gets real

    Hi Folks... A few months ago, I showed this to you: ERS aligator rot weiß by Meisterschnorrer, auf Flickr Time went by, bricks were ordered and now I´m able to show you the ready built locomotive. Just to remind you: This locomotive was made by efferman and me. Efferman made the complete drive (thank you) and parts of the body. I made the rest of this loco... It has 2 L motors, 8 axles and all wheel drive. About 1300 parts were built in this MOC. My Aligator is 64 studs long and 10 studs wide (the roof). Let me show you some pictures: DSC_1321 by Meisterschnorrer, auf Flickr DSC_1319 by Meisterschnorrer, auf Flickr DSC_1316 by Meisterschnorrer, auf Flickr And to show the scale, I put the 3677 locomotive to my Aligator. DSC_1314 by Meisterschnorrer, auf Flickr And last but not least, the video: Best regards.... René
  14. Meisterschnorrer

    Train Station

    Wow...this is really a great train station. I especially like the roof. Thumb´s up!!! Regards René
  15. Meisterschnorrer

    My first things, I want to show you

    Hi Well, yes, I have the LDD file, but I can not share this file. I´m very sorry. I´ve built it with pictures from Monteur. Well, a few parts are still missing, and I have to wait for them. The time will come, and this locomotive will run on rails. A video will show, what this train will be able to pull. Thank you P.S.: Is here something like a file base? There are a few LDD files I´ll be able to share...but unfortunately noch the Uaai....