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    WOW - Arriving at Ironforge - CL Project

    Thanks a lot man. I really appreciate feedback. That´s what makes me want to spend the time to post here anyway. Freed the Dwarf statue: So i released the dwarf statue from the Ironforge castle. At some point during the build I for some reason moved the outer wall a few studs longer in towards the statue, than what was first intended. Now, it wasn´t as visible from the outer gate as it was first intended. Guard on high alert ! ( Considering it´s a dwarf that is ). Now it gets messy. All cubes are easy to take apart from each other: First layout IRL, away from paper: I finally had a chance to put everything together, to get an idea of what huge amount of work is still ahead. Awesome ! So this is the first time I´ve taken the whole of the project and made a layout to figure out the exact dimensions. And what a freaking mess !! What´s not shown here is some 5 cubes that im working on. The one in front I have somewhat shown as a teaser a few times, left it there this time and will let you know that´s the Matrix Cube for the project. Next installment ! Oh, and dont mind the baseplates on top, they were merely put there in order to keep the tracks somewhat elevated at the same level, as all the cubes yet not build on, are different levels in height. Still so much work to be done here. But that´s a good thing. Im thinking of adding yet another 4 cubes on the right endcap. But wish I wouldnt have to. Mostly due to the space where I will build a table to display it, but offcourse also due to the insane amount of bricks a project like this eats up. KlodsBrik.
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    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Ahhh ... I didn´t notice that. That solved it. So the ones I have are reddish brown. Thanks a lot for the help.
  3. KlodsBrik

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I got quite a lot of those in regular brown, and have been quite curious as to which sets they were used in and how. But now knowing their "name" Ive tried looking them up on BL, but I still cant seem to find them anywhere. They only seem to exist in dark brown. Is it just me that still ain´t that great with using BrickLink. I suspect it. But thanks for helping me out without even knowing it.
  4. KlodsBrik

    Lego Architecture Style Castle

    Not bad at all. Maybe try to make i the rockwork a bit more studless. As well as the "bridge, I would change the 1x1 plates with 1x1 white tiles. Also the connectors you use for "windows" could use some transparent tiles perhaps ? Just my 50cent. KlodsBrik
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    Redux Hoverbike

    Pretty neat. Great pieceusage as well. :)
  6. KlodsBrik

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Would definately be more cool, and make more sence this way. Most definately ! I so gotta try this the next time I play Dimensions !
  7. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Echo Base

    Definately amazing progress. These are gonna look awesome with your current display. Shapes and landscape is looking gorgeous so far indeed! KlodsBrik
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    The Force Awakens: Mini Millenium Falcon

    Thats a pretty neat looking microbuild millinium falcon. I love the partusage here. Makes it look very LEGOísh.
  9. KlodsBrik

    Layout: plan fo new layout

    Look´s like some great progress. Also this is an very overwhelming project. Looks very good so far. Cant wait to see what you come up with next. KlodsBrik
  10. KlodsBrik

    2001 secret revealed

    Now we know where the phrase "mooning" originated from. Don´t close your eyes till this picture have left your mind. Might burn some nasty images onto your eyeballs.
  11. KlodsBrik

    LL 330 Grasshopper

    Reminds me of a dropship from Hunger games, but in Classic space color theme.. Also got some nice dimensions and great playability it seems. Love it ! KlodsBrik.
  12. KlodsBrik

    [Model Team] Mazda MX5 1:17

    This is looking very good. Also some quite nice piece usage for shapes I must say ! Well done!
  13. KlodsBrik

    DW - Gas and Snack's - CL Project

    Having finished Ironforge, I took some time to finish the interior for Clara´s T.A.R.D.I.S. Now, the cafe or gas station if you will, were alreadry done, but I also wanted to be able to get a shot of that heartbreaking moment when she says goodbye to The Doctor for the last time. ( To our knowledge at least ). I didn´t have a lot of studs to work with "inside the cube". So this was the best I could come up with for now. Happy hour at Snack´s and Gas. Double up on screwdrivers !! Did some more exterior for the Doctor Who cube as it looked blend on pictures. At first I didn´t really want to add these, but having looked at the pictures and the build itself over and over, I sort of feel that it fits in afterall. So this is what it looks like now without any lightsetup. Yes, the whole of the project is easy to take apart. Here all revealed cubes disconnected. Next step will be to make a whole setup of all the remainig cubes to get a full loop for the train to ride on. Please do tell me what you think about this project as it is comment´s that make me want to continue to post the progress on the forum. When one get´s no feedback it just feels pointless to use time to post here. I bet you know the feeling. KlodsBrik
  14. Doctor Who - Season 9 - Episode 12 - Hell Bent: This is Clara's T.A.R.D.I.S ( Well they sort of stole it from the Timelord's on Galifrey ). My first build since I had a fire way to close to me. I've just recently gotten back into building after having spend countless hours washing and cleaning my LEGO collection ( and im still not totally finished ). So this is the first installment of my project I like to call "Cube Layout project". This is all about having fun, and for me to get back into building. Before the fire I was caught up in a lot of other project's as i got my first LEGO train, so I never got to build a full layout. Now it's time for that ! Cube Layuot Project: All these cubes will fit together for a bigger layout being 34x34 studs. This will enable me to put a baseplate on top and have a 1 plate edge surrounding it in order to be economical with my brick usage. This is not the layout as planned. Just a collection of some of the cubes already buil't. Now a bit of what I have planned for to have fun here, and getting into building again. Installments planned: Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - ( This one ). Doctor Who - Gas and Snacks - T.A.R.D.I.S - Small continuation - ( Planning ) Doctor Who - T.A.R.D.I.S train ( offcourse :P ) - ( Planning ) Fabuland - Fabuland settlement ( Building ) Matrix reloaded ( building ) Matrix revolutions ( planning - somewhat testing build ) Diablo - Part one - A shortcut to the black templars treasure - ( Can be found here ) World of warcraft - Arriving at Ironforge ( Can be found here ) World Of Warcraft ( a collaboration of Diablo, Baldurs gate, World of warcraft ) - ( building ) War against the Cthoor. Call of Cthulhu. The LEGO movie. Now, everything is up for change, as this is all about having fun. To me it's all about having a train layout finally, with some great looking surroundings. I will ad and rebuild every installment as i get further in the progress to fit everythig together. So this build is not yet finished. Now, i have a feeling that this will be the next finished build. So here's a teaser ... Where will this tunnel lead ? So glad to be back. KlodsBrik.
  15. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Mining Outpost

