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    Detroit Steel Strikes video review..

    These sets haven´t showed up yet in Denmark, as well as The LEGO Batman movie sets, which is kind of weird to me. Anyhow they will show up all over sudden. I feel this set is somewhat beutiful. But what I really like, is all the useful pieces in it. I will get one or two of these when I can get it on discount.
  2. KlodsBrik

    Leaving for Mitgardia

    That street is looking great. So many details to look at. And the perspective in the photos really makes one catch the athmosphere. Hehe, noticed that your table is visible as well, in your first picture. But it definately doesnt ruin the whole of the scene at all. Great build. Well done. KlodsBrik
  3. KlodsBrik

    [Freebuild] Leaving the Wall

    This is looking gorgeous. I really like the texture used for the wall and corners of the wall. Those bricks and colors work very well together. With the army in front of it, It becomes a very convincing build. Love it ! KlodsBrik.
  4. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Leia Tribute (brickbuilt character)

    R.I.P.... :/ What great builds you´ve done. The posing where she leans over R2-D2 is looking splended. Very great work on these figures.
  5. KlodsBrik

    Strange bags...

    I went back to that shop and bought another 3.2 kilo´s as a lot. That were pieces from similar bags opened and spread in their window to make som sort of display. The pieces in the thread I made are quite similar to those in this. So I second that they are most likely from the same kind of bags.
  6. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] My apartment block

    Great micro build. I do agree, first version looks better. No need to change anything in my oppinion.
  7. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

    Quite nostalgic ... Loved that movie back then. However its somewhat weird to watch nowadays.
  8. KlodsBrik

    SS/HMS Ben My Chree (MOC)

    Wow .. Cool micro builds. You really managed to add a lot of details with simple brickusage. Very well done !
  9. I have been looking at a few of your magazines online the last week, and I definately enjoyed them. Great articles and some instructions really gave me a few new ideas on how to incorporate different techniques into my own MOC´s. I will surely read the rest of them whenever i have the time. Great work !
  10. KlodsBrik

    Louisville & Nashville EMD E7 790 & 791 MOC

    What a gorgeous locomotive. As mentioned, you have nailed the proportions and colors perfectly. Awesome build ! KlodsBrik.
  11. KlodsBrik

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    That´s some awesome pieces. I could surely find good use for them. Looks quite expensive for that hairpiece. Wait for it to show up on BL .. You should be able to get it cheaper than that.
  12. KlodsBrik

    DW - Gas and Snack's - CL Project

    Most definately. But they will have to wait. The creapy little worms is still softly asleep in their little nest´s. But slowly some tablescrapping is beginning to shape them for the cube project. By now, Ironforge has finally been installed for my project, making me an endcap, and somewhat, the whole of the build begins to take shape: Have a look at Ironforge here.
  13. KlodsBrik

    Winter Village - Globe Tavern & Party

    This could easily be an official LEGO build. Lovely exterior with some cosy colors. Also , I love the interior for the 1st floor. Great work here ! KlodsBrik
  14. KlodsBrik

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Same here. The suspense is much funnier this way .... Even if the price turns out to be a random bag of pieces or jar jar chewed on by a neighbours dog, Its still an event I won´t miss out on never more !
  15. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Hotel retaurant Marriott,11000 parts!!!

    So many great stuff going on here. What I really enjoyed were the themed rooms in the hotel, oh, and the ecterior looks phenominal as well. Awesome MOC ! KlodsBrik
  16. KlodsBrik

    MOC: The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop

    Indeed a lovely build and easily recognicable. Wouldn´t mind this being an official set. Well done ! KlodsBrik
  17. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] - Guarded Inn

    As already said, great intrepitation of an old classic. You nailed it ! I really like your chimney, and the way it "leans" to make the red color tolerable. I feel Its quite hard to incorporate red colors into builds. Top notch MOC !
  18. KlodsBrik

    Dwarven Trade in Dale

    Yet another awesome build from you. ( Well didn´t expect nontheless ). Your building skills are killing me. So much detail on so few studs. Not to mention your way of making colors work together. Seem´s like you will never dissapoint us. Sooo love this build from you !
  19. KlodsBrik

    Mesoamerican Pyramid

    I so adore your photo skills as well. This build is looking STUNNING !
  20. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Tiger Jeep

    This is an awesome looking jeep. Would look great in some jungle or urban mod. Great work ! KlodsBrik
  21. KlodsBrik


    This is a great way to start working with larger dioramas, learning how to make landscapes and different levels. Actually that exact same thread was the one I kept going back to when I first started to make larger builds. Oh, and great progress by the way. KlodsBrik
  22. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] CCC14 - Clarendon Castle

    Best proportions of rockwork and tree´s . Very appealing build. I so love every detail of it ! Gresat work here indeed !
  23. KlodsBrik

    Single Pane LEGO Licensed Theme Funnies

    Been a long time since I last posted anything in here. Not the funniest, but I just had to make it.
  24. Thanks. I already want to change a million things with this cube, as it can be much more Diabloísh, strange that pictures makes a build look so much different than from one watching it with one´s own eye´s . The great part about this project however is,that whenever I have time and feel like it, I can just take the cube apart from the layout and change it. Prepare yourself for a World of Warcraft installment ! Arriving at IronForge. KlodsBrik.
  25. Hidden entrance or just an old collapsed mountain side ? Don't take the rockwork here to serious as the top of this cube wont be finished till the surrounding cubes are done. Still the entrance is here ! Spider Attack !! No problem for a level 5 wizard ! Dead spiders equals loot ! The treaure ain't out of reach at all ! Diablo interface: Diablo cube - First installment: Again - The top of this cube still needs a lot of work. Will be done when I have the surrounding cubes at hand at somewhat fitted to this one. Now, I actually thought that this would have been the next finished installment of my Cube Layout Project: However, once I started to build the Diablo interface, I could'nt stop. I Really wanted to have the Diablo interface as my first installment for the Diablo, world of Warcraft and Baldurs gate installment's I have planned for this project. I also needed to know how many studs high it had to be, in order to fit the surrounding cubes with the track layout in order to make it all fit. Now, I dont even know what will be the next installment. My Cube layout project consist of cubes 34x34 studs. This in order to be able to put a baseplate on top and still have an one plate edge, in order to be economical with my bricks. Also it makes it quite easy to adjust hight of every cube as i move along with the project. Now a bit of what I have planned for, to have fun here, and getting back into building again. Installments planned: Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - ( Can be found here ). Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - Small continuation - ( Planning ) Doctor Who - T.A.R.D.I.S train ( offcourse :P ) - ( Planning ) Fabuland - Fabuland settlement ( Building ) Matrix reloaded ( building ) Matrix revolutions ( planning - somewhat testing build ) Diablo ( a collaboration of Diablo, Baldurs gate, World of warcraft ) - ( this one ) World of warcraft - Arriving at Ironforge ( Can be found here ) World of warcraft ( a collaboration of Diablo, Baldurs gate, World of warcraft ) - ( building ) War against the Cthoor. ( Planning ) Call of Cthulhu. The LEGO movie. Who know's what's next ? ! Hope you like it. KlodsBrik