    Sounds great. Don´t rush it ! Make it worth watching ... Looking much forward to se what you come up with ! KlodsBrik
  16. KlodsBrik

    The Last of Us

    That scene in the first picture and the details you´ve put into it is killing me ! Awesome build and photo. Im not familiar with the game, but it´s how I imagine abandoned zones from the books "war against the Cthorr". Very well done !
  17. KlodsBrik

    The Best Of Castle 2016

    It´s great to see so many awesome MOC´s together in one thread. I know there is even more out there. Wish I had the time to start going through the forum to look for them, might do whenever I have some sparetime. For now I can only say that I so appreciate that youvé taken your time and did this ! KlodsBrik Edit: Oh, and "life in Nordheim" is presented twice. Just to let you know
  18. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Mining Outpost

    Awesome tower, and the color works well. Any incoming spaceships would be able to se it from far away and thereby avoid collisions. The shape works very well as well, The first picture with the whole of the build is my favorite. This would look awesome on a small or large mooncrater diorama ! Well done Oh, and no else have replied to your post . ... Makes me wonder ... This deserves quite a few more likes. KlodsBrik
  19. This is looking fantastic ! Really nostalgic, but on a HUGE scale. This is enormous ! You have done a really good job on putting this together indeed ! KlodsBrik
  20. KlodsBrik

    [MOC] Class 8 Frigate "Agamemnon"

    The colors make it look like a large and complex ship. The size taken into account, you´ve managed to put an incredible amount of details into this. Very well done. KlodsBrik
  21. KlodsBrik

    Strange bags...

    I know there is a topic about "where does this piece belong / come from". I just couldn't find it. Moderators feel free to move this to that topic if nessecary. :) ( EDIT: OOOps. And then I just found it on the first page. Sorry. Please move it mods. ) ... :( I found this bag at a shop today. Bought it for what is approximately 10$ which was a bargain. The thing is, does anyone know where it belongs to, or is it just a random collection of bricks. It has some werid combination of bricks in it, yet lovely bricks. The bag have no printing on it at all. It weighs 532grams. One side of the bag. Other side of the bag: It holds some 20-30 of those weird brown/tan/red arches. Some 20-30 of those tan wall pieces. At least 30 round cornered tan plates. Some 10-15 2x6 orange car front pieces ( Have no clue as what to call them ? ) An insane amount of orange cheese slopes. 20-30 inverted 1x3 yellow slopes. 4 black round wall pieces. 1 big red piece that I also have no clue as what to call. I really dont feel like opening it till I know the story behind it. I hope someone can help me out. Thank's in advance. KlodsBrik
  22. KlodsBrik

    Strange bags...

    Honestly I got the parts insanely cheap considering which parts it included. However its a shop I pass every day on my way to work and have made some woodwork for them to sell, in order for their purpose. Price were around 70,- Dkr per 700 gram of LEGO, equals to 10-11,- $ Cheap danish prices considered.
  23. KlodsBrik

    My friendly neighbor - Totoro~

    Thanks, gonna look it up ... Sounds like a need to see, as Im quite a fan of ( or used to be ) of Japanese anime ..
  24. KlodsBrik

    My friendly neighbor - Totoro~

    Might be a stupid question, but which movie is this from ? Anyhow, I love the MOC .... Such a cute creation. Would love to have on a shelf at home. Great work on this build ! KlodsBrik
  25. KlodsBrik

    Basic question regarding Lego track

    These models of your´s are looking totally stunning ! I used to make some landscapes for Warhammer fantasy battle back in the 90´s, and know that It´s no easy task to pull these levels of detail´s into it. Just as ecmo47 said, I also can´t wait to see what you´re able to pull of using LEGO.